Wednesday, May 13, 2009

1 Malaysia: Tale of 2 parties...what else is new?

  1. Bernama reported HRH Sultan Perak's brother dies of old age today. Al fatihah and a minute of silence, please. As an act of respect
  2. Now back to the posting. Normally, society looks forward for parties, what more if parties come together with lots of free flowing food, drinks, entertainment and games. Alas, that is not the parties we are zeroing this time. This time it's BN with its components and the loosely combination of PR.
  3. Judging from the events that hogged Malaysian political landscape since 7th May 2009, 1 Malaysia PM 6 Najib needs to do more to improve his approval rating. Additional release of 13 iSA detainees could not smoother the masses frustration with respect to the arrest of Bersih activist in Kuala Lumpur, the dramatic detention of Mat Sabu (PAS VP), the mass herding of 69 1 Black Malaysia supporters, the award winning dragging of Siva from his speaker seat, the oscar performance of Perak assemblymen, the heart break patience of Raja Nazrin waiting for his chance to deliver the royal address, the jubilation of Nizar on high court's judgement, the winning punch of Zambry in attaining the stay of execution from the appellate court, the breathtaking performance of Ramly Ali to strikeoff the high court judgement and other numerous smaller characters who, when combined, tops past blockbuster series of Dallas, Dynasty, Desperate housewives, Heroes...
  4. The top performance for the week will surely goes to the independent Malaysian judiciary system with their version of "tales of 2 parties"...
  5. After the high court's judgement proclaimed that Nizar was and still is the Perak MB, the appellate court of 1 judge (that is still an odd number, mind you) issue the stay of execution of the high court order. And this is done in record time of less than 6 hours!! Consideration for Malaysian book of records, perhaps?
  6. Fast forward 13th May. Nizar's legal team applied for application to set aside the stay order given by appellate court goes through the grindingly slow process and will only be heard on 18th May 2009, full 5 days after their application. And this time, how many appellate judges will sit? 1, 3, 5 or 7? Will it be 1 appellate judge sitting like that reserved for Zambry's? Fat chance!
  7. This is where 1 Malaysia PM 6 need to show what he is made of...either he will be seen as living to his "people first, performance now" motto or he will be seen not as 1 malaysia PM 6 but I Malaysia PM6. For clarification purpose, 1 Malaysia means all the states and the people moving as 1 nation where else I Malaysia means that Najib is looking after his self interest first (the I factor) before considering the society's well being.
  8. Najib should be using his experience and diplomatic as well as PR skills to manouver for the best to Perak people. Najib should not be passing the buck to Zambry . If Zambry decides to seek HRH's consent to dissolve the state assembly, will Najib go along with Zambry? And if Najib disagree, will Zambry's political life extinguished there and then?
  9. Najib should be putting his feet down now and move with precision and decision, with the people's welfare and well being as the priority. Forget about the ego and bragging rights...That will not buy BN any additional support comes GE 13.
  10. As it is now, Najib has been subtly challenged by Kayveas, PPP President. If you read carefully, Kayveas has picked Maglin D'Cruz to replace T Muruguah as their representative in Najib's cabinet team. Hello, Kayveas, isn't the appointment of cabinet ministers as well as deputy ministers the discretion of PM? Is Kayveas usurping Najib's power or is he fishing and subtly threathening Najib (and UMNO) ?
  11. Tales of 2 parties are here to stay. One for BN and the other for PR. For BN, all the different branches of executives, legislatives will give full and undivided support, regardless of who governs the particular state. This can be seen with the actions of Perak's State secretary and state legal adviser as well as the different treatments dish out by the enforcement agencies...For PR, whatever they do or entitlement they have, they have to go through "landmines" and "booby traps" before reaching and attaining their goals.
  12. This tales of 2 parties is not healthy. And that unhealthy feeling will be simmering like underground volcano, ready to boil over when GE 13 comes. If and when that feeling explodes, who will be at the receiving end? It depends on who you are rooting for...if you are a BN supporter, you will be praying that the tale of 2 parties will still be status quo, like the previous 50 years and if you are a PR supporter, you will be hoping that the tale of 2 parties will reverse and it is PR's turn to govern I pray for a better Malaysia where we can proudly says we are Malaysian by nation but Malays, Chinese or Indians by birth...
We have choices and it is not too late for 1 malaysia PM 6 to act..but the action must be now or forever PM 6 will be kicking himself silly for passing this chance to make ammends...and by the way, Mr PM6, umrah is just a flight away...if you fail to make decision here, you can always "submit" to Al-Mighty for guidance.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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