Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Who will rise for the "real" first lady?

Siakap senohong gelama ikan duri, Bersikap bohong lama-lama angkat diri sendiri - applicable to Mrs Najib

Nutgraph on 11th May 2010 reported that the NY Times said "The advertisement was placed by an ad agency on behalf of the Malaysian government."

Anifah Aman and Rais "mode on - mode off" Yatim - care to explain? It's our money that you guys are spending here...we have the rights to know!!!

  1. This time, a difficult exception.
  2. What is this? Is this Malaysia's first lady? Is it as laid down in the constitution? Or is it just suka-suka and main-main?
  3. Best wishes from families and friends in USA and Malaysia?
  4. New York Times could not be blamed for the advertisement. They got paid and they print what is given to them. It is the sponsor(s) who should be blamed.
  5. Let's make it simple - if she is not the first lady of Malaysia, then those sponsoring the advertisements should be tasked to retract the advertisement. The least they could do is to apologise to all Malaysians.
  6. Next, I expect UMNO youths, PKR youths, Gerakan youths, Perkasa, MCA, MIC, PPP and whatever NGOs' political parties, individuals to make police reports regarding this advertisement seeking who is the person (s) who commissioned the advertisement.
  7. Then come the difficult part - will IGP "work gratification" Musa act on the police report and book those who mislead the American public on who is the first lady of Malaysia.
  8. I expect the Dewan Negara to debate this and I expect the Dewan Negara speaker to allow the debate to get to the bottom of things - no more tai chi. This is a serious matter.
  9. Let's settle this once and for all. Who is really Malaysian "first lady"? Someone pointed out that DYMM Permaisuri Agung is the official Malaysian first lady. If that is true, then is the advestisement advertising Malaysian's psudo "first lady"?
  10. If what the posting said is true when it singled out Sarawak's Chief Minister as one of the person behind the advertisement, then Taib Mahmud should be hauled up to explain to DYMM Agung. By the way, is Sarawak's J Low in the picture too?
  11. This is too much. First, surrendering 2 oil blocks to Brunei, now declaring what she is not. BN is getting out of hand and out of control. All for a 5 second kiss on the hand...tsk tsk....
  12. I wonder whether Najib has the balls to sound off his wife. I would love to see how Rais "I burnt the bridge" Yatim's mode this time around or will he turn off his mode?
  13. Where is Malaysia's own "invisible foreign minister"? Did the foreign ministry pick up this discrepancy? Or is Anifah Aman's still searching for his roots in Pakistan?
  14. What about our own "Malaysian Italian" ambassador to USA? Is JJ still busy "pinching" ? What action did JJ take to correct the "oversight"? Or, being Najib's good friend, he is side-stepping the issue so that he is not recalled back to Malaysia and spend his retirement in Rompin?
  15. Ibrahim Ali? Will he shout or will he whimper?
  16. Zul Nordin? You are in USA with Najib, are you going to declare that you are NYT's illiterate?
  17. I may not know much about others but honestly I would like who will rise for the "real" Malaysian first lady...
  18. I wonder if Art Harun or Peoples' Parliament is kind enough to offer sample "protest" letter and address of NY Times so that concerned citizens can voice their displeasure and sensitivity to NY editors?
  19. In the meantime, let's start the ball rolling and put Najib's wife where she rightly belongs! Malaysian first lady she is not...

    Siakap senohong gelama ikan duri, Bersikap bohong lama-lama angkat diri sendiri - applicable to Mrs Najib

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


ahoo said...

Good one bro ! i thought that was aptco's doing ? Anyway this siok sendiri Ros needs some treatment in Tg Rambutan. Trying to be someone that you are not is like a bi-polar patient. One moment in this mood and another of another.

It was also mentioned in chinese news that the resignation of NTV 7 senior producer, Joshua Wong was linked to an sms message from Ros also. With her running all over the place, surely it is difficult for her man not to stumble over some of those issues. Let us put her back to where she belongs and let the true first lady be given back her dignity. No imposter should be allowed to come near to the throne as per constitution,ya.

nightcaller said...


Thks and I am waiting for some "correspondence experts" to provide sample letters so that we can individually send to NYT's editor to do the correction.

That will be the first "tamparan manja" for her before we go for the big one in GE 13...

Fi-sha said...

Dear Sir

Did you notice at the bottom of the page stating the wishes come from her family and friends in USA?

First what? Hehhehe APCO is damn good la coming up with this one thingy even they think they could use it in that bloody expensive ads. publicity! But do you expect from her and her ilks?

Have a pleasant weekend sir.

p.s. Ahoo dah balik mesia ke?

nightcaller said...


