Wednesday, May 27, 2009

1M TM : Why take on the past....

Can we have peace tonight? Just for this one night, can opposing bloggers stay glued to TV instead of laptops? Let's watch Barcelona (Arsenal) beats MU.

  1. I am confused. Before it is so crystal clear. BN on one side, PR on the other. They each defends their party's ideology whilst belittling the opponent party. It is so easy and so straight forward.
  2. Then comes Pak Lah. The equation changes. Those in the opposition are still there but now they have a powerful ally by their side. Yes, pro-BN supporters who dislike Pak Lah "join" the opposition against a common enemy or rather a common sleeper.
  3. 8th March 2008, GE 12 change Malaysian politics. For the first time, the government failed to achieve 2/3 majority. Who became BN's scapegoat? Pak Lah and off he goes in 2009. You think it's over? No, the fun just started...
  4. UMNO GA sees KJ against Khir Toyo against Mukhriz for UMNO youth leader spot. Some support KJ, some Khir, some Mukhriz. It comes to the extent of name calling, curses and whatever in between. And this is amongst UMNO partisans. PR supporters look on in bewilderment. What happen? UMNO implosion?
  5. First, it was Sak against Parpukari. And now, it's WJ Khairy against Parpukari. The common name is Parpukari. So what does Sak and WJ has in common? They are both KJ's admirers. Parpu? He claims to be Mukhriz's number one supporter. So, it's two against one, some sort of handicap match...
  6. Don't get me wrong. I am not here to take sides. If you guys want to go on mauling each other, "go ahead make my day". I learn that phrase from Clint Eastwood's Dirty Harry pictures.
  7. I am not going to touch on macro economics, either. What I want to touch on are leaders. The way WJ is writing, I can assume that he has taken his gloves off and has called off his unilateral ceasefire on Tun M in one of his earlier posting but since WJ is fond of erasing his past entries, that particular posting may be gone by now. Kaput, vanish.
  8. Whether you like it or not, good or bad, better or worse (sound like one of those marriage vow, isn't it?), Malaysians cannot deny that Tun M had helmed Malaysia for more than 20 years. That's a long time, maybe more than half your life. During that time, with lots of petro money, he had transformed Malaysia from the "where is Malaysia?" question to "Oh, is that the country with twin tower?".
  9. Tun M had stamped his marks. Now, you can go to Arab Saudi, Vietnam, Cambodia, Bangladesh, UK, USA, Australia (where RPK is rumored to be in) and the people there will speak highly of Malaysia and of Tun M.
  10. Yes, along the way, Tun M may have lost his focus and gave mega projects to his "friends". Being objective, his friends are not race based. He gave to all. He gave to Halim Saat, Tajuddin Ramli, Al Bukhari. He gave to Eric Chia, Lim Goh Tong, Yeoh Tiong Lay, Vincent Tan. He gave to Ananda Krishnan, Tony Fernandez. He gave to Ting Pek Chiew and countless others in Sabah and Sarawak.
  11. What do he expects from his generosity? He expects these "self made" entrepreneurs to pass the goodies down to average Joes which is you and me. Everybody is suppose to get a piece of cake. Of course, not all can get the icing. Some may end up with bread crumbs.
  12. WJ may say that Tun M lied about economy. I say that Tun M did his best, based on options available to him. Hey...before you shoot me, I am not Tun M's admirer.I, too question his every moves back then. Now that Tun M is no longer in power, I sit back and see what Tun M is for Malaysia.
  13. Of course what he did in 1980's may not work in 2009. Different time, different solution. Back then, Tun M propelled Malaysia to new heights. Yes, we are falling now. It is not because Tun M is not there. It is because now is our time. It is our duty to shore up Malaysia. When I say "our", it means all of us.
  14. You see, Shah Iran did what he thought was the best for Iran. Saddam Hussein did what he thought was the best for Iraq. Heck, even Myanmar junta did what they thought is the best for Myanmar. Talking about Myanmar, if you guys think that Myanmar can do differently, think again. Myanmar has more than 70 ethnic groups. How do you control them? By civilian rule? I don't think so...Myanmar, for the time being, need army control to keep the 70 ethnic groups in check. At the same time Myanmar needs Aung Suu Kyi to work together, hand in hand, with the army to govern Myanmar and guide her through democracy. One question though, why is Myanmar so important to western countries to such an extent that they highlight Myanmar at all possible time? The answer, my friends, is natural resources. That's what they are after and that is why the keep on pressuring Myanmar to open up. Will they do the same for Sri Lanka? Or Laos?
  15. That said, is there any need for WJ to continuously pound in Tun M? Isn't it better if WJ and Parpu to sit together with UMNO leaders to work out strategic plans to push Malaysia to new heights? Again, I said...I don't know Parpu and I haven't met WJ. So I don't even know whether Parpu passed his SRP or LCE or whatever. But you think other self made successful entrepreneurs of Malaysia all have MBA's? It is not just education, my friends. It comes together with experience, hands on knowledge and luck.
  16. So for now, can I see WJ and Parpu easing on each other? Hey, you are supposed to be buddy-buddy wearing the same UMNO flag. If you two guys go for each other's throat, what's left for PR supporters? You want them to go for your balls?
  17. Can both of you go for bilateral ceasefire, at least until MU-Barcelona game tonight? I need some peace and thinks of Mango Lassi which Zorro will be owing me, once Barcelona (Arsenal) beats MU...

    Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


Anonymous said...

ManU will hammer Barca ......... 3-1

nightcaller said...

Anon 12:50

So u are taking the manggo lassi bet? :)