Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Of Najib, Muhyiddin, Anwar : Birds of the same feathers...


"Muhyiddin is contented being DPM. As he is much older than Najib, he does not want to rock the boat. He is better off at number 2. At least, he can be there like Tun Ghaffar Baba"

"But isn't he much more vocal than Najib?"

"Being vocal is one thing but challenging UMNO's alpha male is another. Muhyiddin knows that he is there by virtue of Ali Rustam being DQ. He also knows that Zahid Hamidi and Hishamuddin is there to check his moves. Bear in mind that both Zahid Hamidi and Hishamuddin were once UMNO's youth chiefs similar to Najib's path. With the-then UMNO youth leaders moving up the ranks, Muhyiddin is trapped within his own coccoon."

"Does that mean Muhyiddin is finished?"

"Literally speaking yes, unless divine intervention steps in"

That is the gist of the conversation with my east coast friend last week. If that statement from this "connected friend" is true, then we are in for another long submissive period under BN rule unless PR wins handsomely in GE 13.

Having an alpha male within the UMNO herd is already bad enough but having an alpha male controlled by the dominated female is worse. Will this change? Highly unlikely. The UMNO herd can be loosely interpreted as post driven with financial rewards.

UMNO top echelon leaders will fight tooth and nail to keep their post. It is not for their love to the country or their commitment to drive Malaysia forward. It is more to fill their stomach with projects and financial rewards which comes hand in hand with the post. The bigger the post, the bigger is the "Christmas stockings"!

UMNO, like any other party, is another "get rich quick" scheme. The difference is how they camourflage the goodies. By this time, most of us are already familiar with Jho Low, Malaysia's own "playboy-at-large". How he brags about being roped in by our present King to advise on Terengganu Investment Fund (TIA).

Maybe, someone from either the ruling BN or the up and coming PR should do some investigative work on how a "Wan Something" and possibly Jho Low advise TIA wrongly resulting in heavy losses to TIA. Then the 1MPM6's son, who is another close friend of Jho Low is said convinced his father to bail TIA (plus Wan Something and Jho Low) out, resulting in the formation of 1MDB. Is this true? Or is this another elaborate scheme to skim Terengganu their royalty monies?

Najib is the captain of BN ship alright but Najib is a poor captain. 1MPM6 fais to get his message across often resulting his number 2 to give contradictory statements whilst his ministers are like loose cannons, often firing blanks.

The latest example is Anifah Aman. He said he will quit cabinet if it is true that BN is clamping down on civil protests. Watch your words, Anifah. The public will be confused if 1MPM6 drops you from his cabinet - will it be because of your "I quit" vow or is it because of your health condition?

Another example is Chua Soiled Leg. He chosed to talk about Islam when it is an open secret that he is not an expert in Islam. It is also another open secret that he is an actor, in his own rights when his video hits platinum. Yet, strangely UMNO did not responds to correct Chua's ignorance. Is this a case of "Birds of the same feathers flocks together"? Something that Najib is very well versed and constantly reminded by his dominating female!

The same goes to PR leaders. Anwar Ibrahim is a good starting point. Regardless of whether Sodomy II is a true event or another figment of Saiful's imagination, it is time to get the trial moving. Less affidavits. If it is a mistrial, then the judge should decide so... one thing is clear, either Anwar or Saiful is lying. You may escape on this earth but where can you hide in the hereafter? Maybe this Ramadan bring changes and the truth exposed...God willing.

For now, Najib is 1MPM6, it is high time for him to get things going. He has to take control of his destiny and he has to take stock. What is the Malay word - muhasabah diri. Hopefully, Najib spends quality time vacationing. Or is Najib out there checking his appointment with SPR? And for this Muhasabah thingy, let's all pray that Chua Spoiled Leg is not tempted to offer his piece of opinion regarding the matter.

Will Najib turn Gillard? You see Julian Gillard took over as Australian PM from her party-mate Kevin Ruud, she called for election. She knows that she will have a tough time for re-election but she wants the mandate. Najib took over from Abdullah Badawi. Does he too has the guts to dissolve the parliament and call for early GE? The answer is clear. Known as "lallang" from Mahathir-Tg Razaleigh showdown, Najib will NOT call for early election. He will stall as long as possible, hoping that time will change Malaysia's fortunes for the better.

The problem is - will it change for the better or will it goes southwards still?

To all - Selamat menyambut Ramadan Al-Mubarak... tingkatkan Imam, kurangkan pra-sangka... To all Muslims - JOM PI MASJID...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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