Thursday, May 10, 2012

Of hollow, halo, hold loh and...

Don't ask me why but BN looks like the scene from "Rumble in the jungle" when old man "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee" is trying all his famous shuffle and repertoire of moves to finish the fight. Alas, in his haste to dispose his opponent, he is found wanting with his legs wobbling, his hands frozen. Why? The mind is willing but the body is not! That's how I see BN today. A fighter past his prime. Maybe he can make it just this once but the next round will be a goner for him...
Believe it or not, BERSIH 3.0 indirectly force the government to retract the election offences amendment bill .Nazri can say what he wants and so does the Abd Aziz. Whilst Nazri claimed that it is EC's amendments, is it not AG's role to scrutinise the wordings so that everything is in order and ties up with other election laws? If it is, then how can Nazri push the ball to EC's feet? Worse still, the bill was literally bulldozed on the last day of Dewan Rakyat sitting. Better still, the BN parliamentarians aye to the amended bill and now Nazri is making an about turn to retract the bill from Dewan Rakyat.
Nazri further claimed that the government is merely a "postman" in tabling the amended bill. What? We bleed to pay to MPs and ministers' allowance and they are just "mere postman"? I see this as an uncooked answer from a similarly uncooked person!
Yes, the retraction of the amended bill is a victory to those more than 2 persons attending BERSIH 3.0. You may ask why did I put 2. The answer is simple, you can put whatever figure you want depending on which side you are leaning on. If you are pro-government, you may like to put a figure of 8,000 whilst if you are a BERSIH 3.0 symphatiser, you may like to put 250,000!
The retraction is a victory of sorts to BERSIH 3.0 but I see it more of a hollow victory because the retraction only covers the following aspects of the proposed amended bill ie :-

  1. Cannot establish the identity of voters anywhere the constituency ;
  2. Cannot wait or loiter outside polling centre within 100 metres of station;
  3. Delete provision for candidate to appoint 1-4 monitoring agents;
  4. Candidate appointed polling and counting agent can only enter EC at stipulated time;
  5. Delete provision where all printed material must bear the names and address of printers and publishers;

I see the retraction of the amended bill as a victory of BERSIH 3.0 rally goers. It proves that together, we can demand changes and ultimately the government of the day has to provide leeways to listen to our grouses. This is a good and healthy sign - it shows that the government is forced to listen to the masses, no matter how bad they painted BERSIH 3.0 rally goers were. In short, we may not win the war yet but BERSIH 3.0 has gained precious grounds even in a hollow way...
On the same day Nazri announced the retraction, the government announced the set up of IAP (Independent Advisory Panel) for to probe incidence of violence during BERSIH 3.0. The Q - how on earth is Haniff Omar qualified to head the IAP when this same Hanif is the one who branded BERSIH 3.0 rally goers as trouble makers? Surely, the government is starting on a wrong footing, regardless of Hanif's "professionalism". How do you plant a halo on Hanif's head when he has already stated that BERSIH 3.0 is chaos makers and "communist infiltrated organisation"?
Not only that, whilst it should be lauded for the Government's move to set up the IAP, how independent is this IAP considering that the other stakeholders are not included? What about the BAR council? What is their terms of reference? If their terms of reference is limited to damage to public properties, then the sufferings of those caught at the wrong place and at the wrong time will go down the drain. A friend of mine told of his friend bundled into a secluded area, mercilessly beaten and dropped off at HKL without being "officially" detained. What say you, Hanif? Will you cover this as part of IAP's terms of reference? Or will you let IAP be another rubber stamped endorsement to the acts of overzealous personnel?
I am a pessimist. I see IAP as a stamping body and will follow wherever the wind blows....
Did you notice 1MPM6 Najib lately? Such a loner with not much support. Here is 1MPM6 Najib travelling and promising everything under the sun but barely no support from his own cabinet! Is there a quiet revolt going on in Najib's backyard?
1MPM6 Najib should be true to himself. Forget about being afraid on the possibilty of being the shortest unelected PM of Malaysia. Forget about history when only the first and the last matters or the chance of being the last PM from BN. What Najib should be doing now is to dissolve the parliament and go for GE 13.
Why now? Why not? Since July is Ramadan whilst August is Eid Fitri and September is when the pilgrims are lining to perform their hajj whilst Oct is Eid Adha and exam month. November and Dec will be rainy season and Jan 2013 will be lunar year celebration. Looking at that, the windows are closing fast on Najib and he has no other choice but to call for election and gamble his luck on retaining the government!
With BR1M and FELDA plus with the minimum wage as well as incentives to the public servants, Najib may hold the trump card to scrap through GE 13. Selangor is ready for Noh Omar and Penang is itching to be under Najib again, so what can go wrong?
On the other front, Najib can always rely on three sifus in the form of KickdeFella, Rocky and RPK. Why bother about Parpukari or the Pirates when Najib can rely on Rais to deliver the goods? In fact, Najib don't have to worry about his Perimekar link nor should he care about his RosCTmah's expenses. By now Najib should be comfortable with his in laws from Karzakhstan and his London-graduated son. In short, everything is getting rosy pinkish for Najib so why wait? Hold GE 13 lor....
Somewhere in the past I have mentioned 9th June and I am still holding on that date for GE 13. Any dates later than date is Najib's waterloo...
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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