Tuesday, May 14, 2013

EC EZ or is it EZ EC? A friend called me and asked why I did not attend Black 505 in Kelana Jaya. My answer is simple - what do you want to achieve?

Whether you guys like it or not, Malaysia has decided on 505 for BN to retain Putrajaya for the next 5 years. Yes, PR won the popular votes but that does not translate into winning simple majority in Parliament. Yes, BN won the election but they lost the comfort of 2/3 majority. It is not a hang parliament but it surely looks like one.

What puzzles me is the way PR supporters acknowledged their "loss" and the way BN celebrated their "victory". If you were out there on 505, you will probably thought that PR had won the election! BN party workers were so demoralised that their operation centres were closed down around 8 pm on 505.

Yes, there were facebookers and twitters alive with allegations and "blow by blow" account of what happened. All pointed to massive election fraud. That's what some claimed and that's what PR is harping on. As I am writing this, I believed PR will come up with no less than 30 election petitions for various parliamentary seats. This is serious! If the courts rules in favour of PR, then we might see a new government after almost 60 years of Perikatan/BN rule. Crucial to these election petitions is the question - If the court rules in PR's favour, then is 1MPM6 Najib second term legally legitimate?

Is EC transparent? Or is EC manipulated and cheated as well? Consider this, how can a known party member elected as Ketua Tempat Mengundi (KTM)? Tak percaya? Cuba baca lapuran ini. Although the fault is not completely and wholsesomely EC, EC should have done better in vetting potential Ketua Tempat Mengundi.

In one case, an EC worker stands so close to the voting booth to such an extent that an old lady from Saluran 1 had to literally shoo the worker off for standing to close and peeking at her choice of candidate. Maybe it is not her fault as the old lady needs aid in walking but the EC worker should provide enough space for the lady to vote. She may needs aid in walking but she is not blind!

With BERSIH and BERSIH II, EC should have expected closer scrutiny to their operating procedures. In fact, EC should make it their point to explain the procedures clearly and in detail to their workers.

If EC could not vet out party members from being their Ketua Tempat Mengundi, then how do you expect EC to screen out all the so called "phantom voters, non-citizens from their electoral list? Is it not the Ketua Tempat Mengundi signature important in determining who wins in their respective poll centers? And if these Ketua Tempat Mengundi are party members, will they not be inclined to be biased? If this is possible, then will it be possible for some of the 505 election results flawed due to the "super efficiency" of Ketua Tempat Mengundi?

Indelible ink? What is the real colour of GE 13 indelible ink? News say it is dark red. Some say it is blue and not indelible as claimed. So, dear EC do we have 1 colour or 2 colour indelible ink? And if 2, is EC saying that the advance voters has a different set of indelible ink compared to the masses? EC claimed that the ink was supplied by a refutable company. Do you believe that? Cambodia is going to have their election in July and they will be using Indian indelible ink claimed to last 7 - 15 days. Maybe EC should send me there to prove that Indian indelible ink is not indelible just to prove that EC is doing their job right. I am sure some Cambodians will be washing their hands to wash off the indelible ink, will it come off as easy as our own indelible ink?

During a recent lunch with an ex-boss came up with a cheaper inedible ink. He wondered why EC did not use the hair dye used in Mamak barber shops. He stressed that the dye will last for at least 3 months and it will definitely last more than 3 days if incidentally spilled on your fingers. Whoaaa! So cheap and efficient but EC is blinded to this? On the sideline, now I know why my ex-boss is always primmed and poised as a lady killer. Maybe EC is not privy to this as their top echelon leaders are not that handsome and maybe that's why they do not have the balls hairs to resolve the inedible ink issue.

Maybe EC is a victim of circumstances or maybe they are victims of their own devices. Whatever it is, EC can do better by providing open seminars and talks to explain how our election system works.  To that we have to ask a question - has EC been pro-actively promoting what they do and did for GE 13? The answer is disgustingly no. If that is so, then can we blame others for planning to take to the streets (yet again?). If and when they do, can we put the blame squarely on the organisers when EC failed in conducting fair and transparent election process?

It is unfortunate when EC leads to mass street rallies again. Yes, BN has lost it's 2/3 majority and popular votes. It is up to EC to show that it is truly an independent body. So far, they have failed in the inedible ink and they have faiiled to convince Rakyat Marhaen that the election process is fair and transparent. Come to think about it, when will EC gazette the GE 13 results so that we can get the election petitions in and dealt with. The longer EC takes to gazette GE 13 results, the more restless the rakyat will be. Take note that this is no longer the age of mainstream media. This is now the age of social media. twitters, facebook and instagrams. EC can no longer rest EZ behind mainstream media as their actions are closely monitored and severely scrutinised.

If rakyat marhaen takes the streets in may 2013, rest assured that I am not one of them as I believe Malaysia (as a whole) has decided. We need to respect the decision and let the courts decide on the 30 or so election petitions. After that, we need to wait for 5 years to dislodge the present system. % years is not that long if you have the patience. The question - do you have the patience?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


zorro said...

Both above comments are spam. I have them too. They ampu you to read their site.

But it sure is good to have you blogging again.

Wave33 said...

Quote: "Whatever it is, EC can do better by providing open seminars and talks to explain how our election system works. To that we have to ask a question - has EC been pro-actively promoting what they do and did for GE 13? The answer is disgustingly no."

I have to agree with nightcaller. There are so many matters that the EC did take the bull by its horns. EC thinks the urban folks are dumb, I cannot say much about the rural folks. They would continue to give such dumb statements because the population of Malaysia is divided by 40% urban and 60% rural, so whatever dumb things that EC says already have the majority of the population believing it.

It is clearly seen on the debate between Khairy Jamaluddin vs Datuk Ambiga. Khairy has the privilege information from EC but not Ambiga and the rest of the Rakyat. EC is giving us piece meals and EC wants to continue to make us dumb and less informative. EC cohort with UMNO, Khairy is the evidence needed to prove it.

It is not the banglas, filipinos, indonesian nor Myanmars, it is the Election Commission.

nightcaller said...

Thks Z, bz workschedule = less blogging :(

Wave 33, Correct, correct, correct. EC never listen, listen, listen. EC has the time to meet with newly elected BN MPs' but could not find time to accomodate PR's elected MPs'...