Tuesday, July 06, 2010

If only...(this happens in Malaysia)

Anybody reads the SUN today? It's free, you know.

For those who read the hardcopy of the Sun, you will be reading something about two French ministers quitting their posts after rows over spending thousands of taxpayers monies on private jets and cigars.

We pride ourselves as an Islamic state where our "adab ketimuran" is still strong in our veins. That's what we claim but at the same time Malaysians taxi drivers have been identified as one of the rudest and one of the worst in the world. That's what the survey said.

Our political leaders claimed that they served the nation. That's what they claim by spending thousands of our hard-earned money to use executive jets for party functions but claimed from our treasury. Is taht honesty? Is that transperancy? We have not come to the part where our 1Malaysia PM allows thousands of ringgits as advertisement on her wife's trip to USA.

Cigars? Why not asked JJ in Washington if he make any claim for his cigars from Putrajaya?

No matter how long the list, these politicians will not forego their comfortable posts and prefer to sidestep the issues. If only someone up there could press the PM to force them to resign. That will be nice, no?

If Japanese ministers can offer resignation, the koreans too, why not Malaysian ministers? Scared of losing those perks and entertainment allowance? So, what do we end up with? Ministers with tainted image, those foul mouthed and "shoot first, ask questions later".

Now that Najib has indicated a possible economic downturn for the second half of 2010, do you think Najib dares to go for snap elections? No way...not when he knows that his time is up and either Muhyiddein takes over his place after GE 13 or he will be sitting at the opposition end after GE 13. Heads Najib lose, tails Najib did not win...as simple as that...
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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