Thursday, July 29, 2010

Of Sodomy II's sacrificial lamb...

Where are our moral values? Rapes, abandoned babies, discipline problems, drugs are amongst the ever-growing problems.

  1. A single blog posting. That's all it takes and the circus is in town again. How easy it is for AG Ghani Patail to make the decision to drop the sodomy II's prosecution team member based on hearsay.

    Why single? It just take one posting in MT2 and AG is forced to announce his decision. Now, if there is no truth in MT's exposure, why the decision? Is AG Ghani's decision based on hearsay and baseless accusations?

  2. All this while, everything is done to discredit whatever is written in MT. Not only that, there is non-stop efforts to potray RPK as the man who "lost" it and lived in his "own world of fantasies". Or is this another "front" by those in Putrajaya to downplay the RPK factor?
  3. Whatever it is, is there really any need to "sacrifice" the lady? AG Ghani's approach seems so impersonal, so out of touch.

    The way Ghani dispenses the lady should be questioned. He may be the man of law but what law is he adhering to when he throw the lady to the sharks? Is she really guilty of what she is accused of?
  4. Has Ghani really thought through the issue sensibly or is he jumping to decision due to his holiday and monday blues? Islam called for 4 witness of unquestionable character to make accussation of this nature. Why? You are talking about a lady's dignity and her whole family here.

    If Ghani is acting on just RPK's posting, then truly Ghani has a weak case. How can Ghani, a man who is supposed to be Malaysia's law Numero Uno decides on hearsays and gossips? Ghani is expected to stand by her staff but instead he choose to abandon his staff. Will he take responsibility for whatever outcome in her life?
  5. If Ghani's statement is to be accepted wholly, would he be expected to axed his leading prosecutor if, God forbids, someone claims that the lead prosecutor bonked the chief witness? Will that happen?

    No names here. This is not about names but sometimes actions just could not be taken to cover the tracks. Consider the factors leading to the possible "engagement" between the chief witness and the lady prosecutor...
  6. Ghani claimed that the lady prosecutor was roped in January 2010 to render general assistance including taking notes of trial proceedings. Ghani further implied that the lady prosecutor had no access to confidential papers and investigation papers.

    Consider this then. It takes time to know a person. If it is true that both the chief witness and the lady prosecutor were romantically involved, then how did this happen? Ghani said the lady prosecutor is just taking trial notes. Did she has access to the chief witness? Dis they meet outside the court rooms? And if they did, under whose order? You just don't meet someone without proper introduction, do you?
  7. Is Ghani implying that his lady prosecutor staff an "easy-going" lady? Did Ghani realise that he is implicating the parents, the relatives, the neighbours, her associates and worse still even the whole department by suggesting the possibility?

    How will you, as a parent, accept the humiliation heaped by your daughter's boss in public?
  8. Ghani hinted on an internal investigation to be carried out. The question is - why shoot first and ask questions later?

    By issuing the statements, Ghani has already handed down his decision and whatever internal investigation to be carried out is only "rubber-stamp" in nature. The decision is there, the internal investigation will be tailored to justify Ghani's actions.
  9. What about her future career? True or not, her record had blemished. The stigma and the public's views towards her has forever changed. This is difficult for the lady prosecutor, more so if she needs to face the public day in and day out.
  10. Back to the key witness. Was he not briefed on the do's and the don't by the prosecution team? Or is this an elaborate scheme for mistrial and possibly discharge not amounting to acquittal for sodomy II?

    This is not a far-fetched conclusion when the prosecution team is caught with their pants down with regards to the main witness-lady prosecutor "romance".
  11. Where does Malaysia go from here? Our Executive is turning into an "on-off" switch to please the public, our legislative is turning into a common market place complete with vague statements and our judiciary system is compromised with "personal relationship".

    Where are our moral values? Rapes, abandoned babies, discipline problems, drugs are amongst the ever-growing problems. Do we need to add on our selective prosecution?
  12. It seems that our lady prosecutor is in the news for all the wrong reasons. In the end, she is made a "sacrificial lamb". The script for sodomy II needs to be re-written. Maybe, Ghani needs to go for another holiday and think out of a new, better script for sodomy III...

    I rest my case...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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