Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Time for a "kill"?

  1. Some people just can't help it.It must be in their blood and there is nothing one can do to ease it. They choose to be "colour blind" and what they see (or choose to see) is just UMNO red and BN blue.
  2. To these people, tasyrik or not, the show must go on...and since there is not much news of Selangor's Khalid Ibrahim donating cows for Qurban in Federal Territory, they are now turning their guns on other states.
  3. Take the case of the BN-staged demonstrations against Lim GE. Malaysiakini reported that :-

    • A group of BN youth leaders staged the demonstration outside Penang legislative assembly;
    • the numbers ? More than 100;
    • The issue? They claim that Penang state govt is an inefficient and indecisive state government;
    • Over-reaction? One protester stomped and torched Lim GE's potrait (Penang Gerakan youth chief later clarified that the protester is not BN youth member;
    • Police action? Nothing but they did record statements from one of the prime movers;

  4. From there, as if on que, another demonstration is held in Pakatan-led state. This time in Kelantan and this time the target is Nik Aziz. Although Malaysian Insider pointed out that text messages has been circulating calling for UMNO members to join the protest, an UMNO leader denies the claim and say that this is an NGO event.
  5. STAR reported :-

    • Their numbers? 1,000 people;
    • Their aim? To demand Nik Aziz to step down as Kelantan's MB;
    • Their reason? Because they claimed that Nik Aziz's request for Kelantan people to pray for the destruction of Najib;
    • Police action? 100 police on stand-by at state secretariat building;

  6. Honestly, it will not be a surprise if BN-led protesters will start marching to Selangor state secretariat tomorrow demanding explanation from Khalid Ibrahim why he did nor donate cows to Federal Territory this year.
  7. But, seriously..hink about that. Is this a carefully orchastrated move by "certain parties" to compel Kelantan and Penang to move towards emergency rule? All they have to do is to create "unrest" and then let the "mob" runs free to a stage that "Mageran" can be enforced.
  8. What you see is actually a desperate move by those who cannot stand the sight of states being governed by Pakatan Rakyat. What they afraid of? Are they getting panicky looking at the way MCA is tumbling? If Muhyiddein, the no-2 man in BN could not resolve MCA's internal bickerings, then who else can do the job? Is MCA panting for 1M PM6 to look personally into their problems?
  9. Not far behind is Kayveas yet another crazy move, demanding Murugiah to vacate his deputy minister's post. Is Kayveas running the country? Is Kayveas more powerful than 1M PM6?
  10. And then don't forget about our DPM's press statement about BTN. Muhyiddein denied that it is political indoctination, Nazri said it need to be revamped - look how they could not even agree on simple matters. Couldn't they just agree to simply deny the claim or simply admitted that BTN is a carefully planned courses to indoctrinate participants? Geez, simple thing also so difficult to agree....
  11. If our leaders could not agree on straight forward issue like BTN, how would they react if the press hounded them on more controversial issue. Just look at our ex-IGP. Is he hoping that his statement will win him over and erase all that he had done in the past? Yesterday's villain, today's hero? What will our present day leaders respond to that issue?
  12. This is only 14th Zulhijjah and yet BN is sharpening their knives, baying for Lim GE and Nik Aziz. Yet, in their haste, they conveniently forget that their house is not much cleaner and is in much more disarray than PR.
  13. Will it not be better if BN use these demonstrators to converge in KL and offer prayers for the quick recovery of our beloved king? Although he may be in Germany but we can always offer prayers from KL, don't we? Or maybe get these demonstrators, over 100 in Penang and 1,000 in Kelantan to sign the "get well" card to DYMM Agung. It can be done...so why don't BN make use of this opportunity whilst it last? Afterall, come GE 13, BN may not rule the country anymore....

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


Anonymous said...

thankks for this piece.


Fi-sha said...

Dear Sir

Hang on there ok because you sounded differently and that worries me..

I think only in this Ibu Pertiwi, common people like us are bewildered with such 'mengarut' acts by those propagandists on daily basis.

So, i have to put on record that: -

1. Our education system fails to produce right-thinking people

2. Our Jabatan/Majlis Agama Islamd isn't doing its duties for these people have the heart to humiliate someone like TGNA

3. Our unemployment rate is at its highest since there are simply thousands of people would resort to acting 'wild' to get some bucks into their empty pocket.

Gee. I am dumbfounded.

nightcaller said...

Dear Fi-sha...

Don't worry...I am still standing :)

Anon 12:20

Nice to hear that....