Monday, November 02, 2009

The family of three -

As fellow human being, my stand is clear. I will fight against this injustice in my own way...and maybe someday this family of 3 will find their way out of the existing predicament.

Bon Om Teuk. It is a 3-day Cambodian festive season when they celebrated the "turning of flow" when Tonle Sap waters discharges into the Mekong. And how they celebrate...people from the far reaching provinces trek their way down to Phnom Penh, camping wherever possible to celebrate the festivals with boat racing offered as the main attraction whilst the nights are filled with boat parade, fireworks and shows at various venues.

The fun does not stop there. This is also the time when kwailos enjoy the scenery with cool jugs of fermented grapes. The price? What about USD 0.90 (RM 3.00) for a bottle of Angkor and maybe slightly more for the famous long, cool dane...more to the likings of my blogger friends who meet regularly at Jalan Klang Lama (and you know whom I am referring to). I am sure they will be like fishes along Phnom Penh riverside, gulping jugs of "grape" juices.

But this is not about Bon Om Teuk, and definitely not about grape's something about our lost values. Something that we once had but have misplaced it, in our quest for monetary and financial fame...we lost our identity...

After a whirlwind tour of Vietnam and Cambodia within a space of 3 days, this scribe took the chance to travel on board of Transnasional double decker bus to a familiar destination. A refreshing experience indeed when this scribe discovered that the seats are adjustable - not only it can be inclined (that's old news) but the seat can also be move slightly sideways. The advantage of this innovative idea is that it gives "more" space between the passengers. No more getting edged out by bigger fellow passengers or feeling uneasy when a "non-muhrim" sits besides you. In short, there are some welcome changes in Transnasional services.

However, the pleasant memories were short-lived. This scribe chanced upon an odd situation, something that jolts us back to reality. In a rented home in a semi-urban town of Malaysia, one landlord has taken drastic steps to cut off elecricity supply and water supply to his tenant. The main reason is because the landlord wanted to force out the tenants. The irony of the case is that this tenants paid their rental diligently and promptly. The only excuse by the landlord is because the tenant's wife is "mentally unstable". This scribe asked "Is it necessary?"

I mean, who on earth would like to be "mentally unstable"? Hats off to this tenant for having the guts to live with his "mentally unstable" wife and his 10-year old girl. And for information, this "mentally unstable" wife is not aggresive in nature, and was never known to be aggresive.

Imagine, living in a semi-urban home with no electricity and water! This family lives on candles to light their nights and carry pails of water courtesy from their caring neighbours. The landlord?

The landlord is a daughter of a pious man and perform her daily prayers without fail. Summarily, she is the role model in that community. What drove her to make the decision to vacate her tenants out is beyond comprehension. And her other siblings are sympathetic towards the tenants but falls short of providing support and stand up against their eldest sister. The question is - what makes her do what she did? What crime did the tenants do that earn her wrath? Where is her humility? Her concern for fellow beings who are already burdened with a "sick' wife?

Unfortunately, further journey beckons the scribe forcing me to abandon my initial idea of offering a helping hand. The only thing that I am capable of now is to pray to the Maker hoping that the landlord will change her mind. I know it's her ancestral home but I did not condone her actions of terminating electrical supply and cut off the water to the tenants' house.

The tenants are not from well to do family who can afford to send off their "mentally unstable" family members to selected asylum. They are just a simple family with the bread winner toiling the market using his strength to carry gunny sacks on his back. And the 10 year old daughter is studying using candlelights fo her final yearly examination. Just ask - who will be responsible if they incidentally trip over the candle causing fire which may take their lives? Who will bear responsibility if the 10 year old girl stumble on the road whilst peforming her duty as a filial child?

Are we beyond repair? Have we lost our humanity in this fast changing, quick pace society? Have we lost that humanity feeling toward brother human beings? Are we getting too cold to be humans? Have we lost our tears?

Life is but a human cycle. Now you are up, tomorrow you may end up in slums...all this designed by the Al-Mighty. I am too far to reach out to the family. The only availble option for me now is to raise my hands towards the Maker so that the family will be strongwill facing this awkward situation.

As fellow human being, my stand is clear. I will fight against this injustice in my own way...and maybe someday this family of 3 will find their way out of the existing predicament.

What is the similarity between Om Teuk and the family? They resign to their fates...little realising that God's creation is vast. Anything can happen within a blink of an eye. Today, you may rule the world and tomorrow you may come crushing down. The choice is yours. I have made mine. You?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


ahoo said...

What would it benefit a man if he has the whole world BUT lost his soul & spirit ? We are mere mortals and live on the grace of the Almighty by being a pilgrim on earth. Whatever that we have or owned, we cannot bring it along as we leave this earth. Naked we come and naked shall we return.

Thanks for sharing what you experienced first hand and indeed the people of our Malaysia have been corrupted in many ways. Not only politically BUT spiritually as well and we end up blaming all others except ourself when we face calamity. We even blamed God at times for our misfortune as if God is there only as a banker.

Well, please share what can we do to help or assist this family of three in need ? A friend or family in need is still a friend or family indeed. Maybe get free medical help for the " wife " or even pool our resources to get help from local state assemblyman in that area to build a house for them ? Just share your thought and let us see where it will take us. The worse scenario will be status quo and at least we have tried. Tq

nightcaller said...


Thks for ur concern and ideas. Please note that a letter is on the way to the state's exco and state rep highlighting their plight.

Hopefully the state administration will take care of the family. At the same time, will be talking to government officers and seek avenues on how to further help the family....

ahoo said...

Good riddance ! Keep us posted to the finality of these 3 in need. We make a living by what we get, but we make a life of what we give.
We may not be able to change the situation we see around us, BUT we can certainly change the way we see the situation within us. We will do what we can and for that which we can't do, let us pray for God to handle it.