Thursday, December 10, 2009

To some, KJ's time is now...

UPDATED : KJ rubbishes deputy minister's offer. I wonder - who starts the news? If he is KJ fan then he has lots to explain...don't you think so?

  1. Malaysia is indeed a land of opportunity and opportunist. Since words filtered out that Datuk Seri Abdul Rahman Abdul Taib tendered his resignation to 1M PM6, the Mall is buzzing with speculations on who will replace him as the Deputy Minister of Tourism.

    Well, actually there is possibility of 2 vacant post in 1m PM6's cabinet. The other one is not due to resignation but intense pressure from Kayveas and his PPP machais to rid Murugiah from his Deputy Minister's post.

    And if we were to be gracious enough to cast a wider net, there is another 2 deputy ministers dangling dangerously in MCA. All that is needed is for Ong TK to whisper to 1M PM6 for them to be dropped from the line-up.

  2. With opportunity aplenty, it is not surprising for lobbyists to promote their idols to fill the empty slots and the would-be empty slots. And one of the name projected to be considered by 1M PM6 is UMNO youth leader. That was detected on 6th December 2009.

    Another blogger feels otherwise and he pointed out his reasons why KJ is not in the list of potential replacement. Almost immediately, the lobbyists pounce on the blogger here and here.

    Both sides has its pros and cons. However, before it escalates into an "UMNO youth civil war". it is better for both sides to consider these...

    • Is it an UMNO vacancy?

      In a way, BigDog is right in pointing out that the vacancy arises from DS Abd Rahman's resignaion and by virtue that he is from Sarawak, then the replacement should comes from one of the present Sarawak's MPs.

      Even if we were to consider the possible vacancies, it is still not an UMNO vacancy. No way will Kayveas allow UMNO to take PPP's quota away. As for Ong TK, he may be besieged but the cabinet posts will be his secret weapon and he can use the posts as carrots and enticements to unit MCA.

      That brings us back to square one ie there is no UMNO vacancy in the present cabinet. UMNO can create a vacancy if one of the existing UMNO cabinet members is willing to sacrifice his post. Will UMNO youth deputy willing to make the sacrifice? Will he? Can he?

    • Is 1M PM6 ready to reward achievers?

      Of late, the voice demanding meritocracy consideration is getting louder and louder. Since everyone is talking about meritocracy, is 1M PM6 ready to exercise meritocracy in his cabinet?

      GE 12 is past and gone but the results are here to stay. Let's talk about meritocracy here...if some of the leaders in BN component parties were defeated in GE12 to the extent that the component parties are almost wiped out during GE 12, then why is 1M PM6 retaining them in the cabinet line-up? Shouldn't 1M PM6 be rewarding Sabah and Sarawak MPs' for their strong show in both states. If not for them, BN may be sitting in the opposition bench now.

      Bluntly, why is 1M PM6 retaining Gerakan, PPP, MIC and some MCA leaders in the cabinet line up? If the answer is to ensure balance, then why is 1M PM6 promoting UMNO wanita and Putri chief whilst sidelining UMNO youth chief? This scribe feels that 1M PM6 should be rewarding performing component parties who ensure BN's continuity in governing Malaysia. By that same token, 1M PM6 should take drastic steps to reduce cabinet ministers from non-performing component parties.

      1M PM6 has been accused of many things and he needs to take decisive action even if it means cutting down Gerakan, PPP, MIC cabinet members. Or forever, other component parties will take advantage of his indecisiveness.

    • Cabinet seniority or cabinet performance?

      Imagine an Engineer heading Ministry of Finance or an Economist heading Ministry of Works. That's an awkward position to be in, right?

      The same goes for cabinet post. Malaysia has come a long way since 1957 and it is time for Malaysia to choose the right people for the job. How do you expect a law reader to head Ministry of Information? At least 1M PM6 did some justice in putting Ong TK, an Engineer by qualification, to head Ministry of Transport.

      Putting the right qualified persons to head relevant Ministries will go a long way. Maybe it is time for Malaysia to shed the image that party leaders must be country leaders. Is this the right time to segregate party from country leadership?

      Talking about seniority, what will happen if and only if KJ was appointed as a parliament secretary whilsy his UMNO youth deputy is a deputy minister? Which seniority will prevail?

  3. Ah..yes, before this scribe call it a night, think about this. If 1M PM6 elevate losers to cabinet post, what will happen if hypothetically PM fails to retain his seat in GE although his party gets the mandate to govern the country?

