Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Of Jabba and Orkid...could it be?

The characters in this script are fictitous and any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

A "P" scriptwriter...:)

"Orkid, I think we have to sit down and talk" Jabba begins his conversation with his wife. As CEO of 13 + 3 companies, he has to project his status to his peers or at least to the MDs' of his subsidiary companies. Jabba knows that it is not easy to talk sense to Orkid, his wife but he has to...

"Orkid, remember when we visited Mus of Saab? The papers are saying that you took the lead from me and that is not good for my image." Jabba continues.

Orkid looks sharply back to Jabba. She knows Jabba in and out and she knows all the tricks up Jabba's sleeves. She is afterall the person who tip-toed into Jabba's office when he is the MD of the timber company, Rahang. She knows Jabba's weak spots and she took advantage of the weak spots forcing Jabba to abandon his family and in the process offer deals that Orkid's live-in could not refuse.

"So?" Orkid retorted. "What's wrong with that?"

Jabba gaze down the floor, trying to piece his sentence. He knows that Orkid can fly with rage if he gets it wrong. Orkid's asset is much bigger than his and she can pinned him down anytime especially with Orkid's inside knowledge on the timesharing venture for the Steppe's connection that Jabba invested with his buddy-buddy Raze. Something that Jabba wished never happen and something that force Jabba to use all his connections to get the issue disappear ending up with Raze staying in Inguren until the issue die its natural death.

"But, I am the CEO of the conglomorate. I need to be at the front. You know that we are having 5+1 unfriendly MDs'. They can make or break my CEO position and they can also see the end of friendly companies in the next board meeting. They have the numbers..." Jabba continues, "Orkid, all you need to do is to behave properly in company functions"

"I don't care. It's my show now and the rest has to follow. Or do you want me to tell about your timesharing venture? You know, without me, you will never make it to the top of the ladder. You are just an MD in the timber company when I pick you" Orkid is annoyed with Jabba's rantings.

"Who are they to question you? If you say that I am the first employee of the conglomorate, then those MDs and the rest of the employees have to agree." Orkid replies, "Jabba, if I say jump, you should ask how high?, if i say clap you should ask how loud?"

Jabba knows that he is trapped. How he wished he could turn back the clock and repelled Orkid's advances when they first met in Jabba's office in Rahang. Yet, Jabba thought that Orkid was smitten by his prowess as they used to joke that everything is big in Rahang. He never realised that Orkid was setting him up until it is too late and as they say it, the rest is history.

Jabba had reports of Orkid's rendzevous with her carpet seller and shampoo master, something that Jabba could not match with the Pack. Now Orkid is ordering all the CFOs' of the conglomorate to order carpets from the Pack. Yet Jabba is helpless to do anything about the public secret. Jabba had been checkmated by Orkid.

"OK" Jabba responded, "Could you at least give me some dignity?"

"We will see about that" was all Orkid said.

Three days later, Orkid gave her 2/3 hour speech in Saab. A reminder to Jabba on who is in control. Jabba has no choice...In the meantime, the MDs' are shaking their heads in disbelief. Jabba was supposed to be the chosen one to lead the conglomorate into a new era, a new beginning, propelling the conglomorate into higher heights and to be known as 1C...Now it seems, the conglomorate is ready to be taken over by the opposing MDs'.

Jabba look out his car and see the iconic hall where Orkid used to study and the field where she was played at nights. Jabba wiped his pinkish lips as images of his close friend Ram of historic Malk hounded him. Jabba and Ram used to share the same status as heart breakers and ladies men but that was a distant past, something that Jabba again regretted. Sometimes Jabba thinks he is a mirror to JFK. JFK has MM, he has ZZ and both of them are CEOs of conglomorates.

Jabba took out his diary and looked in disbelief. His options are dwindling and the opportunity to call for fresh board meeting is thinning. He is running out of options. Outside, Orkid is calling Washington trying to catch hold of arranger John Low. Orkid wanted John to arrange NY socialites and GROs' to descend to the capital for the coming conglomorates' day.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


Pak Zawi said...

OK, I don't have to replace the names of the characters to know who are the the real players. They are as clear as daylight.
Now that he knows that everybody knows about it, what will he do?
I think both of them better take an indefinite leave to study the North Pole and leave it to others to manage the Company.

nightcaller said...

Pak Zawi

North pole? BBBBrrrr...then Orkid can act in Coca Cola ad.

However she could not get the Pack aka carpet seller and personal carpet cleaner to service her there! Too cold for comfort and they don't use carpet in North pole, they use animal skins.

There Orkid can take the whole day (and night) to deliver her speech where the days are long...and the nights are short in the summer...

And Jabba may have trouble to wake up his little brother...

Anonymous said...

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