Monday, November 16, 2009

Of SILs' ...and time to bade farewell.

  1. Words don't come easy. But sometimes you have to say what you have to say...
  2. The past few days has been frustrating because the internet connection is downright slow that to gain access to internet is virtually impossible. No thanks to Maxis broadband...(maybe they are too busy with their IPOs').
  3. Today, it is not about the recently concluded APEC meeting in Singapore nor Tun Mahathir's coverage in History channel or another stunning revelation by PI Bala (will he change his story again?).
  4. Today, it's the family relationship will take centre stage. Yes, SILs' or Son-in-laws. Somehow..why are the SILs' become thorns in the flesh? Is it because there are no specific criteria for a good SIL? I mean, there are some guidelines for a daughter-in-law such as :-

    • pious in performing her religous obligations;
    • good family background;
    • fertile (can bear children);
    • beautiful; and lastly should I add
    • rich and influential (which is an added bonus)

  5. Since there are no specific guidelines for Son-in-laws', 2 father-in-laws (FIL) are paying the price for their mistakes in "overlooking" the minute guidelines for a good SIL. What more, both these FIL are leaders in their own rights.
  6. The first is AAB. Taking the mantle from Mahathir Mohamed, he promised to sweep corruption, cronism and what nots. Big in promises but AAB failed to deliver and his failure is singularly pointed to his SIL, KJ. Since this has passed, let's not make this as issue, for now...
  7. Now, trouble is brewing in "Serambi Mekah". This time, it is not AAB who is under the microscope but Nik Aziz, PAS spiritual leader. And again, the centerpiece of the whole problem is SIL. For Nik Aziz, the SIL comes in the name of Arffahmi Abdul Rahman, PMBK's CEO. Let's call him SIL 2.
  8. It started small...and this blogger posted it in "Sometimes...when we are out of touch". When DPM pour kerosene to the issue, this blogger posted "DPM sir : It's better to keep quiet than to talk nonsense".
  9. Now the issue is getting bigger when Kickdefella posted "Tauke Teng, Nuding Awang and George Michael". The points raised by Kickdefella that caught my attention are :-

    • Nudin Awang is the person who intended to sponsor Nik Aziz's hajj pilgrimage. Nudin Awang flaunt his receipts for all and sundry to see that he is sponsoring the trip. Nudin Awang is a director of Great Eastern mill;
    • SIL 2 is the one who talk Nik Aziz into agreeing to perform the hajj this year;
    • SIL 2 is an UMNO lifetime member with card membership 0266057 from Machang division. In fact, all his family members (except one of his brothers) are UMNO members;
    • SIL 2 hold a secret meeting and hatch plans to replace PAS President with another person;

  10. Rightly, SIL 2 shot back and claimed that :-

    • he is not an UMNO member and he has not fill in any application form;
    • he is involved in Islamist activity when he was a student in UTM;

  11. It's clear that there is something wrong with our political system. If Ariffahmi's claim that he never applied to be an UMNO member is true, then who put in the application form? Who did it and how did UMNO screen their potential members?
  12. If not, then Kickdefella has accused wrongly and should offer his apology. However, if SIL 2 is indeed an UMNO member, then this surely worse than Brutus stabbing Caesar. It will be worse still if SIL 2 planned this in collaboration with UMNO (either Kelantan UMNO or federal UMNO).
  13. Being an Islamist activist does not make SIL 2 a PAS member. The proof is already out there...Mashitah was an Islamic scholar and so is Firdaus. But they became UMNO members...
  14. Truly, I fear that SIL 2 is the thorn in Nik Aziz's flesh. A thorn that must be removed at all cost.
  15. You see, I respect Nik Aziz for his wisdom and his religous stands. His simplicity in responding to MSM's questions mirrored his sincerity. And now SIL 2 is blurring the good deeds of Nik Aziz.
  16. Hopefully, all ends well in Kelantan. I hope Nik Aziz will fall back to his wisdom again to differentiate the haq from is not easy to uphold one's integrity especially when one is standing behind the banners of rightousness...
  17. Of course, you cannot blame UMNO for using this opportunity to run down Nik Aziz. they have tried for the past 18 years and they are hoping that this time they will succeed, with the help of SIL 2...and my prayers are with Nik Aziz to ride off the storm, courtesy of his own SIL 2...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


ahoo said...

This SIL 2 is obviously an opportunist par excellence ! Same as the other SIL of yesteryear. So we the people are caught in a dilemma. Should we encourage TGNA to take a clear stand and cast this Brutus aside ? Or would TGNA listens to Brutus and cause division in his own party ?

Let the wisdom of God be upon him in order that his decision be impartial and the greater good of the people takes precedent over the family affair.

This Brutus already claimed that "someone" signed him up without him knowing ? What a load of bull herein. Maybe he will eventually says that his position as CEO was offered by the state govt when someone submitted his details without hin knowing it.

Whatever it is, we can see clearly a pair of dirty hands behind the scene as in desperation, desperate people will attempt to do desperate things !

nightcaller said...


It seems that way...SIL2 a certified opportunist, riding on his FIL's popularity.

It is time for Kelantan people to dislodge SIL 2 for the sake of PR ie minimise the damage.

BN is laughing their way now seeing SIL 2's actions that not only affects him but also his FIL as well as PAS.

SIL 2 is worse than Brutus. At least, Brutus is not related to Caesar...

sunwayopal said...

The bigger issue is not the SIL.

Nik Aziz bigger problem is the PAS leadership at the national level.

Can u imagine if Nik Aziz is no longer around.

Who will control idiots like Nash, Mustafa Ali, Hassan Ali ???

TGHA is hardly able to do much!!!!!


nightcaller said...


First, they have to contain SIL 2. With him running loose, there is no telling what damages he will do and create to PAS.
If we were to take what kickdefella said about the secret meeting whereby SIL 2 instructed others to devise plans to oust Hadi Awang as true - it will be a sad day indeed for PAS.

Anonymous said...

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