Friday, May 14, 2010

Of Si ibu, Sebu, Cebu, Sibu and...

I call on Sibu voters to rise in unison and give PR a chance to serve the community. It might be a small step for Sibu but a giant step for Malaysian democracy. If not now, when? If not Sibu, where?

For those who wants to help out Korperal Jemain bin Subi, please contribute to Maybank Account # 162106273888. TQ in advance...

Si ibu or simply put mother. The one woman that we find comfort and solace in our needs. How would a mother feel when her beloved sons and daughters are put under the spotlight, all for the wrong reasons?

Yes, we all know and come to grief together with Shah Alam, Seremban, Kampung Kuantan and also Sandakan. It is much easier for the vitims' families to come to terms with their losses or near losses as outpouring support and moral comfort provided the families with both financial and spiritual relieve.

The same cannot be said of the police personnel involved in the shootings. One was charged with manslaughter, the other was suspended from active duty, another one is currently investigated for negligence and the last group is cleared by internal police investigation. Summarily, it indicates the police actual state of affairs. Most probably, police personnel are not sent for refresher course nor were they given risk management and courses on how to manage difficult situations. In short, our police force training is inadequate!

How would a mother feel when his beloved son is accused of being "trigger happy"? Is this fair when the real problem lies with the system? It is not their fault when they failed to follow the SOP (Standard operating procedure). In the first plcae, were they briefed on the SOP? Were they reinforced with SOP? Is there regular talks or "tool box" chat on SOP? Is there talks and courses on how to react on difficult situation?

It is easy to accuse someone of being trigger happy, but are they really trigger happy? Who can vouch that they are trigger happy? Just check, how many times has these police personnel involved in shooting incidents? From there, one can deduce whether they are trigger happy or not...

Some may frown on blogger Kickdefella for his exposure on Kelantan's PAS. That's his personnal vendetta. However, hats off to Kickdefella for taking pains in contacting Jemain Subi's family and offer them whatever financial aid he can muster. That speaks volume of the blogger's social service in helping out the down and trodden...The same goes for Rocky on his coverage of Jemain Subi and his predicament...

Sebu is a malay word which is loosely translated as "full, choked, blocked". That's what I understand when "RTM axe whistleblower Chou". What whistleblower? What is wrong in covering an issue from both sides of the coin? Is it Tiger Ib's intention to present just one side of the coin? If this is the reason why Tiger Ib is brought into RTM, then it is better for him to change his name to Pussy Ib...

Why block? What is RTM scared of? The said Bakun dam documentary is aired under Galeri Mandarin Nasional. Tell me, how many Mandarin speaking and understand Chinese (and non-Chinese) watch TV2? They would prefer watching Astro's emperor package over RTM 2. The point here is simple - even if RTM decided to air all the nine episodes, the impact is minimal when majority of the Chinese audience prefer other channels over RTM 2.

If Pussy Ib and RTM is still concern about the impact of Chou's documentary to Sibu, RTM can choose to reshuffle the programming and air the documenary during the graveyard shift. Simple and efficient!

Yet RTM choose to do it the hard way. Terminating Chou is not the answer. In fact, it will create another massive image problem to RTM, Rais and BN. No wonder the Chinese are shying away from RTM, and no wonder the Chinese voters are rock solid behind the opposition.

In fact, what RTM is doing is actually putting an extra burden to 1MPM6 Najib. It is a pity to see najib puffing and huffing in Sibu trying to "sweetalk" the Chinese, dishing "ang paus" which is normally done by DPM during by-election. It shows that Najib is turning into a "one man show", all because of screw ups from RTM, Rais and Najib's own machais...

Cebu is synonymous to Philippines. Mention Cebu and Philippines will come in. Link Philippines and Sabah and you will get illegal immigrants.

Illegal immigrants is getting out of hand in Sabah. It is BN's failure to address the issue and PBS is not happy about it. So far, there is no light at the end of the tunnel. BN is sinking deeper into the quicksand when it comes to illegal immigrants.

BN especially UMNO needs illegal immigrants badly to guarantee win after win in state and federal election. But winning is not everything when resentment is going out of hand. BN and UMNO knows the issue. UMNO knows the problems well but illegal immigrants are UMNO's best bet to remain in power - both in Sabah and Malaysia!

Sibu is now P212. Najib is throwing goodies and candies to win the hearts of Sibu. For EC, whatever Najib does is not corruption and never transgress the election laws. But is it so?

Najib giving 6000 hectares to Ibans, RM 15 M to Chinese and independent schools, RM 34M for Pasai Siong road and the list will go on. It seems that Najib is confirming that an MP is more valueble dead than alive! A dead MP will drive Najib to pledge projects, land, monies to win the voters. To that, I say...keep on promising Najib but watch your kitty. Does Malaysia has that much to spend?

Sibu also prove another point. Either Najib forgets that he is the PM or his DPM fails Najib's KPIs. By being present in Sibu during the by-election, Najib is desperate for BN's win and at the same time Najib is saying "DPM, you are no good, an incompetent lot". Najib needs this win to shore up BN's fortunes. Najib need this win to purt confidence to BN to dissolve the state assembly and call for statewide election.

Sibu is no easy meat for Najib. Najib "touch 'n go" at Tua Pek Kong's temple is not getting the right oooommpph. Najib is shying away from national issues in Sibu.

I may not know much about Sibu but I believe Sibu can teach Najib and BN a thing or two about long forgotten promise. I wish Sibu the best to "mildly" slap Najib on the face, just like what the Chinese of Hulu Selangor did on 25th April 2010. Maybe BN can win P212 but use 15th May 2010 as an opportunity to tell off BN - enough is enough. Promises are promises and BN's promises are meant to be proven for the past 50 years.

I call on Sibu voters to rise in unison and give PR a chance to serve the community. It might be a small step for Sibu but a giant step for Malaysian democracy. If not now, when? If not Sibu, where?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


ahoo said...

I concur with you in exhorting the people of Sibu to vote Pakatan for check & balance in Parliament. We need a stronger opposition in the August house in ensuring that there is no free lunch for the law makers.

Yes, the poor need help and it is needed in more ways than we have the time to list it down. Ant leaders that had walk the streets of the poor in the rural areas of Sibu and come away not feeling a tinge of regret is not a human being at all.

The poor are living below poverty line and don't even have basic amenities like fresh water and electricity. Yet, we have the audacity to throw some crumbs and make enough promises for their votes. Some politicians are just good actors and the election processes are merely their stage play !!!

With the large resources that was before us, surely it is not a difficult task to develop the surrounding areas of not only Sibu but all the connecting villages along the main towns. These poor folks are not asking for an arm or leg but just that their basic needs are met. Are those requests such an impossible task ? Hope that we will hear of the good news come Sunday from the people of Sibu. Let Sibu be the light bearer for the rest of Malaysia to embrace change for a new Malaysia where corruption is a grave sin and not regarded as commission.

nightcaller said...


It is not a matter of an arm or a leg, it is a matter of fulfilling responsibility as government. Basic infrastructure is the govt's responsibility, it is a necessity and not luxury.

Saying that, the present government has been negleting Sibu for the past 50 years, does this by-election change them? No, for a while maybe...for this one week Sibu folks are the toast of the cabinet. After 16th May, it will be back to the old grind, Sibu will be forgotten.

It is up to the 50,000+ voters to send a message to BN and that message is "We want change!".