Friday, July 02, 2010

Of "Himpunan tak nak judi"...why implicate UMNO?

Perisik Rakyat mentioned that there will be a gathering "No to gambling" in Masjid Negara on 3rd July beginning from 2 pm.

Although Najib's government has announced that they have revoked the sports gaming license purportedly issued to Vincent Tan's Berjaya group (Ascot), it does not mean that the license could not be re-issued in the future when the "timing is right", maybe after GE 13 if BN still rules the country...

Personally, I believe there will only be handfuls of attendees including Perisik Rakyat who will be busy clicking photos.

Gambling is frowned on not only by Islam but by other religions as well. I have not come across any religion that openly endorse gambling, have you? That said, it is also an accepted fact in Malaysia that Chinese normally kick off their new year with gambling (for luck and prosperous years ahead). Even that, it is not done on a grandeur scale as Rais "I burnt the bridge" Yatim painted it to be. My friends in mainland China never mentioned gambling during Chinese new Year to me before so I guess they do not gamble during the period.

As for me, I will give this gathering a pass. In part this person has prior commitments on 3rd July and more importantly this person could not see the "link" between UMNO and gambling in this particular gathering. The organisers ought to omit UMNO logo from the main banner. Even if the organisers feels that there is some justification in including UMNO logo within the main banner, then why not the organisers includes MCA, MIC, SUPP, Gerakan, PPP and all BN component parties too?

If the organisers' argument are based on gambling premises and outlets, then why not include PKR (Selangor), DAP (Penang) and maybe PAS (Kedah) as I have not read any conclusive news or reports mentioning that these states had banned gambling outlets in the said states.

Being angry and overly emotional on gambling can still be tolerated. However there is no need to go overboard and drag in UMNO in this particular issue when this person sincerely believes that there are many UMNO members across the country who are also against gambling. Take Johor UMNO, for example. They too reject all forms of gambling!

Khairy Jamaluddin openly announced that UMNO youth too is against sports betting. So the question is - why is "Himpunan tak nak judi" organisers include UMNO logo within their main banner as if implying that UMNO is pro-gambling? Is there any need to sideline UMNO Johor and Pemuda UMNO?

The point is - the "Himpunan tak nak judi" organisers has their priorities all wrong and their good intention misplaced! I dare say here that without UMNO Johor's open statement against gambling propped by pemuda UMNO's stand against sports betting, Najib may still go ahead with his plans to approve sports betting to Vincent Tan's Berjaya group. What stop Najib from doing so is the prospect on an open "internal confrontation" with UMNO Johor (the land of Muhyiddein Yassin and the last UMNO bastion states). You see, Najib dare not offend UMNO Johor as he has already stumbled in his KTMB land dealing apart from his hesitance to proceed with the "revived crooked bridge".

With that in mind, "Himpunan tak nak judi" organisers should instead modify their banner to openly give credit to UMNO Johor for their tough stance against all forms of gambling.

There is still time to change and the organisers can still do it if they want to. It all depends on their "nawaitu". Understand that there are still some good left within the hearts of UMNO Johor. It is just unfortunate that these good people are in the wrong company led by Najib and supported in Johor by His-shame-u-dean.

For those who choose to attend the gathering, I wish you well and please prepare the normal stockpile of mineral water as well as towels and salt. You can't be too complacent nowadays as the "heat" might be too much to bear here in KL...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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