Monday, July 26, 2010

Tsk..tsk... KSN's Sidek dangerous precedence...

What is the solution?

  1. The Sun's headline "Sidek clears air on chair issue" regarding the ongoing Lim GE-Nik Ali feud is food for thoughts.
  2. Obviously it is too comical for KSN Sidek to be commenting on the "chair issue" if indeed that's the real issue behind the Lim GE-Nik Ali issue. For those who missed the free newspaper circulation or who do not stay in areas where the papers is circulated, here are the main points to KSN's Sidek's argument :

    • KSN Sidek's description of the "chair" issue pointed out that Lim GE was 10 minutes late for the funicular railway relaunch ceremony;
    • Sidek attempted to paint the the whole Lim GE-Nik Ali's feud is all about "chair";
    • Sidek summoned both Penang's State Secretary and SDO (Nik Ali) to Putrajaya over the upgrading of Penang botanical garden and is satisfied with their explaination;
    • Sidek said that he will defend Nik Ali because the words used by Lim GE quoted as "...incompetent, useless, unprofessional, coward and should be sacked..." is "not very nice" but Sidek was completely silent on Nik Ali's words of "coward and uncivilised" to describe Lim GE;
    • Sidek claimed that Nik Ali's speaking in an "UMNO-function" press conference was a non-issue because Sidek claimed that it was held in the capacity of a federal appointee;
    • Sidek claimed that Nik Ali did not breach the General Orders as the issue was non-political;

  3. Lim GE, on his part, rebutted Sidek's statements with his own views :-

    • Lim GE admitted that he was late for the function and stressed that he could sit at the back as he is not petty thus the "chair" is a non-issue;
    • Lim GE claimed that his issue with Nik Ali revolves around the sand theft (Politeknik Balik Pulau), botanical garden arches and federal projects implementations that do not go through the State government or local authorities;

  4. See how the two look at the issues from different angles? Sidek thinks that the "chair issue" is the main reason for Lim GE-Nik Ali feud whilst Lim GE claimed that it is issues like sand theft, botanical garden arches and the rest is the major cause of the feud.

    If it is indeed about the "chair" then are both Lim GE and Nik Ali playing the "musical chair" for the "last man sitting"?

  5. It would be foolish of Sidek to call both Penang State Secretary and Nik Ali if the issue is just about the "chair" which is a "one-off" event. Actually Sidek should be more professional in his approach to resolve the issue (if he really wanted to resolve the issue). If it is about the "chair" issue, Sidek is better off if he request his PSD Director general to attend to the issue. No need for KSN himself to resolve a trivial issue as that!

  6. Sidek should know that his move and his handling of the matter is closely scrutinised by both BN and PR. Sidek is treading on uncharted waters here. His KSN predecessors could offer little help because they have not faced the situation where the opposition held 5 + 1 states.

    Not only that, this is the first time the ruling party failed to uphold 2/3 majority in parliament. So, Sidek cannot take things for granted.

  7. The best thing for Sidek to do is to remind all public servants that they are there to support the government of the day and this support is not in terms of being politically inclined to any particular party.
  8. Sidek should learn a thing or two from the Kuala Terengganu's by-election case where the Returning Officer cum Kuala Terengganu mayor(?) has to step down as RO because he attended an event attended by Najib cum 1MPM6 in a political rally. That act can be construed as the RO is deemed to be biased. In the end, the RO choose to step down as RO, a face-saving act to absolve EC from being read as politically biased.

    What is the lesson there? It shows that a public servant must restrain from attending any event which is politically motivated. Nik Ali attended the press conference held by UMNO. Worse still, he issues statements during the PC when he is not scheduled to do so. Why?

    Is Nik Ali authorised to issue statements as a public servant?Remember when time and time again public servants were reminded not to issue statements which may runs contrary to the stand taken by the Government of the day. Remember the times when even the health DG was ordered to zip his mouth during the H1N1 cases? So is Nik Ali authorised to issue his statements during the PC?

  9. By now Sidek should realise that Malaysia is heading towards a healthy 2-party system. That means Sidek and his head honchos needs to re-educate the public servants on how to deal with this new scenario.

    The time is not too late for Sidek to sit down with his head honchos and to work on new general orders to address issues. Someone has to do it and why not Sidek start the ball rolling?
  10. For so long, the public servants are side-stepping issues. If the public servants could not even identify the real issues, then something must be critically wrong!

    Nik Ali claimed that it is the "chair" issue whilst Lim GE claimed it is other issues. If they cannot even agree on the issues which they disagree, then this must be an ultimate mis-communication. Do we really need an SDO who cannot even understand what the CM is saying? Is this what Sidek is defending?

  11. Now, if Sidek has the time to summon both Penang State Secretary and SDO to his office to discuss the issues, why is the same Sidek do not have the time to sit down with Lim GE? Better still, why didn't Sidek use this opportunity to meet with all the PR-led MBs/CMs to thrash out sensitive issues? Is it too much to ask?

    Sidek should understand that he is the ultimate bridge between the federal and the states. He is the only one person who can resolve the issues and ensure that all the states are given fair-headed SDOs'. To do that, Sidek has to understand the real issue behind the issues. So far Sidek has the respect of MBs and CMs., it is time for Sidek to put on his diplomatic skills to provide the best solutions for all concerned.

  12. What is the solution? Sidek should use Lim GE-Nik Ali's differences as a warning of what's coming. Sidek should not be backing up Nik Ali blindly as this will set a dangerous precedence, that SDOs can say what they want and not be binded by General Orders.

    SDOs are public servants. They are not political stooges. They should be doing their job and remains politically neutral. If they wants to be politically inclined, by all means resign and join the political party of their choice.

    Remember that all division A government servants are allowed to be politically active. If that is so then Sidek must carefully choose the SDOs' for Pakatan-led states to avoid future confrontations.
  13. Sidek has another 11 months to go before he retired. Maybe it is time for him to seek out his "abang" and exchange views as well as ideas on how to be politically-neutral and at the same time administratively-correct.

    Where is this "abang"? What about from the land of the turtles? Sidek knows whom and he does need to make any prior appointment to meet "abang". The only snag is - Is Sidek willing?
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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