Thursday, December 31, 2009

The I can, you can't syndrome...

Is the "I can, you can't" syndrome governing our daily lifes? If it is, something must be done now to break that shackles. To do that, I expect politicians to be "conscious driven" and not "party driven". Can they do that?

  1. Being a public figure, one's privacy is no longer privy. Being one, you have to be cleaner than clean, whiter than white, purer than pure. In short, you must not only be seen clean but must also be proven clean.
  2. Popular artiste have better chance surviving scandals, not because they have immunity but because being idols, they can also be demonised the same way they are idolised. Examples are plenty and recently artists have been put under the spotlight for "failing" to submit his urine for dope testing whilst his partner was rumored to be consuming alchohol although she verhemently denied ever doing that thus far in her life.
  3. I bet, this issue will just fade away in a couple of months just like what happened to a married actor who were caught in close proximity where sometimes the syariah court will take ages to sentenced those found guilty. These are actors and TV hosts. Malaysian politicians live by a different set of codes and rules.
  4. Granted that our flag is quite similar to the star and spangled banner. The similarity ends there because in Malaysia, politicians could not be judge separately between his personal life and his political inclination. In Malaysia, both personal and public life is treated as one. No separation there.
  5. For Malaysian politicians, nothing will pull them down faster than a scandal. Regardless of race, the scandals has no known boundaries. Some were put to an early retirement scheme like what happened to Vijandran. Some use alledged scandal to put out potential opponent, regardless whether the evidences were fabricated or not - a good example is Anwar. Others caught in compromising positions were forced to leave the corridors of power, albeit temporarily as in the case of Chua SL.
  6. Of course, they are not the only one involved. For every one caught in the act or proven to be scandalous, there are many others who escape the dragnet. Some go to higher offices whilst some choose to stay out of action. A friend of mine personally confided that one of the main reasons for him to be politically active are the perks and the "golden chances" he had during AGMs' and what nots...
  7. That is not all. Being politicians, espescially if you are from the "winning team", there are many things you can do do that others can't. A glaring example is using the political and the parliament's immunity to accuse others. Look at how BN accuse the oppositions as power hungry bending to "create turmoil" during the recent budget approval voting. Actually what happened then should be a lesson to both camps and for the voters to see how our elected MPs' continuously hoodwinking us in believing that they always act for the nation's interest. Do they really?
  8. As for the opposition, this scribe failed to see why they are "desperately" trying to link another politician to a criminal case. Wouldn't it be better if they can move on to other more important and pressing issues? But being MP's, these politicians can say almost anything under the sky with immunity protection. Something that we, as normal citizen could not.
  9. Obviously, the goldmines are too tempting for the politicians to the stage that they are willing to fight tooth and nail to remain relevant. Look at Kayveas and Murugiah, Mahathir and Anwar, Ong TK and Liow. That does not mean the opposition do not have their fair share of power struggle. Just watch at Nik Aziz and Hadi/Nashruddin, Lim Kit Siang and Lee lam Thye.
  10. To remain relevant, politicians maximise the MSM to write in their favour belittling their opponents, be it within the same party or from the opposing sides. See how Hishamuddein get away, when he is clearly taped waving the unsheathed kris. Look how Karpal Sing make his escape when he declares that "Singh is King".
  11. However, politicians are masters at words. They can say expletives and touch on sensitive issues and at the same time remains unscathed, provided that they are on the "right side of the track". If not, be prepared to answer to countless police reports which by the way, keep the police diverted from carrying out their main duties ie fighting and preventing crime.
  12. Lately, there is another unhealthy trend setting in the political system. That of nepotism. Once, we accussed Mahathir of cronyism and nepotism but what happen now?
