Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Of special offers..to the pits

Mirror, mirror on the wall... who can make BN falls?

Now that BN candidate list is out, most unanswered questions are answered in bits and pieces.

This is it. Do or Die for BN and yet they opts for the latter. Poor BN, pauper in the end.

Of all the talents available in Selangor, BN aka UMNO choose Zul Noordin to stand in Shah Alam. You guys know who is Zul Noordin? He is PERKASA VP. Whilst Perkasa used to threatens Gerakan's Teng in Penang, Zul Noordin needed to eat humble pie when he had to apologise to the Indian community when he hurt the feelings of Indian community.

Well, this reflects UMNO's poor judgement in filtering "winnable" candidates. More, is there no one in UMNO qualified to face off Khalid Samad in Shah Alam, so much so that UMNO has to rope in Zul Noording who was an independent MP of Bandar Kulim Baru to be their candidate? If that is so, why not UMNO "loaned" out Shah Alam seat to MCA/Gerakan/MIC/PPP as what they did when they wrested Wangsa Maju and Gelang Patah from MCA?

Up north, BN has its own share of problems when Perlis MB is not in the list. Instead, Shahidan Kassim will be contesting Arau Parliament seat. Little birds are telling me that "Perlis dah gayat". Maybe 1MPM6 Najib is relying on 2 year old news when Shahidan claimed that he is a winnable candidate, back in December 2011

When Perlis ruler had put down his feet to reject Shahidan, BN (UMNO) feels it appropriate to field Shahidan. So, who is biadab? UMNO (BN) or PR? Can UMNO still prides itself as being the rulers' champions when they themselves fielded someone who has been on Perlis ruler reject list? Or is UMNO that pauper to the extent that they have to dig into their reject list trash to come out with a supposedly "winnable candidate".

Closer, UMNO again fielded Isa Samad and Ali Rustam in parliamentary seats. Isa and Ali Rustam? Aren't these two "gentlemen" guilty of misconduct before? Isa was found guilty of money politics and suspended for 3 years back in 2004. Even Mahathir once said in 2009 that putting up Isa as candidate will picture that UMNO is not serious in fighting corruption. Najib did just that and as UMNO President, 1MPM6 Najib is declaring to the world that he is not serious in fighting corruption. So what does all Najib's 1slogans stands for if he accepts that Isa is BN candidate? Or, is Port Dickson ghost still haunting Najib to this day? And the only "successful pawang" to ward off Port Dickson ghost is Isa Samad?

Ali Rustam? Is he no better than Isa Samad? Ali was found guilty by UMNO disciplinary board and barred from contesting UMNO's Deputy chief in 2009.  As they say it, it might be a different scenario now if and only if Ali was allowed to contest the deputy post. He might send Muhyiddin to early retirement. Yet, Ali Rustam is chosen from the rest to stand in Parlaimentary seat and may be awarded a ministerial post if he wins. Is this the type of leaders that Malaysia wants to lead the nation after 5th May 2013?

Funny still for BN list, whilst Zul Noordin is put on a pedestal to take the fight in Shah Alam, Kayveas, PPP President and one of BN component parties is only named as Pasir Berdemar state seat candidate. What a let down for Kayveas when a non-BN member by the name of Zul Noordin is fared better is the eyes of 1MPM6 Najib compared to Kayveas. Beggars can't be choosers and I believe Kayveas is all too happy to eat the crumbs off 1MPM6 Najib's hands.

What about other BN friendly parties like IPF, KIMMA and the rest? No leftovers for them? Whislt I refrain from further speculation, what about others who are trying hard to join BN in the pits? Names like Ibrahim Ali, Reduan Tee, Gobalakrishnan are missing. Has 1MPM6 Najib tired of playing with them? Or is it Najib pupper masters oversight?

The names above are all the potential names that will accelerate BN's fall to the pits. Yes, that is my thoughts. BN has all the machineries and all the make-overs to powder them to form. Yet, behind the makeover, these are the people who Malaysia should send to retirement homes on 5th May 2013.

I have done my part, have you done yours?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


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