Tuesday, July 05, 2011

9th July 2011 : 1 hurdle cleared... more to come...

Since it is now legally "illegal", will you come down and join the crowd this 9th July? See you there and wear yellow! Don't be yellow... :)

Things look better now after HRH YDP Agung's statement which effectively put Hishamuddein back to where he belongs. Ambiga, Pak Samad and Zaid Bersih 2.0 trio had a fruitful audience with HRH YDP Agung at 1.55 pm this afternoon.

Fresh from the audience, Bersih 2.0 accepts stadium rally offer and will now go to their second phase ie working out on the details. From Gaza front, KJ offers to work with Bersih 2.0 if Bersih 2.o calls off it's 9th July march.

Now that Bersih 2.0 decides to follow HRH YDP Agung's advice and cancels it's planned 9th July march, how will 9th July 2011 be? My take :-

  1. The meeting point shall be Stadium Merdeka which is a stone throw away from Istana Negara. Why Stadium Merdeka? Easy access and close to all the amenities;
  2. Whilst some clamour for Stadium Bukit Jalil, I see Bukit Jalil as too far and too secluded to give any impact;
  3. Stadium Merdeka has the nostalgic historical event where Malaysians converge on 31st August 1957 to declare our independence and 9th July 2011, Malaysians once again converge to declare our demands for a fair and clean election;
  4. Hishamuddein has no choice but to direct the police to provide all the assistance necessary to make the event a success;
  5. Hishamuddein and Rais will make a 180 degree turn and now claims that the government shall be accomodating the legally "illegal" assembly;
  6. Since it is no longer a march, KJ has to stick to his promise and order his Pemuda youth to join the once illegal assembly;
  7. Since this is a legally "illegal" assembly, everyone is free to wear whatever colour they prefer;
  8. Those who wish to attend the assembly in the stadium will have a free hand where they want to start to converge to the stadium;
  9. The police should not stop any person from attending the assembly in the stadium. However, the police and the public can apprehend anyone who wish to create trouble, be it from the public or those agent provocateurs;
  10. Perkasa shall not be allowed to demonstrate as they are now deemed to be completely "illegal";
  11. This will be a one-off event where stadium is used, courtesy of HRH YDP Agung's intervention. It is far fetch for HRH to intervene in future rallies as his majesty's intervention will show that 1MPM6 is weak. Actually he is based on his past experience where he is more "lallang" and to stand by his ground;
  12. How many will really turn up? Whatever the numbers, it will force 1MPM6 to really think hard if he ever wants to remain a PM;
  13. Once again, the masses proved once again that they can rise to occassion especially if there is a dare from PM of the day. The first Bersih became a runaway success because both Pak Lah and son-in-law KJ dare the masses to turn up and face the government's wrath. The masses tuen KL yellow in November 2007 and when 1MPM6 belittle Bersih 2.0, the masses are ready to march again forcing 1MPM6 to a corner and HRH YDP Agung's intervention barely save 1MPM6 from further embarassment;

This Saturday will be a good strolling day in Kuala Lumpur. I have said that I will start mine from Pasar Seni after a cuppa of coffee and my friend who just returned from Sri Langka will join me there whilst my other world traveller friend will join us fresh from his return from Hanoi.

Now that Bersih 2.0 is legally "illegal" and consented by HRH YDP Agung, how will UCSI reacts? Before they banned all their students from attending rallies and the ban covers their political students as well. Will UCSI lift the ban? What about CEUPACS' call to their members to stay away from 9th July rally? Is Omar Osman going to go against HRH YDP Agung?

What about Omar's Silat Lincah? Will he carry out his threat to get his memebers out in force to disrupt the rally? If he does, is he not going against HRH YDP Agung? And if he does, will he not be going against his teachings that silat is to protect the king? How will Ali Rustam reacts now that he has galvanise his 4M silat exponents to stop the rally? Now that Ali Rustam is a Sultan-less citizen, will he be "derhakaing" his HRH YDP Agung?

On another level, what about the other man from Pekan, Pahang? He has been going all out to demonise the rally goers and now that his peer has consented to the rally, will he heed his peer's wish for the legally "illegal" assembly? My advise to him - better work on Lynas project in Pahang and stop meddling the federal affairs... or better still will he go off and visit his in-laws in Pakistan?

And how will TV3 and the other MSM going to call this rally? Still illegal or will it now be legally "illegal" assembly? ... nice thoughts, indeed... Since it is now legally "illegal", will you come down and join the crowd this 9th July? See you there and wear yellow! Don't be yellow... :)

Interesting indeed... now that there is a new element to the equation...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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