Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Of EC, IC, Ezee and...

During last week's whirlwind tour of duty covering Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand, it is clear that the 9th July sentiments is strong amongst Overseas Malaysians. Almost 95% of those I met is in favour of Bersih 2.0 and they proudly mentioned that Bersih 2.0 is what Malaysia needs to rid UMNO's (read BN's) political; garbage!

In the next few days I will be travelling south to Singapore and I bet the sentiments amongst Malaysians are stronger there. If these sentiments are translated into votes in GE13, then there might be a vacancy for Malaysia's PM's post.

This posting is not about the overseas Malaysians sentiments. Mooyiddein may still be trumpeting that Malaysians across the globe are supporting BN but in reality everyone of them (minus the embassy's staff and next of kins) are waiting for BN to "officially" lose.

Still remember the Harian Sinar's wacana on EC yesterday? EC's Wan Ahmad shamelessly pass the buck when he admitted that EC is just a "management body" overseeing Malaysian elections. In part, he said :-

  1. EC is a management body not empowered to tackle abuses on the electoral system;
  2. The elected government has a stronger say in ammending the law (regarding to EC);
Although Wan Omar's effort to attend the wacana is a brave effort but it shows that EC is a stool, a "clipped" eagle who could not (or choose not to) works towards reforms paving the way to a "clean and fair" election.

Wan Omar's reference to BN indicated that EC is under BN's wings and will do whatever they can to please their political masters. EC must be seen clean as they are a commission elected by YDP Agung but unfortunately EC's actions confirmed of their submission to the ruling party!

With that in mind, consider EC's proposal to use biometric system for the coming elections. Tell me, how many countries in the world is using biometrics for election purposes? Do countries like Japan, USA, Britain, Germany employs biometric system? So far, I did come across of Philipines, Haiti and Brazil thinking of using the biometric identification for their election. Now, can someone vouch that this biometric system is a foolproof method against voting fraud?

Way back in GE11 (or is it GE 10), we have reports of "phantom" ID centres which churned out ID's by the thousands to PATI from Bangladesh, Myanmar, Cambodia, Indonesia etc. They do not produce these ID's in JPN but "outsourced" it to third parties who slogged day in and day out to get the numbers. If this can be done, then what can stop these "opportunists" to do the same with biometric especially with the concurrent biometric registration of foreigners? My oh my, how many foreigners will be an "instant" Malaysians by 30th August 2011.

Whilst some may say that this is impossible, but it is done. There are whispers going round that the so-called "agents" are doing the biometrics to get the numbers for the ruling party. This may be hush-hush, but it's happening....

EC, IC and Ezee biometrics... all working in tandem to give BN the edge. When that happens, BN will forget that they really win the election by dubious means. One week later, Rais will crow that BN wins due to popular support. But Rais foergets to add...BN wins due to popular support from illegals in exchange to Malaysian citizenship.

Think about that... whilst I do my packing to go to Singapore... No, no, I am not migrating there... I am just relocating my interest to Singapore. If Tony can do that with his AirAsia, then we could do the same too...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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