Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Of Terengganu's save land, dump money policy...

What more can one say about "My ambition was to be a postmeng" Ahmad Said, the current MB of Terengganu? There is nothing degrading about being a postman, mind you but to repeatedly say that in public function is fast becoming unbecoming of an MB.

Now, in his latest bold corporate move which is soon going to be envied by the rest of Malaysia is his decision for Terengganu state government's purchase of Strawberry Kijal Resort apartment in Senajang bay which is obviously in Kijal, Ahmad's village.

Ahmad Said camourflaged the buy-out (or is it the bailout) by turning the incomplete resort into Terengganu heart institute.

Is it a real necessity? Mind you that Kijal is only next door to Kuantan which has its own specialist centre. So who will check in Terengganu Heart Institute? Will this be another Ahmad Said project? Designed and build to cater for his cronies?

Back to the real issue - is Ahmad Said putting the rakyat's money at the right place? Is there any need to salvage the abandoned project to save a few? Or are these few the ones who financed his political funds?

Is this a clear cut case of "when the cat's away, the mice is out to play"? Before this, it has been said that Ahmad Said has been reminded and reprimanded for his past actions which has not gone well with the King. Ahmad Said should know that he is currently sitting on the MB's seat due to the King's intervention.

Has anyone visited Strawberry Kijal resort? I have and frankly it is nothing special there. It's entrance is highly dangerous and it's position is no longer strategic with a faster and safer by-pass road isolating it from the main trunk road. How do one expect an ambulance to make it's way to the "heart institute"? And how does one expects the same ambulance to exit the institute safely less the patient is firmly strap to the stretcher! If that is the way, I do not foresee ambulances comes screeching into Kijal heart institute but rather "slow coach" ambulance cautiously negotiating the hill to arriive at the institute.

Isn't heart diseases related to stress? If it is so, then how many stressful fishermen are there in Kijal and its surroundings? Yes, Kijal is a fishing village and it has that laid-back kampung atmosphere, something that is totally opposite of KL. Ahmad Said cannot be counting for Pahang folks to come flocking to this heart institute. So, will this be another white elephant ala "satu lagi projek pembaziran BN"?

Ahmad Said's argument to save the land is totally illogical. This is a private funded project so let the developer solve its own problems. Why need Ahmad Said's intervention?

I see this a waste of money...unless Ahmad Said envisage he needs the heart institute for his own ersonal use...when he is kicked out of his Terengganu MB-ship. Manusia...manusia...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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