Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Need more money? Approve sports gambling...

In short, I have just this to say to my UMNO friends DIMANA TUMPAHNYA KUAH KALAU TIDAK KE NASI. First the grandfather...and now the grandson.

I would not be surprise if BERJAYA will sponsor more PRs' elected reps from abandoning ship due to financial rewards. That's what BERJAYA and Teuku Adenan is good at.

  1. Another day, another news...
  2. This time something that Najib picked up in Cambodia.
  3. Back in the 50's and 60's, there was quite an uproar when Tunku Abdul Rahman introduce Loteri Kebajikan Masyarakat. Is Loteri Kebajikan Masyarakat halal? The answer is crytsl clear - NO. For more information, read here.
  4. When the 70's and 80's visited us, Genting Highlands put up a prominent notice something like "JUDI HARAM DALAM ISLAM. ORANG ISLAM TIDAK DIBENARKAN MASUK". At least, the late Lim GT felt that it is his social service to bar Muslims from entering the casino.
  5. Now, in this new Millenium, 1MPM6 Najib, the grandson of Noah Omar, approved sports gambling. Mark the word - GAMBLING.
  6. Mind you that Mahathir initially approved the license in 1987 but it was not lucrative then. Abdullah Badawi did not allow sports gambling in 2004 and now NAJIB approved the license in 2010.
  7. Who is the successful operator? No prize for correct guess! It's BERJAYA where Ibrahim Ali was one of the Directors of Dunham Bush, a subsidiary company under BERJAYA.
  8. This is the same BERJAYA where my Chinese friends has come to link with the recent "leaping" of PR's state assemblymen and MPs'.
  9. What did my Chinese friends first response? Die die lor... now there are more avenues for Chinese and other non-Muslims to lose monies. Hey, there are also Muslims who gamble, OK?
  10. 1MPM6 who talked about Islam, who says that he will defends Islam but at the same time approved sports gambling.
  11. In short, I have just this to say to my UMNO friends DIMANA TUMPAHNYA KUAH KALAU TIDAK KE NASI. First the grandfather...and now the grandson.
  12. Abdullah Badawi, at least has the descency to reject sports gambling from being legalised in Malaysia in 2004. 1MPM6 is now set to return sports gambling to BERJAYA. Is this the UMNO supremo that UMNO members are proud of? Is this the UMNO supremo that UMNO members are supporting? UMNO members must decide now whether to accept this type of leadership. Someone who approved licensing for sports gambling!
  13. Where is KJ? Are you supporting Najib now where he has undone one good deed that your FIL did? KJ, I implore you to rise and defend your stand - Muslims abhor gambling and Muslims do not condone what Najib had approved!
  14. Ask any non-Muslim friends and I am sure they would feel the same about sports gambling! Awang Adek, you too has tainted your hands in approving the sports gambling lecense!
  15. At least, I have vocally voice out my protest.
  16. I would not be surprise if BERJAYA will sponsor more PRs' elected reps from abandoning ship due to financial rewards. That's what BERJAYA and Teuku Adenan is good at.
  17. Muslims has come a long way to educate fellow Muslims to abandon Loteri Kebajikan Masyarakat and now we have to start afresh to educate fellow Muslims that sports gambling is HARAM!
  18. 1MPM6 Najib, if that is what you pick up in Cambodia, may ALLAH with His compassion and Benevolence show you the right path. Be reminded that the day of hereafter (AKHIRAT) will surely come.
  19. To my UMNO friends, please do admonish Najib if you love him. Do so for a leader is not maksum, all perfect. And you know that Najib is far from perfect... but seriously, do any of my UMNO friends dare to rise and tell off Najib? I don't think so...regardless of Mrs Najib's presence or absence...wallahualam.
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


ahoo said...

I thought the license was approved many years ago but held back as the gaming conditions were not that good then, no ?

After so many special draws, surely the payer expects the govt to approve it with lame and known conditions. Muslims cannot participate directly as director or share holders but in indirect ways, like proxies, bolih lah!

The taxes from such a license will helps the govt in developing MORE project for the poor,......not thenation's poor but the crony who happened to be poor now due to worldwide economic disaster. Poor crony who had squandered millions away in unwise investments. Poor crony who took second or third wives and the alimony due amounts to millions.

Well, the list can be lengthy but that should suffice for those who know what I meant. For those who don't understand, no amount of reasoning can change the fact that we desperately need people of integrity and a genuine fear of God to run this nation. Weed out those "thorns in the flesh" and we are going to have less irritants.

Dear NC, you and Fisha may had mistaken me as some one you all know in your May 5 posting ? Anyway, thank you for your dedication to right the many wrongs by your unselfish words and sharing from your heart on the many events in Malaysia. I am a Perakian and squatting in KL for now. The future of Malaysia lies in the hands of those who love this nation and call it home. There is no where else we can call home as our roots are here and God placed us here for a purpose. To live and to die in Malaysia our beloved nation of many peoples group but of one identity,... semua anak Malaysia. Cheers !

nightcaller said...


Approved many years ago but no market so the license was not renewed.

After Abdullah Badawi took over, he did not approved the renewal so Ascot goes dormant.

Now comes Noah Omar's grandson and he approved overnight Vincent Tan is RM 500M richer and has the necessary funds to finance "cross-overs" including maybe Kedah state government too...

Yeah, more project to "advertise" Rosmah as first lady, more money to give during buy-elections, even more money to spend during overseas trip etc etc...

Perakian squatting in KL? or is it Subang Jaya? Whatever, it is still Malaysia nontheless :)

Perhaps you might be interested to attend BUM 2010 which will be held on 22nd may 2010 in ur locality...

Thks for ur kind-hearted words. To tell the truth, deep inside, am fighting against the simmering heat and trying hard to contain all the expletives from splashing in the posts...:)

looes74 said...

Just expected Wee Wee aka Wee Choo Keong has left the team


nightcaller said...


Wee left PKR but fortunately he did not say he's joining BN. At least, that's a consolation.

Truthfully, it's not surprising to me when Wee left PKR. Reason? Wee left DAP and formed MDP. He was offered to contest GE12 under PKR. Basically, he still has scores to settle with Lim KS.

Whatever, Anwar's road to Putrajaya is getting de-railed. Not by others but by Anwar's own makings.

To get back on track, Anwar needs to accept the fact that his strategy is not working. UMNO knows his strategy through and through and has laid mines all along the way.

Solution? Get a different strategist. Somebody who thrives on hit and run. Something like Raiders of old or opts for fast breaks like Lakers :) But Anwar's ego won't allow that to happen...

BTW, all eyes are now on Sibu and suddenly Foochow becomes the most celebrated clan, for the time being...

Anonymous said...

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