Thursday, August 05, 2010

Of insolence: Khalid's style...

For Khalid, Sorry seems to be the hardest words...

  1. Insolence! That's the fitting word for Khalid Ibrahim if what Malay Mail reported is true. How can Khalid react in such a manner? Tsk tsk sometimes they never learn, do they?
  2. In this latest twist regarding PR's royal snub towards the Queen, Khalid Ibrahim, the current MB of Selangor and former Guthrie CEO came up with more ridiculous arguments :-

    • Khalid allege that the Queen came on her personal capacity.

      Hello! Wasn't it reported that the event promoter extended an invitation letter to Istana Negara? Wasn't it recorded that the event promoter briefed the organising committee of the Queen's concent to grace the event? Wasn't it reported that the protocol officer from Istana Negara attended a meeting with the organising committee?

      Does that sound like personal capacity to you?

    • Khalid claimed that the "issue was understood by all parties concerned and considered settled and closed"

      Another attempt to spin stories? Who understood the issue? The EXCO? Of course they understood the issue because most of them are absent from the event. How did Khalid arrived to his conclusion that the issue is considered closed and settled? Has Khalid Ibrahim had an audience with the Queen? If Khalid has not, then surely Khalid is only presenting his side of the story.

      Is that acceptable to the rest of us?

    • Khalid continued to ramble that "It's like the Queen was invited to someone's house in Selangor"

      Childish reasoning! This is the state's event and when the Queen comes calling, Khalid and his hordes of EXCOs should be there as hosts . Simple as that. Following Khalid's reasoning, it's like the Queen visited a house in Selangor on invitation and find the occupants not around. Is that proper of the occupants to be away when they know fairly well that the Queen is coming?

      Do you do that to your guest? Maybe you don't but Khalid did. He and his hordes of EXCOs!

    • Khalid also denied the Selangor Sultan was unaware of the invitation to the Queen.

      Mind-bongling! Khalid goes the extra mile to drag HRH Sultan into his problems. Khalid, do you know what you are talking about? First, reports said HRH Sultan was not informed, now Khalid claimed that HRH was aware of the invitation to the Queen? Is Khalid implying something here?

      Khalid, you are already in quicksand, don't make it worse!

  3. Before it has been suggested that PR needs to learn a thing or two about protocol. Now it is crystal clear that PR know nuts about protocol. They have to start from zero.
  4. PR should understand that they are riding high because the rakyat are with them. Going against the set protocol is pure insolence Does Khalid think he can survive the next three years without the tacit support of HRH Sultan? Does Khalid think that he can just set the Queen aside?
  5. If that is what Khalid is thinking and if that line of thought is in line with those of Anwar, Lim KS and Hadi Awang, then it seems that PR's disrespect against the Royal house is similar to BN. So, are they both pushing for republic of Malaysia?
  6. It is time for the rakyat to evaluate Khalid Ibrahim and his band of EXCOs'. Just because he represents PR in Selangor does not convert him into an angel. Just by becoming an elected representative from PR does not means that one is mistake-free.
  7. Khalid Ibrahim needs to take a hard look on how he handle the sand issue, how he pooh-poohed the water crisis issue, how his EXCO is tangled with letters of support issue. Being smart does not equally means a good leader.
  8. What is wrong for Khalid to apologise to both the Queen and HRH Sultan Selangor? Or is Khalid too egoistic to apologise?

    Does a tiger lose its stripes? Apakah hilang bisa ular kalau menyusur dibawah akar? It will boost Khalid's image if he apologise but if he stays true to his decision that everything is resolved, then Khalid is burning his own clothes. As simple as that!

    For Khalid, Sorry seems to be the hardest words...

  9. Put it this way. The Queen may not mind the way Khalid treat her but others do mind. If Khalid is still sticking to his decision that no apology is necessary, then clearly Khalid is rubbing salt to the wounds. Is that what Khalid wants? Is that what the PR leadership wants?
  10. PR may be the talk of the town and the future but with this arrogance and insolence, PR will lose support soon. Especially from the Royalist urban and rural Malays followed by Chinese, Indians, Orang Asli and the rest.
  11. If that is what PR wants, so be it. All due to Khalid's insolence! All due to Khalid's reluctance to apologise.
  12. Now, if HRH Sultans acts tough and seems to side BN, don't blame them but thank Khalid Ibrahim for his actions... maybe the tide is turning against PR. Don't say that PR is not forewarned...
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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