Thursday, May 02, 2013

EC's boo boo + overzealous = BN win (again)

Sorry to break the news guys, but that's the way I see it now. Call me a pessimist, I don't mind. All you guys got to do is prove me wrong...Here we go again. When you think you see the last of EC's boo boo, here comes another. Now how do you explain?

I see it as another major glitch on EC. With almost 60 years of experience, EC still could not get its act right. Latest is the indelible ink fiasco. Look at how EC tries to wringles itself out from its own self-inefficiency. EC is coming out with lame excuses that the bottles is not well shaken and stirred. Hey EC, you think this is James Bond martini when he likes is stirred but not shaken?

Worse, what is your standard operating procedure for the ink? No procedure? If that is so, then EC has failed miserable to win our trust. Year in and year out EC proves itself to be one of the most unorganised body in Malaysia. Is EC implying that they have not properly conduct courses for its staffs? How can this be so when million of ringgits has been set aside for EC expenditure?

EC secretary explaination is another full of craps. His statement that traces of the ink can be detected under the magnifying glass send me to the floor laughing. How on earth can you expect the EC to magnify everybody's index fingers for traces of indelible ink? How much time will it be wasted and how many personnel will be involved? If you go that way scrutinising voters, then Malaysia is on the way to lower voter turnout, thanks to EC's inefficiency.

If the above is EC's inefficiency, PR media fares no better. You keep your findings close to your heart. However, there is this posting about army voting and if it is true, strange things can happen before 5th may 2013.

Let's assume that the post is right and there is a major turnover from the army personnel. Why should PR brag on that? Will it not expose your secret strength and unscrupulous people can do magic to the votes.

Will it not be better for it to be kept under wraps and expose only on 5th May morning to boost morals?

Be forewarned that the final BN assault will be tomorrow ie Friday 3rd May 2013. Watch out for personal attacks and caricatures which will then be "nationwide" broadcasted, painting PR in a very bad light. Forget about ethics. BN does not practise one. BN's mission is only one - defend Putrajaya at all cost. Our mission is also simple and straight forward - strip BN of its executive and legislative power. Return the power to the rightful owners ie us, the rakyat. Let us then decise who should manage Malaysia for us in the next 5 years.

Honestly I have been to a number of PR political rallies. Sad to say that their orators failed to use their magic to score points. Maybe I should give one as example. What is PR impact towards the nation? Have you not seen that a strong opposition force the government to retract few mega projects (initially slated for their cronies)? Strong opposition mandated by the rakyat during 308 force BN to dish out **1M, lower tolls etc. That is the indirect benefit of a strong opposition. And who put the opposition there? We, the rakyat!

As time is getting closer to the magical 050513, this post will be updated more time. I have done my part, have you done yours?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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