Monday, May 18, 2009

Commentators: Anons or responsible

1. Don’t get me wrong. I believe in freedom of expression. Yeah, to me, you can express your opinions in issues close to your hearts. But, I did not condone the use of foul language, obscenities, use of four lettered words.

2. Since Perak political circus, there is a marked increase in profanities and vulgarities used that finally forced the webmaster to shutdown the “royal” portal. And for record, those profanities and vulgarities were spurted out by anons commentators.

3. Now, it seems that Malaysians sopo blogs are no longer used for healthy postings and matured discussions. Healthy postings are not pro-government postings but postings with contents and purposes. Some promote PR, some glorify BN, few remains apolitical, whilst the rest choose their own agendas and issues.

4. I did not follow too many blogs but I trust that the blogs that I follow are quite well spread and represented. I read Al Banjari for PR news in Perak, anilnetto for his on-line live coverage of events, kickdefella for his witty content, Nobisha as my portal to other sopo blogs, penarik beca for his off the line postings, rockybru for his online news, sakmongkol for his frank views on UMNO, the broken shield for Sarawak’s issues, Wenger Khairy for his strategies and Zorro for his wisdom. So, my bloglist covers a wide spectrum of different ideas, both pro and against.

5. What troubled me most is the choice of words use in commenting. Such words as B*** is taboo to Muslims. A big NO NO but some commentators use it freely like the flowing river. Case in point is barking magpie using it to sakmongkol. Both are registered to be BN supporters so is there any need to call your political colleague with that? I hope that the name calling will not degenerate into alleyfights as I fear barking magpie will be “tomoied” senseless by Sak and finished off with his AK47. 1 model blowup is enough for Malaysia, we do not need a riddledbullet holes in a magpie…do we?

6. Another case in point is parpukari, the selfstyled “donalduck fighter” from UMNO’s BPN? In his “Aku cabar kau Nizar” posting, parpukari and his sworn nemesis Chairman Kaga traded barbs in the comment box which is unnecessarily nauseating at best. I did not know parpukari nor do I know Charman Kaga but their antics is unbecoming, to me at least. It is not my habit to comment on others but as a response, I commented in parpukaris

Chairman Kaga,

Permintaan saya, boleh tak guna bahasa yang lebih sopan dan beradat sikit? Pertembubngan pendapat dan idealogi politik adalah lumrah manusia tetapi janganlah kita terhumban didalam kancah mencaci dan mencarut.

Apa yang saya katakan ini bukan saja dikhaskan kepada Chairman Kaga tetapi juga kepada pengunjung serta pemilik blog ini...

Memandangkan Chairman Kaga dengan bangganya mengaku dari markas PAS, satu pesanan saya - jangan terlalu angkuh dan riak. Penanti mungkin lubuk PKR tetapi janganlah sampai begitu teruja nak "menampar" orang. Gedang silat sudah dimainkan, pesilat PKR sudah diperkenalkan, tapi belum pasti BN turun gelaggang atau tidak...jangan sampai Chairman Kaga ternanti2 bagai pungguk rindukan bulan...

Last sekali, untuk renungan bersama, sifat angkuh, riak, takabur, sombong akan menjadi salah satu penentu tumbangnya "gergasi" sebagaimana tumbangnya Goliath ketika menentang David. Kalau Chairman Kaga tak tahu cerita tu, dekat2kanlah dengan buku ya....

7. You have to have a sense of responsibility for what you write and commented. Anons or not is your choice. However, as responsible commentators, anons should provide access for blogowners to reach them and discuss in private forums and discussion if they feel that it is necessary. We are all matured adults, aren't we? Or is there anyone outside happens to be a child trapped in an adult body???

8. It is beyond one’s understanding why the commentators in some blogs prefer to use all the foul language and profanities. Be it blogs that support BN or PR. Is this dual personality? Is it a way to let off steam? I guess Freud will relate the phenomena to their childhood experiences.

9. If internet is the domain of the “educated” to express their stands in certain issues, then it is clear that education and upbringing did not go hand in hand. Or maybe the profanities and foul languages are the expressions of closeted personalities suppressed in one’s self?

10. Noone is stopping anybody from commenting. Some may agree, some may disagree because “rambut sama hitam, hati lain lain”. Important thing is we have to respect others for their opinions and if their opinions are not in line with yours, that does not give us the license to use foul language and profanities.

11. I have said my piece. You may agree and you also has the right to disagree. But I hope you agree with me that blantant use of foul language and profanities is not in Malaysian’s accepted way of life because “Bahasa jiwa bangsa”…

Till then…G’nite M’sia…wherever u are…

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