Thursday, June 13, 2013

Of understanding others...

Normally I refrained from commenting religious issues but this time around, I will make an exception. This is not the only exception but more will follow depending on the circumstances...I have been busy lately and could barely keep up with the online news. However, Malaysiakini's news on "22 women caned for Syariah offence..." captivated me. Finally...

I know that by the comments, many failed to understand or ignorant of Islamic values and teachings. For most, their moral standards follow the western code of ethics which is opposite to that of Islam. But labelling Islamic laws as archaic is uncalled for and shows how ignorant one can be.

First, let us begin by asking ourselves - Do I believe in God?. Taking out the atheist, almost everyone in the world believe in God, but their difference is how do you pray/submit/"see" God.

In Islam, we believe that Allah is the most merciful and the most benevolent. As creator, Allah knows the strengths and weakness of humans and that is why Allah elevated humans (Adam) as the ruler of earth and instruct all His creations to bow to Adam. Every creations did with the exception of Iblis@Syaitan@Devil. At the same time, Allah knows that humans are weak and are lustful(bernafsu). And that is why Allah lay out the do's and don't for humans as well as lay the rules in Islam as carried out by Mohamad.

When Allah lay the groundrules, together with it comes the solution in the form of punishment. And one of the punishment is caning. That is our subject today.

22 women caned for syariah offense in Johor. So, what is wrong with that? The syariah laws is applicable to those professing Islam. Why are others condemning the rules when it did not applies to them and secondly the rules are in accordance with syariah laws? Are we to be dictated by those believe that western ethics is the best? Just because caning is carried out, it does not mean Malaysia is going talibanism. By the way, do you guys know what is the meaning of Talibans? Talibans is Arab word fr students.

I take my hats off for Johor syariah courts who bravely conducted the sentence. Before the goodie goodie guys come to comment, did you know what is the difference in Syariah caning and normal caning? You don't? Then how can you comment on something that you do not know? Are you following hearsay? Syariah caning has strict limitation and the caning is more on educating the offenders rather than punishing their bodies.

What Islam wants is to educate the offenders and at the same time remind others to stay away from the offences. Do you think that it is right to commit incest? No? Then if incest is wrong, why are there those who strongly condemned the sentences when the individuals committing incest is wrong?

Yes, I may agree with you that we should go by all means to prevent incest and other syariah offences. That should be jointly done and cooperation between the syariah and the masses. At the same time, we could not hide behind the term "ignorant" to escape the syariah punishment. It is not easy but I believe when words spread on the syariah punishment, the syariah related offences will be drastically cut down. Trust me, If Allah says so, it will be so for He is all knowing.

Tough luck if you did not see it my way. If Johor can do, then why is Najib hesitating in allowing Kelantan to follow Hudud?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


Wave33 said...

You are right to highlight this issue to the other faith that it does not concern them.

The politicians has taken a ride on the religious issue to score points. The failure of the politicians to explain to the non and make it clear. I believe the hudud laws could be implemented IMMEDIATELY. We already have shariah courts in Malaysia, why the delay?

It MUST be made clear through MSM that it does not effect the non-muslim or the civil law. Why can't this be clear? Why none of our past PM and present PM have said these to clarify.

When the word hudud is mention, it strikes fear to the non, they thought they will get it too. Hudud is a phobia word to the non. Make it clear, so the non will accept it. That non-muslim are immune to shariah court and hudud laws. Perhaps put it in the constitution to made it solid.

Hanz Azdi said...

Allah bless for you & family !

Anonymous said...

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