    Some say that by convention, UMNO President is Malaysia's PM. Will he still be PM? Or will UMNO goes for EGM to elect a new President and thus a new PM?

  4. For some, it has long been overdue and KJ should be given a cabinet post. This scribe feels that KJ should stay out of the cabinet and hold his fort against the opposition. You see, if KJ is out, he has better opportunity to serve the nation. Being a cabinet minister will exhaust him and will take too much of his time.

    If it makes his lobbyists happy, 1M PM6 can appoint KJ to lead one of the GLC's so that he can prove his worth. Take a mediocre GLC and see how he performs. Tengku Razaleigh has proven his worth when he lay the groundworks for Petronas to be what it is today. Can KJ do the same to another GLC? If he wants, KJ can appoint a COO of his choice to run the outfit.

  5. The open warfare or rather infighting between Parpu, Piggy vs WJ K, Kaga is not beneficial to UMNO. The same can be said of De Fella vs Al-Banjari vs Perisik rakyat does not strengthen PAS.

    Instead of infighting, these bloggers should set aside their differences and strengthen their respective political parties. They can start by watching "The storm warriors". I did and it will show that nobody wins in infighting...
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


Fi-sha said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Fi-sha said...

Dear Sir

Welcome back online!

Yesterday was International Human Rights Day and under Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the first Article mentions that: -

"All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood".

I, in particularly, like the word brotherhood because Theodore Roosevelt once said, "The spirit of brotherhood recognizes of necessity both the need of self-help and also the need of helping others in the only way which every ultimately does great god, that is, of helping them to help themselves”.

I hope those 'boys' would grow up. Ego battering isn't doing us any good. Just a waste of time...

Now its the time time to rise up to the occasion. Go figure!

Take care sir. May the force be with you...

nightcaller said...


Yup, the internet is up and running.

And yes, the international community claim that human beings are born with equal dignity. Is it true when the so-called "prime movers" of international community reduce Afghanistan, Iraq to mere pawns?

Look at how Uighurs in China are treated and see the statistics how many Uighurs were charged and found guilty in their courts of law compared to the Hans. Is that equality?

No need to talk about how they treated the natives of Americas, Australia and the rest. Is that equal in dignity?

Me? I say that let's start from our home base...our shortcomings are still there. Let's resolve ours before we venture out to correct others...

ahoo said...

The funny thing about political supporters are their own greeds. The main players are not even asking for the position BUT their supporters are all out gunning for one. Maybe the supporters are all hungry when their own bosses are without a high ranking post thus depriving them of projects etc.

My take for KJ is that he should be given a GLC to run and to shine for the nation's sake. He is intelligent and with the right management skill set, he will be able to polishe his skill at the GLC's come in handy in the years ahead. Not a political post now as that would be a little too late and step on many toes too.

nightcaller said...

Yes Ahoo, you are right.

When a political figure is appointed a cabinet post, then his supporters will be jostling for the posts to prop up their leader. Just look at how Azalina did when she head the Tourism ministry.

An alternative is to let the second echelon leaders to head the various GLCs'. That will be their training ground before they are elevated to manage the country. In doing that, whoever is on top will not have the extra burden (read: headache) to please all.

As for KJ, it is best for him to stay out from cabinet and prove that he can perform from outside. So far, he is doing quite well in parliament. He needs more time to develop his full potential...if indeed he has one :)

nightcaller said... the way, these pro KJ blogs are quick to "expose" the faces of Bigdog and PK, I wonder whether Bigdog and PK will "counter-expose" the pictures of Rembau Times and Kaga :)

Then I will be waiting for Kaga to expose the face of Piggy Singh and so forth....:)

Fi-sha said...

Dear Sir

You have wrongly interpreted my comment.

I am not trying to say we ought to correct the injustice in the world, simply because they are beyond our controls and means.

What i wanted to highlight is that being free and equal in dignity and rights is a universal human right. If we are all humans, we ought to feel as one. Don't you think.

Which brought me back to whats going on in Malaysia. These people are acting as they are extinct species in one of those far-away place in Africa i.e. they act like herds of animals.

Where's the humanity in them?

Yes, please do tackle...we have been sitting on the issues for dar too long, i wonder what we were for the past 52 years? Humans? Animals in cage?

nightcaller said...


The past 52 years?

Remember 1 Malay song where the lyrics goes something like this :-

"Hidup bagai burung dalam sangkar,
mata terlepas, badan terkurung..."

This song is P Ramlee's era song. Our parents may remember this song...(as if I am still that young ...:))