Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Of Samballed Samba and Octopus Paul...

Samballed Samba or no, the molusk Octopus Paul is getting the right attention and maybe the greatest fortune teller Najib never has... who know?

Many of us Malaysians "goreng sotong" when Holland samballed Brazil off in the ongoing world cup. Yet, the one ruling that pissed me off was the Ghana - Uruguay match. It was a clear goal-bound ball before the "hand of Satan" chipped in to save the situation and finally sent Ghana packing on penalty shootout.

Whatever it is, the semi-final match between Spain and Germany will be something to look forward to. Octopus Paul of Oberhausen aquarium his time pick Spain as the winner. Let' see whether Paul will live up to his expectation yet again or is he toying with Germany...

Germany is tactically more superior than Spain and fitter too with their pool of young players. Spain is creative and full of flair. It will be a good match, something worth waiting for...over a cuppa of "Old town, white coffee" :)

Now, what has that got to do with us on Malaysian shores? Like it or hate it, Najib strike the right chord when he declares that there is no room (in UMNO) for prima donnas who refuse to work as a team. But the bigger question is - who is that particular statement directed to? By definition, prima Donnas demand special treatments and difficult to please so not any Tom, Dick or Harry can be termed as prima donnas, especially not the RM2 per annum UMNO members!

Could Najib hinting that to his own wife? She has been known to demand speacial treatments in all places that she goes, including New York and has also been recorded getting special attention from Shah Rukh Khan (well, some claim that she melts in one "Hindustani" charm). But dare Najib sound off his wife when it is fast becoming an open secret that he turns "mice" in her presence?

Since Najib issue that statement in his Pekan constituency, could it be that he is sending a coded signal to UMNO Johor to cease from behaving like prima donnas in the recent sports betting issue? You see, when others are thinking that it is the strong public opinion that force the government to revoke the license, it is actually UMNO Johor who is the major player for the government's decision. Maybe Najib is not pleased with UMNO Johor's 'independent" stand, what more when it comes from his deputy's state.

Maybe Najib is saying that to Taib Mahmud as there are strong evidence that UMNO is trying hard to muscle in Sarawak, the only state where UMNO is non-existent (for the moment). Time is against Taib Mahmud and Sarawak BN is facing fierce onslaught from the combined forces of PR. The only way for BN to retain Sarawek in the upcoming state election is to sideline Taib Mahmud and possibly Pesaka. That, Najib can do by injecting UMNO into Sarawak politics and effectively snuffed out Sarawak BN's component members which are too busy in-fighting.

Najib is correct to observed that it is all about teamwork. Brazil's samba got samballed because they rely too much on Kaka and a few selected players forgetting about the importance of Julio Caesar who manned the goalpost. Finally, it is Julio's poor assessment that bundled Brazil out highlighting that it is a team sport. The same goes for Najib. He must realise by now that BN is not UMNO's alone! Najib has been proven to make decisions along UMNO's thinking and strategy ignoring the views of MCA, MIC, Gerakan and the rest of BN's supposedly component members!

Just look at the recent sports betting issue. Soiled's MCA, Semi's MIC are all for sports betting and has openly declare their support for the license and openly question Najib's decision who do not seek the cabinet's views before revoking the license. Is this a sign of more to come? Are the team questioning the wisdom of Captain Najib? Or is Najib a toothless leader whose teeth has been effectively extracted by wify in lieu of Razak's case?

Honestly, I am closely monitoring how Octopus Paul's prediction will come out. If Octopus Paul's prediction comes out true, I might be offering Octopus Paul's to Najib at a much cheaper price than APCO. Octopus Paul can be useful to predict the upcoming Sarawak's state election and maybe the coming GE 13 too! And if by chance Octopus Paul continously choose PR over BN, then Najib can start contacting Razak Baginda for a place to stay in England, perhaps next-door neighbour to RPK...

Samballed Samba or no, the molusk Octopus Paul is getting the right attention and maybe the greatest fortune teller Najib never has... who know?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


Anonymous said...

We need the Almighty to saves us if we ever allow "Octopus" to predicts our future.

Where the "prima donnas" were directed to, we are not too sure as only the speaker's himself knows. But for us in general, we kind of sense it as another pre-election speech, leh.

As for football, me not into it at all for this session. Late nights will upset BP and family doctor will be happy not us. In any case the semi finalists are the true teams and may the best team win.

nightcaller said...


No need to worry too much as words has it that Octopus Paul will be "fried sotong" if Germany really falls to Spain tonite :)

On the prima donna issue, it clearly shows that Najib is losing control of his ship and is taking in too much water...that said, it's wise for Najib to find his exit door now before it is too late!

Football? Well, just three more nights to go before the show is over... if you cannot beat the crowd, join them...no need to place bets as that will surely increase ur bp. Good time to visit i-city shah alam for the semis and dataran merdeka for the finals...