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Of chains : ISA vigils and Ling's...

Vigils and Ling Liong Sik... are they chained?

  1. Men are born free but everywhere he is in chains. Just in case there are some who ask who uttered those words, the answer is Jean-Jacques Rousseau in his book "The Social Contract" published in 1762.
  2. What is this I read about actions taken on activists holding candle-light vigils in Petaling Jaya, Ipoh, Georgetown and Kota Bharu.

    Maybe the police viewed it differently, but what is there to be scared of? These activists are saying their piece on ISA. Shouldn't one entitled to his opinion? Or are we expected to be always be in line with those in Putrajaya?
  3. Back in 2009, ex-PM Pak Lah agreed that ISA should be abolished. Imagine that, if Pak Lah thinks that it's time to abolish ISA, then there are many others in the closet who thinks the same. They may not come out and lend their presence in those venues last night, but deep within, they are thinking that it's time for ISA to go.

    Tun Razak pledged that ISA was introduced to contain Communism. He further pledged that ISA will go once Malaysia is free from the threat. In part, CPM has given their fight against Malaysia when they signed the Hatyai Peace accord.
  4. Thus, why are we still retaining ISA? if CPM is no longer a threat, then why is ISA still there? Why are there non-communists retained in ISA detention centres? Have we not deviate from the main reason why ISA is introduced?

    Is ISA really still necessary? If so, then then it is the responsibility of those elected to parliament to review the cases individually where ISA is not a political tool for the Home Minister.
  5. Malaysians have heard countless times of Putrajaya's assurances that ISA shall be reviewed but nothing positive comes out from promises made. Is Putrajaya really sincere? If they are, why are they dragging their feet and let the 16 or so balance ISA detainees still camped withing the compounds in Kemunting?

    What is the possible solution? Charge the remaining 16 or so detainees in open court. Produce evidences and witnesses and let the courts decide! If there are compelling evidence that they are indeed security threats to Malaysia (not any political party or political leaders), then jailed them. Or are we admitting that our intelligences are not capable of putting the pieces together and not competent in gathering evidences. If so, then on what basis do we isolate these detainees from their rights as human beings and their rights to lead a normal life?

    The question is -is the Government aiming to produce "Pak Turuts" as model citizens? Didn't we hear before that 1MPM6 Najib said "The time of Government knows best is gone"? Or am I dreaming?
  6. If those in Blues acted against activists, then why didn't these same Men in Blues acted against the "illegal gatherings" organised by the men with blue flags? Permits? Do you really need permits to go to the malls? Do you really need permits to hang out in Dataran Merdeka? If that is so, why didn't the police round up football fanatics who gathered in Dataran Merdeka during the recent month-long world football cup?

    It is expected for these Men in Blues to ensure law and order. Do these so-called activists smash windows, overturned cars, set-up barricades ala-Thailand?
  7. On another front, one is held accountable for his actions. As responsible leader, one must be ready to answer to his actions and decisions.

    Former minister Ling Liong Sik was charged in court for graft in PKFZ scandal. The key words are "deceived the Malaysian government in 2002".
  8. Some are at loggerheads whether PKFZ is becoming a racial issue, this is all about collective responsibility, isn't it?

    Ling Liong Sik may be the cabinet minister who presents his papers in the cabinet meeting, but what about the rest of the cabinet members? Is Ling Liong Sik presenting his papers to a group of "yes-men"? Or is the 2002 cabinet ministers a group of "rubber stampers"?

    If they are "yes-men" and "rubber stampers", then how many of these 2002 cabinet ministers still in the cabinet? Shouldn't they be shown the exit door for their incompetence?
  9. Touching on "collective responsibility", then these 2002 cabinet ministers should be charged in court for "deceiving the Malaysian people" of RM4B which might be ballooning to RM 12B PKFZ project.

    What are our ministers doing in 2002? If none stood up and query the figures provided by Ling Liong Sik then, it is clear that these cabinet ministers are not there to serve the country. They are there more on their capacity to sniff opportunities and warm the seats. Isn't it time to retire any present cabinet ministers who were part of the 2002 cabinet team? Can we start from the top down?
  10. It is not too late for "Imam Muda", isn't it? Imam Muda is an ASTRO ala-reality show. It even caught the attention of foreign-based Washington Post and reuters. Now, let's go to some numbers...

    In one of those "Jom pi masjid" ceramahs, the presenter quoted JPN's number that "between 2000 - 2008, there are more than 250,000 babies born out of wedlock". It comes to more than an average of 30,000 per annum. That's more than 2,500 babies born out of wedlock per month. This leads to more and more cases of abandoned babies across the nation. The numbers is not important, so certain bloggers need not question how the numbers are derived as it is JPN's numbers.
  11. Whether it is 1000, 10000, 100000, 250000 does not matters. It shows that we have a major problem in hand. What are we going to do about it?

    The report indicated that 75 % of these babies are Malays. Logically, "Malays''" by definition are Muslims. Muslims frowned on "out of wedlock" relation. Why does it still happen? The answer is simple, really - there are chains to be broken. These so-called "Muslims" by birth have lost their identity.
  12. These "Muslims" feels that they are more progressive by being Westernised. For them, religion is an individual issue between the Maker and the makee. How wrong they are!

    Jean-Jacques Rosseau made famous "Men are born free but everywhere he is in chains" He never refer his statement to the unique relationship between the Maker and His makee. Jean talked about social contract, not about religious contract.
  13. Some chains like ISA has shown proven that it cannot withstand the test of time. Instead, it has proven that ISA can be mis-used. It has also proven that pledges are made to be broken (by later generation leaders).

    What else? It also proved that some leaders preferred the strong arm tactics to keep their citizens in check. To them, if you cannot reason, bundle them off... Is that the correct way?
  14. What is the spirit of ISA? Is it not to contain the communist threat? Are we still at war with communist? If we are not, then isn't it time for us to dispense ISA?

    Ling Liong Sik is in a different chain. His is about collective responsibility. If it is a collection action, then why make Ling Liong Sik the fall guy? Just because Ling LS is retired does not mean that you can do what you want on him. He has pride and he may have a thing or two to prove too. Who knows, he may even bring along a Tun or two as company in the docks...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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