Wednesday, May 20, 2009

OTK's KPI : Tomorrow never comes...not for PKFZ's report, at least.

Updated news : STAR datelined 21st may 2009 reported that MACC has started investigation into PKFZ controversy

Malaysiakini datelined 21st may 2009 reported that PKA given the greenlight to issue letter of indemnity to PWC but the letter will not fully protect PWC

Tomorrow never comes. That's what I learn in school and I trust Ong Tee Kiat (OTK) also learn the same. Afterall, we are all Malaysians, aren't we?

Today, SUN reported that the Port Klang Authority (PKA) GM and PKFZ Chief Executive has quit. His resignation will be formally discussed when the PKA board meets on 21st May 2009.

What gives? Is it something to do with Lim Thean Shiang, the PKFZ Chief Executive's briefing to BN's backbenchers? Is it something related to the upcoming PKFZ report due out soon?

And talking on PKFZ's report prepared by PWC, it is further delayed. New date? Unknown. Reason given? PKA is waiting legal opinion from Skrine & Co legal firm, whom PKA appointed on Monday. That's what fast tracking means to PKFZ's Lee Hwa Beng.

Last week, Lee Hwa Beng's excuse revolved on PWC's request for Letter of Indemnity. The week before, it was something related to OSA. What will be Lee's excuse next week? Nobody to announce the report since PKFZ's Chief Executive has quit? Or better still, Lee Hwa Beng hospitalised again?

Say what you want. I see Lee Hwa Beng dragging his feet. I see OTK's promise of tomorrow and tomorrow never comes...

OTK, where is your dedication to "People first, performance now"? The report has been 3 weeks overdue. What is OTK's definition on "now". Does "now" stands for tomorrow and tomorrow never comes???

I rest my case. You guys decide...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


Fi-sha said...

Dear Mr Dnightcaller

My hero Phil Keoghan says "NOW" stands for "No Opportunity Wasted".

So, i guess OTK plagiarise that and came up with this " No Opportunity (to Cover-Up) Wasted".


nightcaller said...

Fisha, maybe u are correct that case OTK means "orang tak kerja"...

Anonymous said...

Nice timeline, this scandal is like a cancer thats eating our society. Why not the great minds at Demi Negara attack this issue, they're sure to get my support..