Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Of MCA's intrusion, 1MPM6's humiliation...

" My ambition was to be a postman but fate makes me a Menteri Besar" - BN Menteri Besar
"My ambition was to be an MC but I am fated to be PM of Malaysia. HSince I am the PM, I can decides to be the MC in Penang but I never expected to be humuliated there..." - 1MPM6.

Two different scenarios and 1MPM6 is caught unprepared with the reception or rather the vocal "NO" echoed back to his question of "Are you ready for BN". Not once but three times!!

Whilst blogs have a field day reporting and uploading the video, MSM is still in a state of denial and conveniently place the issue on the back burner, similar to Rais's statement of "It is a non-issue". Say what they want, all you have to do is to go to youtube and type "Najib,psy" and you can judge yourselves on what transpired.

This posting is not about the "does it happen or dnot". This time, I am touching on something outside that. Did you guys remember who organise the CNY bash in Penang on that fateful day? Is it Gerakan or is it MCA? The way I see it, MCA is stealing the thunder from Gerakan and actually spearheaded Psy's performance in Penang. Yet, Gerakan has been synonymous to Penang since the 60's and for MCA to take the lead in Psy's Penang performance is akin to backstabbing between partners. What is MCA trying to prove?

Is MCA pleading to 1MPM6 that MCA is better suited to lead Penang compared to Gerakan? Or is MCA trying to find a new bastion since they are losing the battle in Johor?

Whatever it is, Najib has been humiliated in Penang. First, he was humbled by the clear "NO" response to his "Are you ready for BN" rhetorics. Second, he was further humiliated when Psy did not acknowledged the PM. Psy don't even know that the MC was Najib aka 1MPM6 aka Prime Minister of Malaysia. That's what Najib gets when he choose to allow himself to be dictated by politicians who has their own agenda!

Not only that, Psy make a "no show" to BN's on tage Yee Sang and the video can be seen here poor BN!!! I may be a cticic of BN but MCA's total humiliation of 1MPM6 Najib when Psy did not turn up for the yee sang tossing is totally unacceptable. In fact, the lady MC place all the VVIP's of the day well below Psy by making them craned their heads waiting for Psy is pathetic. A clear sign that BN days are nearly over...

Further, BN has categorically stated that Psy's performance has nothing to do with politics and it is just a CNY bash. Why did Najib deviated from this and instill the political side when he ask the now famous "Are you ready for BN" question? Apparently, it is another "cakap tak serupa bikin" attitude of BN as reflected by BN supremo Najib himself.

On the sideline, I have previously tag 25th Feb as the date of Parliament dissolution. Now the date has been slightly change to a later date. Reason? I did not see Najib dissolving the parliament during the upcoming Mesyuarat Raja-raja scheduled from 25th to 28th February 2013. The earliest date for Najib to conveniently dissolve the parliament shall be on Friday 1st March 2013 and if we were to take account that the PM weekly council with his Royal Highness is on Wednesday, then Najib timeline to announce the dissolution will be between 1st and 6th march 2013.

Whatever date Najib choose to dissolve the parliament, Penang will be a bridge too far for BN. Not only that, the pulse from the ground is pointing to "Ubah" and BN may be finally on the way out after GE 13. If that happen, then Penang can pride itself for being the first state to humble 1MPM6 Najib with their "NO" response. Maybe this will be a sign for those BN potential GE 13 candidates to reevaluate themselves before offering to stand in as BN candidates for GE 13. It is not too late to graciously turn down Najib's appointment and instead of carrying the jaded BN flags, these potential BN candidates can switch over to join the peoples movement and together show BN the exit in the coming GE 13.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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