Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Of Durian and cucumber...

Rakyat Marhaen is cucumber whilst the Government is Durian. 5th may 2013, Durian turns to paste (tempoyak) for the cucumber to make whatever they like. Unfortunately, cucumber choose to let Durian wins the day...For the next 5 years, we will be spiked and crushed by Durian at will...Whatever it is, Malaysia has decided. On 5th May 2013, whether you like it or not, 46.5 % of the 85 % voters turn out choose BN to once again leads and govern Malaysia for the next 5 years.

Now that it is over and done with, it is time for Malaysians to regroup and work together for a better Malaysia. However, it is disturbing to learn of some irresponsible people out there who loves to see Malaysians remains divided. I am for the police quick action to investigate bloggers who promoted violence. Kudos to the police as their actions will hopefully defuse the tensions raised by these few bloggers and facebookers.

Pakatan Rakyat did not manage to dislodge BN from Putrajaya. However,GE 13 casualties like Raja Nong Chik, Kong CH, Bernard Dompok, Ali Rustam, Ghani Othman, Saifuddin, Teng, Kayveas, is devastating to BN. Even those winning like Palanivel, Liow, Saravanan should look within themselves and ask - Do I really win fair and square?

Yes, there were many claiming of magical blackouts, ballot boxes, phantom voters, illegal voters, vote buying but the more pertinent question is - are you there to witness it or is it just hearsay? Even on the night of 5th May 2013 whilst waiting for the results streaming in, someone highlighted me of the so-called "discrepancies and dubious acts" but as I said - is it true and recorded? If it is, then these people so band together or channel all their proofs to a centralised and neutral body for action and for them to pin down the real culprits.

Yes, there were those from Pakatan Rakyat who claims that they were robbed of certain seats and thus deprived of taking over states like Perak and Terengganu. My question is simple - if you feel that you are deprived, why you did not raise out youyr objection early to SPR and demands SPR to resolve it there and then? Now that EC has officially announce the results, Pakatan Rakyat's next available avenue is to contest the results and record their grievances in court for legal settlement. Are they going to do that?

Yes, losing is a morale blow. At the same time, I did not agree with the way Pakatan Rakyat reacted to their failure to recapture Perak. Don't act childish and sulks. Pakatan Rakyat fails in recapturing Perak, so what? Will these 28 assemblymen sulks for the next 5 years? Grow-up and face it like men.

Yes, Pakatan Rakyat fails to win Terengganu by razon thin loss of 17-15. Whatever, Pakatan Rakyat will not be running the state for the next 5 years. That does not gives the rights for some naughty guys out there to speculate that Ahmad Said is going to jump ship because Najib (or the Palace) is not in favour of Ahmad Said to be a secong-term MB. That is BN's problems and let them solve it - BN style.

Yes, Pakatan Rakyat retains Kelantan with a reduced margin and Husam failes to be appointed as Deputy MB or EXCO member. That does not gives the right for his supporters to demonstrate as this will pave the way for Pakatan's political enemy to capitalise on the issue. Do you want another Kelantan take over like what happen in the past? Husam has already accepted his fate, why can't the rest follow his example? Afterall, it is not the end of the world for Husam. Instead of demonstrating, Pakatan Rakyat should all hold prayers for the health of both Nik Aziz and Azizan. Is it too much to ask?

Yes, Pakatan Rakyat failed to retain Kedah. It is not Pakatan's failure but more of personal failures. Azizan's public fighting with his EXCOS show Pakatan Rakyat the exit door. In more ways than one, Azizan did not learn the tragedy of PAS Terengganu when they won Terenggany way back in the early 2000. What happened in Kedah is quite similar to Terengganu. Pakatan tried to run before they learn how to walk... Whatever it is, Mukhriz must prove that he is a performer or Kedah might silds back to Pakatan in GE 14.

Looking back, I have seen the enthusiasm of those youths who wants a better Malaysia. And these are the people who will continue the struggle for a better Malaysia with a fair and clean election. % years is not that long. Along the way, we may lose some leaders who have guided us but I believe the saluran 4 youths is eager to carry the burning torch for a better Malaysia.

GE 14 is coming and I am counting. Will you be with me?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


Pak Zawi said...

When Tengku Razaleigh was stolen of his UMNO Presidency in 1987 by recounts (UMNO SOP for sleight of hands) he did not sulk. Now he is riding into oblivion after forming Party Semangat 46 and later dissolving it to rejoin UMNO. Was that a good thing for him? Many have considered him as The PM we didn't have.

nightcaller said...

Pak Zawi

Tg Razaleigh miss the boat again. He shud state his stand early and join the peoples voice. He chose the other path ie remains in UMNO and riding into oblivion.

He has his time in 1987, he has his chance with Semangat 46 but Rais deserted him and he has no choice but to disband S46 and continues his hermitage at Langgak...