Thursday, July 14, 2011

Job description : 2 sides of a coin...

Tough call! That's my best description on how the police handles Bersih 2.0 last 9th July 2011.

There is no need to deny that there were scores of police who chose the high-handed tactics to disperse the Bersih 2.0 crowd, there are almost an equal number of the force who chose to handle the situation as diplomatic as they could (when their bosses were not around!).

Whilst it's raining tear gasses and chemical-laced water in Puduraya, the crowd along Jalan Hang Jebat had a much easier time to reach the foothills of Stadium Merdeka! Whilst the KL Sentral crowd were "ambushed" in the man-made and self-created "tunnel", others are having an awkwardly easy time to pass the roadblocks along Federal highway.

As I have admitted in the earlier posting, I did not know Allahyarham Baharudin so I could not comment on his passing away. Nevertheless, a kind commentator did direct me to a URL link featuring "him". Well, if that was Baharudin with his hands tied behind his back, I sincerely took pity for both the rally goers who were attending to him and leading the standing policemen to remove the plastic cuffs. At the same time I felt really sorry for the standing policemen who were bewildered with the incident as he kept on muttering that he did not has the instruments nor gadgets to remove the plastic cuffs! (I am referring to the video link as mentioned in one of the commentators in my previous posting).

As I see it, nobody wants 9th July 2011 to be the curtain call for Baharudin and nobody loves to see a man's leg broken due to the alledged brutality of those who carry their duties overboard!
I put the blame and responsibility squarely on the government for failing to provide security and safe passage for those who attended 9th July 2011. The rally is for Clean and Fair election. What's so sinister about their demands?

When the cabinet ministers slammed their foot down and instead mobilised thousands of FRUs' and police personnel to create an impression of KL under siege, it is the ministers' failure to understand that the RAKYATS are boss! Being too long in the cushion makes these ministers lazy bums who failed to understand the rakyats inspirations!

Look at how Hishamudin gloating with more than 1000 arrest. Look at how Liow lied through his teeth when defending the government and denying that Tung Shin hospital compound was gassed! Look at how Rais trying to spin stories of "revolution" as if it must be violent!

Worse still when 1MPM6 Najib demonising the 9th July demonstration and Lo and behold sitting in the VVIP chair in KJ, the one who headed Patriots' 9th July counter demonstration! Did anyone see Patriots video when they charged towards the police defense? Compare the different approach by Bersih 2.0 and Patriots. Bersih 2.0 rally did not go for confrontation whilst Patriots chose a confrontational approach. Yet, KJ shamelessly was seated amongst the VVIP next day listening to Najib's demonising the 9th July rally!

The time has come for those in black and blue to join Bersih 2.0. Afterall, those in black and blue are also voters and they too may be looking forward for Clean and fair election! However, circumstances forced them to stand on the other side of the barricade and with little sleep as well as their officers continuous barkings, they have to carry out the Ministers dirty works.

This is the time to reconcile as Malaysians has a common enemy - 1MPM6! Just look at how 1MPM6's sleeping partner is said to be spending millions for a woman's best friend a diamond ring! Let's just say that the diamond ring is worth 24 million and both Najib and RoseCTmah were married since 1987, that means RoseCTmah saves an average of RM2,858 per day for the past 13 years since their marriage. BUT what if it is USD 24 million which comes up to RM 72 million? That means RoseCTmah saves an average of RM15,173 daily to buy the ring! If 1MPM6 claims that it is their wise and prudent investment, then we do not need Awang Adek and Mohd Nor Yaakob to run Malaysia's finance. Move over Kuok, Ananda, Genting, Vincent, Daim - the richest couple in Malaysia goes to 1MPM6 and RoseCTmah.

Whilst thousands braved the heat and teargasses to march on 9th July 2011, many chose to stay at home reasoning that if violence flare, the Westerners will take opportunity. How naive of them! Did anyone noticed a small caption before 1MPM6 flies to London? In short Malaysia is replacing MIG 29 and BAE's typoon is ready to tender. Do you think Najib goes to London empty handed? Nah... I smelled that Najib might be offering itain to supply typoons to RMAF. Najib may not be asking much - another diamond bangle for his missus can do the trick. After Scorpene, Najib may opt diamonds for commission. Who knows...

Tg Adnan's visit to Indonesia? That's nothing compared to what Najib aims to achieve when he meets in Vatican city. 9th July 2011 proves that Malaysians no longer thinks along the us versus they line. And that scares 1MPM6 Najib! Knowing fully well that UMNO is lagging behind PAS and PKR, Najib needs to secure BN's voting vault. Najib could not depend on Sabah and Sarawak as their loyalty is suspected. The only choice is to pleased the pope and hopefully secure the Christians votes. How? 1MPM6 Najib's close door meeting with the pope may call for certain "solutions" to the Malay bible issue and the use of "Allah".

Najib could no longer count on MIC or Hindraf. Najib's political survival is to make peace with the world's deputy sheriff aka UK. And that is why Najib is putting his best lipstick on to charm David Cameron and the Queen. One word of caution - 1MPM6 better advise RoseCTmah not to show off her RM 72 million ring to the Queen or else the photo will splash across the nation as prove that RoseCTmah has just morphed into ImelCTmah, a clone of Philippine's Imelda...

It started with job description for those who manned the streets on 9th July 2011... however we should all come together and show 1MPM6 Najib the way out. Why? Love him or hate him, we have to protect Najib from further slumping down- courtesy of RoseCTmah binge for those that sparkles! But then again, if she likes sparkles, why was she linked to unsparkled Deepa, the carpetman? UUhhh...maybe Black is beautiful :)
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


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Apaka66 said...

I like the idea of having diamonds as commisions.Brilliant. Than what is that USD24Mil diamond for? For sure she won't splashed her cash.
Maybe it came from that carpet man..