Monday, September 26, 2011

Of Undilah... what sublimal crap?

MCMC said the video is full of anti-government sublimal message. Some claimed that it has not passed the censor board. What? Does that mean MCMC approved the supposedly sex videos taht makes it to our dining table, courtesy of TV3? Does that mean the supposedly Anwar's video sexcapades pass the censor board?

Before we proceed any further, have you guys seen the Undilah video? No? Then please take 5 minutes of your precious time to see it and judge it yourself.

Sublimal message? What message? The only thing the video is encouraging is to get you guys, born bred in Malaysia to register as voters and to vote!

Watching it for the first time, I did not see anything wrong with the video. If a scene of an unknown reader flipping through Harakah is anti-government, then the backdrop of Najib's "Pencapaian diutamakan, rakyat didahulukan" is more than enough to drown out Harakah's scene.

The difference? Harakah's flipthrough is at the early part of the video whilst Najib's backdrop conquers the middle and the later part of the video. Now, if you are watching movies, which scene will be etched within you? The first part of the ending? My answer is the ending - nobody wants to know the build up. So, MCMC is partially wrong in branding the video as anti-government.

Who is MCMC working for? The rakyat or political masters? MCMC should remain neutral in their dealing. By stating that the video has sublimal message, MCMC is exposing themselves to future adverse comments. So, are we suppose to be exposed to continuous pro-government sublimal message?

To me, Undilah video addresses to younger generation, the hip-hop audience who will go with the catchy phrases. Did they say Undilah Pakatan Rakyat? No! Did they say Undilah BN? NO!
So, what's your problem MCMC?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


Anonymous said...

They are so sensitive and could find sublime messages in everything including their own shadows.

Pak Tua

nightcaller said...

Pak Tua

Maybe someone shud do a quick research to see if those who looks everything as sublimal messages took too much psychedelic pills back in the 60's... and the effect is just getting on... heh heh heh