Wednesday, May 06, 2009

What's wrong with Black?

  1. Tick Tock Tick Tock, the clock is ticking. You can do what you want but you cannot stop time from passing by. And time is closing on Perak. The closer it is to 7th May 2009, the clearer it is that nothing will change on 7th May 2009.
  2. It is discomforting to learn from Star that the authorities has arrested Bersih activist for alleged sedition. It is said that his arrest is linked to an earlier press conference urging the public to wear black on Thursday to protest the Perak state government take over.
  3. Formerly, way back in November 2007, the public are forbidden from wearing yellow on Saturday. Remember the time when seas of yellow converge to Istana Negara from Dataran Merdeka, Masjid Negara, KL Sentral, Sogo, Masjid Jamek and other numerous places just to send a message to the King organised by Bersih. Is that what the authorities are afraid of?
  4. What is wrong in wearing black? Go to KL on Saturdays or any other days, if it matters, and you will find groups of our youngsters @ youth spotting black T's, black skirts, black is their god given right to wear what they pleased. Why the need to be "blacktophobia"?
  5. Even on official functions, guests wear black suits. And I am sure that the Perak state assembly sitting will see the ADUNs' wearing black baju melayus with black songkoks. The apeaker's attire is also black.
  6. Will the officials be requested to wear non-black attire on 7th May 2009?
  7. Wearing blacks is an option. It is not a major statement that validates any action from authorities. And I am sure , come 7th May 2009, there will be more people wearing non-black all over Malaysia than those wearing blacks. So what is the fuss?
  8. Even the posting is using black text. Be it from BR, apolitical or BN bloggers. Will that be an offence on 7th May 2009? Will the MSM newspaper printing non-black text on 7th May 2009.
  9. What I am saying is that - Do not be paranoid over trivial matters like colour. Unless someone out there is afraid of shadows....because shadows are black in nature....
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...have a happy journey to balik "kampung "

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