Monday, July 12, 2010

Of fine line: Between sabotage and responsibilities...

When politicians talked, the general rule is to read between the lines. More so, if they happens to be Malaysian politicians! Why is Zahid getting all riled up?

It is a fine line indeed! How do one decide whether it is sabotage or an act to effectively hide the truths? This time around, a quick tour of KD Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia's first submarine "which cannot dive"...

Zahid Hamidi, Defense Minister and UMNO's VP claimed that it is an act of sabotage as he directed his accusation to possible culprit(s) who could be involved in the maintenance of the submarine. Amongst others, MSM STAR reported that Zahid implied :-

  1. The leaked information regarding KD Tunku Abdul Rahman that led to unfavourable news report is an act of sabotage;
  2. The leaked information was done intentionally to sabotage and undermine the competency of the country's defense system;
  3. The suspect(s) may be linked to maintenance work of the submarine;
  4. Zahid suspects and he leaves the investigations to RMN chief;
  5. He accused those involved in leaking information pertaining to defense system as traitors;
Now, now... is Zahid Hamidi got up on the wrong side of the bed? If it is true that the unfavourable news report compromise the country's defense system, then this writer is waiting for Zahid to make a police report against Malay Mail who first broke up the news and later re-publish in MT. Zahid, Don't just "up" your value in face of UMNO divisional meetings but to follow up with police report and see if there is any truth in your claim. If there is any form of saborage, then let's drag the partyies to the courts and severely deal the persons, regardless of his colour and political beliefs. Do you dare, Zahid or are you just "cakap tak serupa bikin"?

When politicians talked, the general rule is to read between the lines. More so, if they happens to be Malaysian politicians! Why is Zahid getting all riled up? What Malay Mail reported never breached the country's defense system because what they reported are summarily :-
  1. KD Tunku Abdul Rahman is in Teluk Sepanggar naval base;
  2. Problems resulted it being docked after it completed its tropical water trials;
  3. The vessel obtained "Initial Operational capability (IOC)";
  4. KD Tunku Abdul Rahman crew will take over KD Tun Razak during its tropical water trial to avoid the crew from losing their submariners rating;
Read the two and you will see that what Malay Mail reported is in line with their tagline "the paper that cares". The news never expose the defense system nor did they act as traitors to expose the country's defense system.

So why is Zahid getting all riled up? How did Zahid arrived to his conclusion that it is sabotage? Did Zahid received intelligence report saying so? Or Is Zahid trying to conjure some magical tricks to give the illussion that everythink is OK?

Did Zahid has in his possessions evidences identifying the traitors? If so, what is he waiting for? Why not go to the nearest police station and lodge a police report?

I see Zahid politicising the case to by-pass the real issue! Why come up with veiled threats and hazy statements? Is Zahid trying to stamped KD Tunku Abdul Rahman as OSA? Something necessary to hide the truth behind the truths? Zahid's actions can be seen as a desperate attempt to sweep everything under the carpet.

Malay Mail has been objective in raising a genuine issue - what is wrong with our submarine KD Tunku Abdul Rahman? Nothing sinister is their action and this writer do not smell any conspiracy here. So, Zahid - is there any need to use the word "sabotage"? Or is this a way for you to be "front-paged"?

Zahid Hamidi should fulfil his responsibilities on the "behind the scene" for our two scorpenes. If he is a responsible minister, then he should carry out an audit trail on KD Tunku Abdul Rahman and KD Tun Razak. Do not leave any stone unturned and in doing so Zahid Hamidi might save the government's integrity as the French are already preparing to interview PI Bala on the scorpene commission. And talking about the French, they might be eager to know which is the truth between the different versions of scorpene and PI Bala seems to be the last man "talking".

Is it sabotage? Is it hidden truth? decide

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


Anonymous said...

I thought that the sub was being maintained by DCSN-Boustead? If that is so, Boustead being owned by LTAT means that the Armed Forces is sabotaging themselves!

nightcaller said...


The last I heard is that the price submited by DCSN-Boustead is well above budget! The govt is said to be looking into the details and there is no maintenance contract awarded...yet.

If that is true then the maintenance should be undertaken by the supplier since there is an extended warranty period for the sub since it failed the tropical waters trial the first time