Saturday, February 16, 2013

Of friendly reminder to Anwar...

BN claimed that they are optimistic of winning 145 parliamentary seats in the coming GE. That is not an empty talk. It is with substance despite opposition's confidence of capturing Putrajaya.

What will you do when your back are against the wall? Will you accept defeat or will you fight tooth and nail to win? This time around the stakes are high and BN could not afford to lose their years of power and lately abuse of the system. To some BN top echelon leaders, losing the seat of power equates to possible lenghty court appearance to answer multiple charges of countless allegations.

That is something BN leaders could not afford and losing the glitters of powers cum influence cum arrogance may be too stressful to stomach for their wives. Gone will be the days of hugging the Khans, putting on million ringgit rings, flaunting priceless handbags, and the extras of paid shopping free in New York, Sydney, London and Monte Carlo.

That said, what is the gameplan? That gamechanger strategy to win 145 parliamentary seats? Easy... If you can't beat them fair and square, buy them off with truckloads of money. Study the opponents and find their weakpoints.

BN knows that both DAP and PAS are tougher cookies to entice with money. Both DAP and PAS has been synonymous with opposition and both parties have adapted well to the opposition tag. PKR is another story.

PKR's sudden emergence in 2008 makes their leaders cocky and their unofficial numero uno is makng the same mistakes since the pre-reformation days ie overconfident. Worse, Anwar is allowing his personal relationship with his past "brother days" influence his decision making and exposing the fragile power balance in PKR.

Lately there are unconfirmed reports that PKR is sidelining their longtime party workers in favour of untested new party members. Not only that, some state PKR leaders are manipulating for losses in some state and parliamentary seats in return of financial rewards. In short, some state PKR leaders are selling off state and parliamentary seats for BN wins and it will not be surprising when BN is confident of getting 145 parliamentary seats.

Apart from capitalising on certain PKR's state leasders willingness to trade off the sure win seats with money, BN also has Hindraf to thank for their demands of parliamentary seats from PR. Hindraf conveniently disregard the fact that there is no Indian-majority seats and with their insistence to 10 parliamentary seats and various state seats, they are providing the opportunity for BN to capitalise and finish off PR through Hindraf.

Time is not on PKR side. If they fail to address the problem soon, GE 13 will be the final nail to PKR. Not because PKR is weajk but more so of PKR failing to learn from prophet Mohamad's second battle of Uhud. I rest my case for now.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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