Friday, December 11, 2009

Of KTMB: Getting salivated...

Update : KTMB railwayfan club posted the following :-

The Minister of Transportation will be officiating the reception of the ETS units this coming Tuesday at the old KL Railway station:

Date : 15 Disember 2009
Time : 9:15AM - 11:30AM
Location : Lobi, Stesen Keretapi Kuala Lumpur

Date : 16th December 2009
Time : 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Location : Ipoh station, Ipoh

Glorious Friday for KLites since this is the last working day of the week. It's more glorious for Selangor when today they celebrated their Sultan's birthday...another holiday.

Last night, some friendly bats echoed to me that KTMB will be showcasing their latest product line sometime next week. The date? Somewhere early next week....Venue? KTMB's heritage building...Time? Subject to Ong TK's availability.

The catch to the showcase? The latest product will not be put in service this year :) Next year, perhaps. And before the commuter users start drooling, this one is not for you, babe. This product is for the Kl-Ipoh sector...

Then, why are they showcasing the "next change" product now? I see that KTMB is not showcasing the products alone. They are taking the opportunity to parade other newbies as well. And what will that be?

Well, for one, KTMB would be happy to parade in their new Chairman in the form of Mohd Zin, former Works Minister. And since we are touching on Mohd Zin, could someone out there be gracious enough to confirm whether he is the shortest serving Works Minister of Malaysia? I mean, there is a record showing that he is the Deputy Works Minister from 2004 to 2008 before he took over Samy's post. Is he Malaysia's Minister of Works or only a year? If so, what gives? What blunder has he got himself into that forced him out of the ministerial post?

Is Ministry of Transport (MOT) making a statement that MOT is now more "senior" than the Works Ministry? I mean, if the former Works Minister is appointed as Chairman of KTMB which falls under the purview of MOT, wouldn't that clearly show that the Works Ministry is more junior than MOT?

As for other showcase, KTMB will also rolled out their new President who is rumoured to be related by marriage to 1M PM6. For a start, he has transformed KTMB by changing the post of MD to President. That's a big step forward, isn't it?

Apart from that, the President has set RM 1M profit to KTMB, far surpassing his predecessor who sets RM 1 profit. Just 1 thing though, if KTMB has been experiencing losses for years on end, to get RM 1 profit is already a breakthrough, RM 1M? Is he kidding? Is he serious in generating RM 1M profit?

I am not saying that he is incapable. He has proven in his personal life that he is more than able to juggle 2 homes at one time, so he must think that running KTMB is a breeze. One small issue that gets me confuse though, if he is aiming for RM 1M profit, then why are KTMB staffs still wearing the RM 1 profit buttons? If he really means it, then the President should be instructing his men to discard the RM 1 profit mentality...don't you agree?

Or is his RM 1M profit target a sweetener to the powers that be?

So guys and gals, watch out for KTMB's public viewing of their latest product. You can choose to watch the latest hardware or scan the new Chairman and KTMB's new President. A friendly advise to the gals...please be aware, someone might be oogling you from the stands....

As for the media savvy reporters and news chaser, use this opportunity to ask Ong TK or the Chairman or the President - what happen to the much-hyped second hand DMUs' which were recently hotly debated in parliament? Is it a go, no go or no news?

KTMB can display their latest product but in the end they must admit that their komuter services are getting from bad to worse to worse still. How much longer must the commuters suffer? I mean, literally the commuters patience are already up to their heads and they may not take it much longer. It's no use boosting of RM 1M profit when the services are just plain pure rubbish.

Before I signed off, another thing. Malaysians are well known for maximising showcases. If the new product happens to carry the VVIPs and selected passengers to a destination on that day, who is responsible? Do the new ETS has the license to operate by Department of Railways? If not, who will take the responsibility if anything happens (Touch wood, nothing happen) ? I mean we have seen Muhyiddein as a helmetless pillion rider, KJ as another helmetless motorcycle rider, 1M PM6 operating a backhoe without license. Will we see Ong TK or Mohd Zin or Aminuddin as the ETS driver without proper license?

I's not wrong to be salivated...but salivate at the right place and the right time....oh yes, before I forget, it is good advise for KTMB to make sure their toilets are properly working. You don't know what will happen especially with the Minister lately having acute stomach problems...we don't want toilet malfunction to happen, do we?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


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