I am still waiting for KJ to make a police report on false advertisement...guess none will be cong from UMNO youth since they are expecting their chiefy to be elevated to a cabinet minister soon.

Ahoo keluar negara ke? Sejak bila? Tak dapat ole-ole pun!

Jom..pakat ramai2 hantar protes note ke NY times...sure Parp & gng takut punya...infact I on't think anybody dare to raise the issue on 11th May when they celebrate 64 years of UMNO (which they are not!)...

Anonymous said...

UK is heading towards a hung parliament. Last time in 1974, the minority government lasted for 6 months. How long the Tories can last before the next SNAP poll? OK lah, honestly speaking Harold Wilson is far better than Edward Heath.
In UK politics, ideologically I am a "Labour" man. DAP, PAP & PSM are quite similar to Labour (UK). The Red Flower symbolises the fruits of Workers.

Back to Rosmah, seriously I susgest Rosmah should stand for election....Be Margaret Thatcher instead of Imelda Marcos. And Najib can be Denis Thatcher....Hahahahaha.....
Love to see Rosmah saying, ahem

Lady's not for Turning

Hahahahaha. OK jokes aside, Margaret is much more prettier than the Fat Pig Rosmah.
Even till now

nightcaller said...


Hung parliament it is. In all probability a snap poll may be called in November to resolve the issue once the Tories has set up their reforms.

Rosmah standing for election? Can, For UMNO, everything is possible. She can stand for Limbang's parliament as Abdullah claimed Limbang is ours.

Even before Najib's ascension to PM, my friend has observed the similarity between Rosmah and Imelda. Imelda collect shoes, Rosmah collects...

Rosmah as Margaret Thatcher? I don't see itcong. She goes for glamour and commission, not responsibility. I mean it, how can she be responsible when she don't even attend her daughter's wedding? In fact, I don't think she celebrate Mother's day...

Fortunately you compared her to Margaret and not to Aquino...Both of them are far prettier than her (and we do not need Mirror on the wall to provide the answer)

Anonymous said...


The Best speech by Margaret Thatcher. Macam Karpal Singh

Anonymous said...

You know wht I say that 1997 GE is the most memorable

nightcaller said...


Will look into it when i reached my safe abode. Right now...somewhere close to nature...:)

nightcaller said...

Looes 74

"The lady's not for turning" is good and crisp.

The other on Tony should be worth watching especially the way KJ is building his popularity through his youth outreach programme.

PR do not have Tony Blair in their midst. Shamsul is good at camping out at police stations making police reports. PAS youth is too "jubah conscious" to be "trendy, and DAPSY is "out of the picture"... Used to love Nurul Izzah but she spends too much time "baby-sitting" and is fast "fading"... PR needs to re-invent Nurul Izzah or needs to project another youthful icon to spearhead PR....any ideas?

Anonymous said...

Heard of Hannah Yeoh of DAP. She can be quite good. Of course, I don't expect her to be Margaret Thatcher. Perhaps, she could turn into Margaret Thatcher....hmm...Don't like a sweet lady to turn into that though Margaret was pretty sweet when she was young.

Perhaps, in Pakatan Rakyat there is Tony Blair but there is one Oxford graduate, Tony Pua, remember.....Hehehe.
By the way, Mahathir was damn lucky that he's not under Margaret' radar. Especially when Mahathir imposed Buy British Last. Of course, Margaret Thatcher was known as the Iron Lady of the Western World, fighting with countries bigger than it's. Country like USSR (Gobachev) or China (Deng Xiao Peng).
Otherwise, Mahathir would have been so dead if he's on Margaret Thatcher. Can you imagine one fiesty lady cowering down the entire European countries including Germany & France (Francois Mitterand) for 4 hours so as to get The Money/Subsidies for Great Britian.
Don't ever play2 with this fiesty Iron Lady....Ever heard of Falkland War. Of course, just like Mahathir, she was forced to step down.....Her last speech in parliament is pretty fiesty. Mahathir is no class to her. Only one person I can think of....Lee Kuan Yew.
By the way, if Margaret does not step down, probably, Hong Kong would still be under UK

nightcaller said...


Yup, Subang Jaya is lucky o have a dedicated rep in the person of Hannah Yeoh. And pretty too! Heard that she has hectic work schedule to service her constituents and the people there are quite happy with her.

Tony Phua is articulative too. Heard his talk on GST and he can go far with the academicians. Lay people may not get the full understanding of his macro-economics.

Mahathir introduce his "buy British last" police during his tenure and Margaret served Britain from 1979 to 1990 thus I believed they might have crossed path during the time. Wiki wrote that Margaret resolved Mahathir's "buy British last" policy issue.

In that sense, Mahathir worked on handicap going against the British. Poor Mahathir... he has to guard both his front and his rear :)