Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Of shame and disgrace : BN and PR are alike...

  1. Shameful! TV3's Berita Utama carried the news of 20 illegal immigrants escaping from Immigration's holding depot in KLIA. Mind you that this is not the first time it happened, the first "Great Escape" happened on 27th March 2010 when 16 illegal immigrants cut through two security grilles to open two gates at the depot.
  2. Our Number two's response? Both he and Hishamuddin formed a committee to investigate the incident. As usual, both number two and Hishamuddin outlined the following actions and views :-

    • Suspend twenty immigration officers in charge of the detention centre;
    • "Harsh" actions to be taken including "change" of home ministry Secretary general and immigration director general (if it was due to "inside job" or work of "syndicate");
    • Officers failed to carry out their duties with high level of integrity and commitment;
    • Any weakness to be reported to Hishamuddin;
    • Viewed human trafficking seriously as this could be linked to drug trafficking and terrorism activities;

  3. Will that be another lip service from number two and Hishamuddin? Everytime someone breaks out from our detention centres, a committee is formed. Everytime there is project fiasco, a committee is formed.

    Committee, committee. When will the real action begins? It is embarrassing to hear time and time again of drug bust worth millions involving foreign nationals. What do we do about it? In one case, these foreign national smugglers can even afford to rent a RM 13000 house!

  4. Hishamuddin mentioned of possible "removal" of both the home ministry's secretary general and the immigration director general. Why not go for that extra one mile, Hishamuddin? Why not "remove" the home minister as well for a leader is the reflection of his followers aka officers!

    Why it happened in Malaysia? Is Malaysia perceived as a "semua boleh" country? Heck! Explain how these 20 illegal immigrants can make their way out of KLIA? If they are in KL now, why are they not detected?

  5. If Hishamuddin can mobilise FRU to manhandle those "No to ISA" activists, then why can't he place these burly FRUs' to man the immigration depot? Is Hishamuddin another "jaguh kampung" who crows hard only at his own kind?
  6. Should the immigration be the sole agency to take the blame? To be fair to them, number two and Hishamuddin should take into account the following :-

    • How many illegal immigrants were there in the holding depot? What is the capacity of the holding depot? Is it overcrowded?;
    • What is the average holding period for the immigrants? How long does it take to get the papers done? How long does it take to deport them?;
    • What is the officer:immigrant ratio? What about the officers working facility? Sufficient? Adequate?;
    • Are the officers well-equipped and well trained? What is their Standard Operating Procedure?;
    • Is the facility well-lighted? Are CCTVs' installed at strategic locations? Are the gates electrically operated or manually opened?;
    • Is the breakout a "salient" message to expedite the deportation process?;

  7. It is easy for Hishamuddin to pass the responsibility to his Secretary general and director general, but in reality, Hishamuddin is the one who should bear the responsibilities. Afterall, is he not the minister in charge?

    Anybody want to bet that both the secretary general and the director general will do a "Nik Ali" on Hishamuddin?

  8. Disgraceful! That may not be the best description but for now that word will do...

    It has been almost a month and Malay Mail broke the news yesterday on Khalid Ibrahim and gang's royal snub. Not just any royalty but Permaisuri Agung herself!

  9. It all began during the Selangor tourism-organised International Islamic Song Festival. The Queen had confirmed that she will attend the event in mid-June , almost 1 month before the festival.

    And yet, it is reported that :-

    • Khalid Ibrahim, Selangor's state executive councillors, elected representatives, senior civil servants failed to attend the function;
    • Selangor government failed to inform HRH Sultan Selangor of the Queen's attendance in Shah Alam;
    • the Federal government was left out of the invitation list;
    • Only 200 attended the function held in a 5000 capacity Melawati indoor stadium;

  10. The witchhunt has begun (again) in Selangor. Khalid, as number two and Hishamuddin, started an investigation on the issue.

    Amongst others, PR-led Selangor's immediate actions were :-

    • Khalid apologise to HRH Sultan Selangor;
    • Instructed Eli Wong to seek audience with the Queen and apologise for the "snub";
    • Issued show cause letter to Selangor Tourism and promoter O2TW for the fiasco;

  11. Are the actions taken by Khalid enough? Consider these :-

    • Who send the official invitation letter to Istana Negara? Is it Selangor tourism or is it the promoter O2TW?. If it is O2TW, do they copied the letter to Selangor state government?;
    • When the protocol officer from Istana Negara requested for a list of dignitaries who will accompany the Queen, why was it not provided?;
    • Did Selangor Tourism briefed both Eli Wong and Khalid on Istana Negara's request?;
    • Is this the PR's way in receiving the Queen (and for that matter the royalty)?

  12. Clearly Khalid Ibrahim and his whole gang of EXCOs' lineup need to learn a thing or two about protocol. Selangor, being one of the foremost state in Malaysia should set a good example.

    However, Khalid failed miserably in that. Frankly, Khalid with years of experience in corporate world should be well aware of protocol. IfKhalid could not handle this simple protocol issue, then it is time for him to be stripped of his Tan Sri-ship. Serious! There is no place in Tan Sri list for a person who could not observe protocol.

  13. Not only that, PR has failed in their first "get to know your Royalty" session! If PR could not handle the Queen, then how can PR handle the King (if and when they take over the Federal government)? Hypothetically speaking, what will happen if the King rejected PR to lead the government after GE 13 due to lack of protocol?

    This is a matter of misplaced priorities. Everybody expect the other to take the lead and in the end it became a headless and leaderless affair. Khalid Ibrahim should be there as he should place the Queen's presence above his other responsibilities. The same goes to the rest of the EXCOs, elected representatives and senior government official. Obviously, Khalid is placing his "interest" on soccer above the Queen's presence.

  14. At Federal level, Malaysia looked foolish with illegal immigrants escape from immigration holding depots. In Selangor, they blundered during the Queen's visit. One by BN, the other by PR. Either way, both are in embarrassing predicaments!

    Are we goofy, inefficient, nonchalant or what? Or are our leaders just plain clowns with their feet too big for their shoes?
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


Pak Zawi said...

Does this mean we don't have any able leaders on both side of the divide?

nightcaller said...

Pak Zawi

Looking at it, I will say that BN is devoid of capable leaders. Apart from that, BN's approach is to elevate component party leaders to key ministerial positions - it may be good for the component party and its members but it does not necessarily mean the leaders are capable to lead the nation to greater heights.

As for PR, they have been seen as those looking in and thus when given the chance to be "inside", they fumble due to inexperience and lack of tact. They have been so comfortable in oppossing what the other side says and when they are given that chance they lose direction, unable to juggle between the various options and failed list priorities in proper order.

Sadly, we are stuck between the two. Do we choose one that is proven bad or do we opt for the other that may turn out to be equally bad? Do we give a second chance to BN or do will we let PR run the show after GE 13?

So far, PR seems to be genuine to struck off those caught taking advantage of their positions but will that trend stay if and when they take over in GE 13?

As for BN, if they want to truly stay relevant, they have to remove the deadwoods like Rais Yatim, Mohd Noh, MNY, HH now. Charging few "big fish" is just cosmetics. Just look at Kasitah Gadam as point of reference.

Time is running out for both BN and PR...whilst many hopes for AI to take over Putrajaya, this writer reserves his opinion and will be more than happy if someone else from PR to take the hotseat. The problem is - who?