Wednesday, December 23, 2009

OIM : The defense...

  1. Let's get our abbreviations right first...OIM is not the reality show of "One in a Million" which launched Suki and Faizal Tahir. This time OIM stands for "Only in Malaysia" because, like it or not, we are closing in as an International laughing stock.
  2. In sports, coaches will determine their team's playing style and I love to see Laker's "fast break", Mick Doohan's "cool approach" in negotiating bends. I believe that when the defense holds, the offense will work although there are many who believe in "offense is the best defense". The same goes in protecting the country's sovereignity - you must have a good and able defense to deter threats. In Malaysia's case, is our defense rock solid??
  3. TUDM's missing jet engines sure stirs things up. Somehow, questions will be raised on the "missing" skyhawks which never lands on Malaysian soil. You don't need Bermuda triangle to make planes vanish...just pass it to TUDM and they can get the job done no questions asked.
  4. TLDM, protector of our seas fare no better when their carrier flagship KD Sri Inderapura burnt and rendered useless. That was in October 2009 barely 2 months before the missing jet engines hit the headlines.
  5. TDM? Remember the botched arms deal when retired armed forces personnel nearly ink a deal to sell assault rifles to Burundi. The price? Malaysia almost (nearly) censured by United nations (UN).
  6. Simple questions that needs simple answers - what happen to our defenses? Are we that poorly organised to a stage that we don't have proper inventory? Are we that bad to the extent that we can't even properly maintained our ships? Are we that poor until our retired armed forces personnel needs to do "black market" arms deal?
  7. I am not going to speculate the whys, the whos, the ifs. the whens, the whats. The answer is is in the wind - just sniff around and you will get the source.
  8. OIM you have all the three branches of the army is such disarray. In soccer, if you have a bad keeper, a disorganised back four, and lacklustre defensive midfielders - your team will be doomed.
  9. For make-up purposes, you will hear empty promises of politicians and ministers - we will investigate teh cause, we will charge those involved bla bla bla...but really, will it ever happen? OIM the offenders sleep easy in the comfort of mistresses and concubines.
  10. Afterall, easy come easy go...what say you, 1MPM6? Minister of Defense? Are we closing 2009 on sour note?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


sunwayopal said...

I am no longer surprised anymore.

Why should we be?

After the tolled highways, Perwaja, Bank Bumi, IPPs, PKFZ, MAS, whatever u care to name, peole have become rich beyond their wildest dreams and taxpayers are left with the bill.

No longer surprised!!!


nightcaller said...


No longer surprise, yes. One person who is no longer surprise needs to wake up ten to see the reality and these 10 seeks another 10 and propagates from there, then we may have a non-profit, no entrance fee pyramid scheme :). The aim is simple - for a better Malaysia...

Anonymous said...

3 branches of army?


army, navy and air force formed under the organisation called armed forces, the military organisation with complete with air, land and sea branch...just like the navy and air force, army complete it, not putting both sister services under its wing. What fell under army is combat, combat support and service support arms. Do ur research first before write...PR supporters like you, Mr Blogger, supposed to be more intelligent and have more knowledge not like UMNO-BN (sigh)


Lt Col (Rtd) Ravindran Manickam (ex-Royal Service Corps)