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Of post BERSIH 3.0 :Rubberstamping Hisham's SOP...

Frankly, I should be ROFL (Rolling on the floor laughing) at Hishamuddin's statement regarding the formation of an independent panel to probe 28th April's assault claims. Frankly, I should be ROFL (Rolling on the floor laughing) at Hishamuddin's statement regarding the formation of an independent panel to probe 28th April's assault claims.
First and foremost, is Hishamuddin the right person to issue the statement? No doubt he is the Home Minister but at the same time, his actions or words after during and after BERSIH 3.0 categorically puts him in the same dock as those who assaulted the public on that fateful day. Why? Read through Hishamuddin's SOP here and you will understand why.
Let's take a look at Hishamuddin's statements :-

  1. An independent panel to be set up to investigate claims of police brutality against journalists covering BERSIH 3.0;
  2. Hishamuddin expressed regret that some journalists were allegedly treated badly;
  3. Hishamuddin added that the issues must be looked at in the right context;
  4. Hishamuddin further said "I have to remind you that the worst case involved a journalist from Al-Hijrah who was set on when trying to save a police";
  5. Hishamuddin urged Suhakam, Bar council, and the public to submit whatever evidence they have to his Ministry to help investigation;
  6. The Cabinet ordered the police and the AG to speed up investigation and charged those responsible for turning BERSIH 3.0 rally into a riot;
So before we take a tour of Hishamuddin's remarks and statements, please do take time to read a moving article regarding BERSIH 3.0 here about former FRU's daughter's experience attending BERSIH 3.0
Let's look into Hishamuddin's statements and try to read his thoughts :-
  1. Why is Hishamuddin (and the Cabinet) limiting the investigation to cover journalists? Is Hishamuddin making the statement in light of world press freedom day which falls on 3rd may? Should it not cover investigation on claims of police brutality against the public, the lawyers etc? Why the special preference to the journalists? Why Hishamuddin did not extend the same offer to cover the public?;
  2. Hishamuddin regret and used the words allegedly treated badly. Referring to his earlier SOP, Hishamuddin mentioned that memory cards (and cameras) were confiscated. These memory cards may have the details of the assault on journalists and by resorting to confiscating the memory cards, Hishamuddin is opening the possibility that some "sensitive" and incriminating evidences will be forever deleted. Is this not a method to cover one's track?;
  3. Hishamuddin stressed that the issues must be looked at in the right context. Which context is that? From his eyes and views or from the views of the public who hunger for a fair and free election? If one needs to define the context, it should not be Hishamuddin who is also the Home Minister, the person responsible for PDRM;
  4. Hishamuddin reminded that the worst case journalist is from Al-Hihrah who was set on. Question - how many journalists were injured on that day? My last count says 11 and if you were to take 1 out, then 10 other journalists or 91 % suffered under alleged police brutality. And Hishamuddin is zeroing in on the 9 %? Does Hishamuddin knows his arithmetics? Shouldn't we be looking into the bigger numbers whilst not discounting the isolated incident involving the al-Hijrah journalist?;
  5. Submit evidence to Hishamuddin's ministry? Bah, you must be kidding. All the evidences and well documented in the youtubes. Go and fetch them there. Submitting to Hishamuddin is like surrendering evidences to the accussed. Is he not the Home Minister who oversees PDRM? Was he in KL during the events leading to BERSIH 3.0 rally and the aftermath? Is he not in KL to monitor the beatings and the tear gas as well as the chemical laced water inflicted on the public? If he is there, then he should be guilty as hell for allowing the mayhem to happen!;
  6. Turning BERSIH rally into a riot? Ask those who attended the rally, how is the atmosphere before tear gas and chemical-laced water was inflicted on the public - it started with a carnival-like rally and the tear gas turned everything upside down. If AG wanted to charged, then charged the Home Minister for allowing the rally to change into a cat and mouse game between those nameless personnel with the public;
Is the panel meant to rubberstamp Hishamuddin's actions in dealing with BERSIH 3.0? Is this another method to paint an ugly picture on the rally goers? If BERSIH 3.0 rally can be peaceful in other cities and countries, then why the high-handed methods employed in KL? Hishamuddin must answer to this and even if he is not warming up to the idea, TRUTH will prevail sooner or later.
The way I read it, the panel is just a tool to justify the ends and there are elements within the government who are working extra hard to "unearthed" evidences to paint BERSIH 3.0 as a riot. Do what you want but ask this - Do you really think the public will be totally convinced of your panel? When others are moving forward, we are regressing backwards by stiffling the voice for FAIR and FREE election. Ironically, we have Michelle Yeoh playing the role of Aung Suu Kyi and 1MPM6 Najib was there at the premier whilst his cousin is plotting and praying for BERSIH 3.0 rally to turn into a riot.
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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