Friday, November 11, 2011

NFC + MRT = no planning...

My oh my. Look where we are heading today...

The once "boy of the hour" KJ cooked up excuses on bulled NFC. Not NFC of National Football Conference but this NFC stands for National Feedlot Corporation. KJ's painted Shahrizat's NFC "noble" idea of investing in condo purchase but KJ failed to explained who is the owner of the condominium. Is it Shahrizat? her hubby? her children? or is it NFC?

If it is NFC, then maybe KJ's feeble attempt may hold some water or else it will clearly show Shahrizat's way of skimming the publics' monies for her own benefit.

Worse still, KJ sidestep the obvious, that Najib's "rakyat didahulukan" government failed to take everything into account before embarking into the RM 250 million over NFC project.

If we keep going through KJ's childish explaination, then how does the RM 800K "holiday spree" using NFC funds brings bigger returns than depositing in current account.

Left or right, KJ failed miserable and all is due to his skill trying to "menegak benang yang basah".

If NFC is a proven failure, then what about another in the making? MRT corporation admitted that they have yet to assess the potential of property development but at the same time declare that the priority is to get the project off the ground. Another load of bull from Najib's "rakyat didahulukan" government.

If MRT has not assess the potential of property development, then why rush into things? To get the feel good vibes or another cosmetic treatment to dress up Najib's failed missions? It shows that the government is resorting to do first, and think of reasons later. Do things first then only think where the funds are coming from.

NFC, MRT - what does it matter. The present government is skinning us alive and reaping funds from our hard-earned money. Worse still, NFC and MRT may be learning from Malaysia's own J Lo who skimmed Terengganu sovereign funds (now known as 1MDB) by selling bonds and now Terengganu is paying through their noses to honour the matured bonds. Soon, we will spend more from our already depleted reserves. Thanks to Najib and his thoughtless "transformation program" and the childish reasoning of KJ.

How I wish Najib announced parliament dissolution today to pave the way for 13 GE. ... but Najib chickens to the task. Maybe he did not "get" the light during his recent express trip... so guys/gals, please wait for a few months before we show him the door...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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