Monday, May 27, 2013

Of my views...(as if it is important...)

"Did you attend 505?"
"We have not exhausted the avenues to register election petitions, no election petition has been heard thus no decision made for or against the petitions"
I have not been to any of the so-called 505 rallies. My reasons are clear, GE 13 results though gazetted still need to stand against election petitions, either from BN or PR. That said, is there any need to jump the gun and pre-empt actions that may invite unnecessary actions from the authorities?

Yes, the results may not be favourable to you but it may be favourable to others. That is the norm as there will always be two sides to a coin. More important, those who feel cheated should make use of all the legal avenues and use them exhaustively. Afterall, election petitions must be settled within six (6) months from the gazetted GE 13 results. That said, the legal aspects will not be dragged to more than six months.

So why the need for 505? If it is to sustain the "feel good" feeling, forget it. If it is about "declaring" your unhappiness on how GE 13 is conducted, forget it. As I said it many times before, GE 13 is over and done with. Like it or not, we have to live with it. Whilst BN is sulking for failing to wrest Selangor and Penang from PR, PR is equally sulking for their failure to take over Putrajaya.

It is important for Malaysians to accept GE 13 results and move from there. Let the learned lawyers and judges do their part first before back-up plans are hatched. 505 will be counter productive when the political parties and the police spent their resources to shadow each other. When that happen, we have cases like Dharmendran and Ramesh hounding us.

Are we becoming a society where possible criminals becomes instant heroes? Are we morphing into a state where you do not know when you will be hauled up? Will the voices be stiffled and muzzled>?

Silence does not mean I agree to what is happening around me. Speaking up does not mean that everything is wrong on the other side of the fence. As Malaysians, we have to work for the betterment of society. No two ways about it!. I may not agree with what Adli is doing but I may support his cause. I may not agree totally with Police but I feel they might be victims of circumstances. I may agree with Haris Ibrahim but I may not see eye to eye with his methods.

Najib has lots to do and that does not sucking up to UMNO cronies. If he continues doing that, he may see his butts kicked before GE 14. For the time being we have a new IGP with a clean slate. Let him do his job before we pre-judge him. We have Zahid Hamidi and let's see whether he is better than Hishamuddein in handling situations.

Me? I am having my hands full in... and I will be back blogging by early June 2013. By the way... what is this chirping I hear about 1MPM6 ready to let go his chair in Putrajaya? Do you think RosCTmah will allow him even if he wanted to? Muhyiddein can dream on and Anwar can salivate for the chair. For the time being 1MPM6 is still there with Mahathir hawking over the chair, striking fear to Muhyiddein and a direct challenge to Anwar.

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