Wednesday, November 23, 2011

We get peaceful rallies when PERKASA 's RIP...

Should I laugh or should I cry?

It felt like yesterday when Ibrahim Ali @ Katak melompat @ PERKASA lead students movement of the 70's. How time, wealth, fame and thirst for media coverage "turnover" Ibrahim. His initial comments, in response to the proposed Peaceful Assembly Bill, Ibrahim Ali showed that he is a spent force and is out of touch with reality.

Ibrahim Ali said
it would be effective in tackling unruly assemblies as there were "black sheep" who often abused the constitutionally guaranteed right. Well, is Ibrahim claiming that he was and still is the "black sheep"? In 70's, he led the students movement against the government, and recently he championed on issues which puts him at odds with both the government and the opposition.

Ibrahim believes that such restrictions can be lifted, perhaps in 50 years when society is more mature, but for now, national security is of primary importance. Is Ibrahim implying that we should take Myanmar's place in stiffling dissent? Is Ibrahim acknowledging that despite his age, he has not "matured"? Why 50 years? So that the society will not roast him since he is most probably dead within the next 50 years? (Mind you that this writer is not playing God here but Malaysia's male average age is 60 years, so in 50 years, chances are most males will be dead by 60 years old).

Ibrahim continued "Overall it’s a positive move. After 54 years we have come to this stage. Maybe in the next 25 years, people will be educated and (we) can (enjoy) full freedom, but for the moment, Malaysia still needs time to educate its citizens." Hello, Ibrahim. Are you from Mars? Are you implying that people like Samad Ismail, Ambiga, the doctors, emgineers, teachers, ustaz, priests who attended Bersih II are uneducated? Or is Ibrahim Ali saying that KJ who led his patriots is an uneducated Oxford graduate?

Are we progressing forward or are we backpedalling? Ibrahim mirrored the government's nervousness in handling assemblies. Is the government, like Ibrahim, dreamed on turning Malaysians into robots?

You are the people. Are you allowing people like Nazri, Ibrahim Ali, Hishamuddin to wate your grey matters? Come GE 13, show them who is uneducated - the people of Malaysia or the scumbags like Ibrahim Ali...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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