  13. What about Abdullah Badawi "promoting" KJ? Or Lim Kit Siang "nurturing Lim GE? Nik Aziz "appointing" Ariffahmi? We are not touching Lik Keng Yaik, Ling Liong Sik, Chua Soi Lek, Anwar Ibrahim, Mohd Rahmat, Taib Mahmud, Samy Vellu yet. All of them are grooming their sons and daughters to take their place in the political arenas.
  14. That does not mean that those who are not in the list are free. They may have their own reasons - maybe their sons and daughters are still too young to take the stage...
  15. This "I can, you can't" syndrome should stop. The various agencies empowered to carry out duties should do so without fear and favour. As a simple example, the police should issue summons tickets to those Mercs, Alphards, and other glamorous VVIP cars for flaunting the law. If they can buy big and fanciful cars, don't tell me they can't park in proper parking lots? They may be VVIPs' but that does not give them the license to park indiscriminately.
  16. If I have to observe the speed limit of 110 kph on highways, why must these politicians exempted from observing the same rules, or at least seen to be let off the hook? Laws are laws and they should be applied to all, regardless of their standings.
  17. If these politicians can be part of business deals then the same chances should be given to others. Is it due to "priviledged" information that drives Tiong KS and Wee SK to PKFZ? Is it the same "priviledged" information that puts past Transport Ministers in trouble?
  18. If politicians can, then can others use the same "priviledge" to skim Malaysia? Look at how our jet engines "gone" for "repairs". Are we facing a "systematic meltdown"? Are we in the stage of failing to differentiate "national interest" and personal interest? Is everything up for grab and for sale in Malaysia?
  19. In politics, those who get more votes will be declared winners. To be winners, are we selling off our integrity by producing ICs' to "friendly and obliging" parties? If this can be done on large scale, what stops others to follow suit on a smaller scale? And some take the initiative to go straight to the source - selling babies to Malaysian nationals and registering them as Malaysians?
  20. Some love comparing us with our southern neighbour and praising our neigbour as if the sky is the limit. Are they really that good? Are you sure? The difference between our neighbour and us is that their laws are applicable to all. No exemption. Can we do the same? At least, can we start that from 2010 onwards?
  21. To do that, deadwoods have to go. It is time for us to rise from ashes and to rebuild the public's confidence in various agencies. Maybe, what we really need is a major "system overhaul" starting from the judiciary, the legislative and the executives. We are becoming to dependent on the "few". A case of point is the Anwar's first sodomy and corruption charges - those who are prominently involved in the case are elevated to higher office. (If you don't believe, just do a quick mental check).
  22. The same is repeating for the Perak's case. Some have been promoted and I bet the rest will be elevated soon - as bonus for their role. By the way, if our Judiciary head is damn good, when can the federal court sits to determine who is the rightful MB of Perak? Or do we have a "super express lane" for BN's favoured cases and a slow loris trail for the rest?
  23. In the end - is the "I can, you can't" syndrome governing our daily lifes? If it is, something must be done now to break that shackles. To do that, I expect politicians to be "conscious driven" and not "party driven". Can they do that?

Happy New Year...enjoy the fireworks display and the free concerts. Me? I am better off sleeping :)

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


Hawkeye said...

Happy New Year and may the new year brings you great joy and happiness!

nightcaller said...


Same to you. Keep on shooting...:)

Anonymous said...
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nightcaller said...

Note : The 3rd comment is a spam...

ahoo said...

Were you writing from inspiration or special insight on the article especially on the " Judiciary " ? You should know what happen on 2nd Jan 2010.

Well, in area where we are outclassed, we can only pray that divine intervention takes place. That is also conditional and subject to His judgement as He is all knowing whereas we are mere human who can't even control one hair from falling or turning grey.

May you be blessed with all that your heart's desire for 2010 and continue to contribute your thoughts in shaping this nation for the good of all.

nightcaller said...


I wrote on inspiration and maybe with a touch of "special insight" that comes wandering intermittently during dreams...:)

If you look closely, there are 2 relevant things happening on 1st jan and 2nd Jan '10. But I am not a soothsayer...that much I can say...