Thursday, November 19, 2009

Of Chew Wee : Don't cry for me...MCA

  1. Well, the writings has been on the walls but both Chew and Wee choose to ignore it and now they are paying the price for their own negligence.
  2. First, Wee Ka Siong as the Youth chief and Chew Mei Fun as Wanita Women chief openly called and backed Liow's proposal for 2nd EGM slated to be held on 28th November 2009. This is done despite Ong TK's Greater Unity Plan (GUP) which has been discussed with the parties involved including Chua Soi Lek, Liow Tiong Lai before briefing 1M PM6.
  3. Basically, Wee KS and Chew MF has jumped the gun together with Liow TL. maybe in their haste to be elevated to the party's top post, they forego the procedures and show utmost disrespect towards the President.
  4. Afterall, in the briefing open to all party division leaders on 15th November 2009, it has been lined out the general direction of the GUP inclusing a possible fresh elections to be held wihin 6 months to a year after the GUP is fully implemented and the party stabilise. Is it a wait too long for the impatient 3 of Liow TL, Wee KS and Chew MF?
  5. Why did Liow & gang failed to turn up to listen to GUP plans? Have they pre-set and pre-planned to bulldoze with their own EGM despite knowing that their EGM effort has been declared illegal by the party? More so, who is behind Liow & gang?
  6. Liow TL could use a better approach by lying low until the fresh election is called. His actions of pressing for 2nd EGM does not reflects his maturity in politics.
  7. Bigger still is Muhyiddin's press conference in Rome. TV3 showed Muhyidin questioning the GUP and frowned on Ong's decision to drop Wee KS and Chew MF from the Presidential council.
  8. Most probably, our DPM is getting the wrong information or is he taking sides now? The first impression from his PC is the DPM has not being briefed by Ong TK yet. Yes, granted that Wee KS and Chew MF were booted off from the Presidential council but bear in mind that Chew MF may still be in the Presidential council as an invited member.
  9. In fact, what Ong TK is doing is to increase the numbers of women participation in the Presidential council from th eprevious 2 to 3 with Chew MF slotted to be the invited member. Is Chew still going to chew the hands that feed her?
  10. Saying it all, it is pathetic to see Chew Wee sobbing uncontrobbaly during their press conference. Why are you crying now? Isn't it too late?
  11. Let's give GUP a chance to unfold. If does not bloom then by all means go for the EGM. What Malaysia needs now is a strong MCA to back UMNO and push UMNO to go for greater transperancy, arresting the sliding image of Malaysia in terms of corruption (as reported by TI).
  12. Wee KS and Chew MF may be thinking that they have the whole youth wing and the women delegates under their control. Are they really in control? I shudder at the thoughts of some young cikus who may use this opportunity to demand for EGM to remove Wee KS and Chew MF as tables turn....what say you?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


sunwayopal said...


Moo-Yidin is clearly vested. You forget. He and Wee Ka Siong from Johor, I am sure they are well 'connected'.


nightcaller said...


If u look it that way then it will be die-die for Ong TK because Liow TL is from Pahang, same state with Najib.

In this case, Najib and Muhyiddin cannot play state sentiment or else they will lose big in the next election because even now BN is holding to power, courtesy of Sabah and they dare to play state sentiment? I hope not...for their own sake :)

ahoo said...

These are the younger politicians and not in the league game as yet and these young turks knew not the power of a Presidency.

Why cry ? For mercy or regrets ? In the game of politics, only the most vicious ones will survive and there are no perfect match.

Thus, those weaker in heart and are gracious with sympathy cannot matched those with power and are ruthless. The choice is clear,....

nightcaller said...


Agreed. So far they have not known the full force of the Presidential powers unleashed. The young turks failed to study how Mahathir responded when his presidency is openly challenged.

Till now, they become cry-babies - indicating that they are not ready to brave through the challenging political world. If the young turks failed at this level, how can they rise up to face the challenge and lead the nation?

Just look at Wee KS. At first so brave in rejecting the 2nd EGM (when proposed by Ong TK) then make a 180 turn to back the 2nd EGM (when called by Liow TL). Now when he is removed from the powerful PC, his is having a wobbling stand when responding to suggestion that Najib will come into the picture to resolve (worsen) the MCA turmoil.

As for Chew MF, the candlelight virgil by wanita MCA is a half-hearted affair. It looks like Chew MF has only lukewarm support from wanita MCA...just wait and see...

Wenger J Khairy said...

Its perhaps time to say this:
He who MUHAHAHHAs last MUHAHAHAHAS loudest

nightcaller said...


Welcome back....never know that u have Chairman's Kaga humour in u...:)

Let's see how u react to the next posting due out 10:30 pm tonite...this time the ball is in ur court....

Wenger J Khairy said...

Secretly, I am a fan of CK

nightcaller said...

now it's an open secret...:)