Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Of cancelling 9th June predictions...

"DS, In return for elevating me as the President of the company, I will make sure Selangor is returned to BN and will make a profit turn around within 3 years. As inducement for my hardwork, the President's pay shall be RM 70K per month"
Too far fetched? No, not for Malaysia. These are the gist of conversation between the country's CEO and 3 guys, two of who has the same "R" name and the other is a PHd holder who used to be in a logistics field somewhere in Jalan Semarak.
Why was this guy given the President's post? The reason is simple, he makes a pledge to return Selangor to BN during this coming GE 13 and his words were supported by the 2 Rs', one who was a former MD of the same company whilst the other R is the President of a union. The first R also receives his part, a RM 35K monthly allowance as the company's special consultant adviser!
Just to add some curry to the story, the previous MD of the company earns a paltry RM 15K per month and the pay increase to RM 40K per month when the MD's post was redesignated as President. Now, the new President is getting RM 70K monthly or else...
Now, forget about the pay and the politics of the company. The bigger question is - What makes 1MPM6 Najib buy the idea that these 2Rs' and 1 EK can deliver Selangor to BN on a silver platter? Worse still, at what cost? Well, the first R is a former student leader and was appointed the MD of the company due to his close relation to Pak Lah. Put the two dots together and you will know which organisation he came from.
The second R is pissed off with the President of the company for "not giving him enough recognition" so he teams up with the first R to oust Dr A who happens to be related to RosCTmah through marriage!
When did it happen? Somewhere around 24th April and DS signed a letter instructing Dr A to clear out his office on 25th April. Effective date? Somewhere in early May 2012.
Previously I set 9th June 2012 as GE 13. However, up to now 1MPM6 Najib has not dissolved the parliament. What is the message?

  1. BN, especially UMNO is having internal crisis to announce the candidates. Reason? Najib is torn between "winnable" candidates and UMNO warlords. Najib is too weak to cutoff the warlords and sidelining them will be a suicidal move for UMNO;
  2. UMNO, despite barking that their 11th May gathering is the biggest is still not confident of winning. What is 100K of "all expenses paid" tourist compared to those +100K BERSIH 3.0 crowd who thirst for fair and free elections? Worse when these "red shirts" opts to stay in city centre than to spend time at Bukit Jalil!
  3. UMNO could not reined in former MCA leaders like Ling LS and Ong TK to sing their tune. Ling LS has warned taht BN stands losing (again) Selangor whilst Ong's political move is still questionable.
  4. Najib real;ise that the peoples' voice is getting louder and louder and his spin doctors failed to contain the damage (thus far). Solution? To push GE 13 as far back as possible;
  5. Najib wanted to show "Whos the boss" to Mahathir Mohamed.Mahathir hinted that GE 13 should be now and Najib send a subtle message to Mahathir by not dissolving the parliament. Now Mahathir comes up with another date ie after Raya. Do you think Najib will heed Mahathir's advise?
Another friend who regularly "visits" UMNO's HQ confidently mentioned that 1MPM6 Najib is seeing stars now because of the dilemma he's facing. Najib wanted to drop political deadwoods from his lineups but these deadwoods are UMNO division leaders who can make or break him. If he choose to cut these deadwoods and failed to secure 2/3 majority in GE 13 then he will be easy pickings for Muhyiddin. 

1MPM6 Najib cannot rely on Sabah and Sarawak any longer, not when Musa is not getting "aman" from purported probes in Hong Kong. He could not bank on Pek Moh as Najib's manouver to oust Pek Moh failed before and Pek Moh is using his cunning to push Najib to dance to an awkward tune.

FELDA? Najib's pledge to FELDA is not getting warm response. Worse, can Najib put his faith in Isa who was found guilty for vote buying? If Najib can close one eye and shut the other to accomodate Isa, then what's keeping Najib from doing the same to other corrupted UMNO political deadwoods who happens to be UMNO warlords? In short, Najib is caught within his own game of "transformation". His transformation is no transformation at all. Why? Have you heard about "Bapa borek, anak rintik"? Well, the bapa is Najib, so do you expects his sons aka UMNO members to be non-rintiks?
Looking at it, most probably 9th June will no longer be the date for GE 13. Mahathir says after Aidil Fitri but I have my doubts there. What are Najib's other choices? Basically he has few options left but the better option now is to proceed with BERSIH's IAP and once the IAP findings pointed out to possible "coup" attempts, Najib may take the easier way out by Ops Lallang and by putting the opposition members behind bars, he could , "on advise" to declare MAGERAN!
Me? 9th June or not, BN is going to have tough time defending Perak, NS and Johor. That's what makes Najib having sleepless nights in KL...
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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