Friday, May 22, 2009

Blogs registering : Of neccesity, overseeing, blocking...and suing

1.. Rais "I burn the bridge" Yatim comes up with another headliner ie "registering bloggers". Is that the best move? Is it necessary?

2. Malaysian Insider datelined 21st May 2009 mentioned on proposal for bloggers in Malaysia to be registered. He further said that it is a good idea. He will see whether registering bloggers is in line with the existing provisions and laws.

3. When other free nations of the world are promoting internet use, blogs and whatever forums to discuss far reaching issues, from politics to domestics to pets and gardening, we are looking into taking a step backward by getting bloggers to register.

4. And how do you propose to do that? Monthly renewal? yearly renewal? lifetime renewal? And how do you expect to regulate it? Blogs come in many shapes and size. How do you classify them? Do you catalogue them like that of a library?

5. Is this the best Rais can do after having dinner with 50 Malaysian bloggers in Sri Melayu in April 2009?

6. My question - why Malaysian bloggers need to register? What if non-Malaysian bloggers post damaging write ups on our leaders and our culture? How do Rais planned to take action? At least with Malaysian based bloggers around, there might be a few who may rebut unfriendly comments from non Malaysian bloggers. Or has Rais concluded that there are less BN friendly bloggers ?

7. Rais, the PhD holder, should subscrbe to the idea of free flow ideas. That's the way to move forward. Registering Malaysian bloggers may be good, I don't know but is it necessary? If Rais starts registering bloggers, what about the commentators? Are they subject to registering too?

8. Rais is acting like big brother, dictating bloggers movement. He is afraid oh his own shadows...That's the way I see it. He is reading too much sci-fi novels...

9. Of course, there are some blogs that I have come across which, to me, is unsuitable. Even that, as responsible adults, readers can differentiate which blogs they choose. Some are x-rated, some are degrading, some survive on other peoples' mistakes.

10. Blogs are nothing but the logs of the author. He may choose gardening today as his subject and he can turn it into sports the next day. Is he wrong? So far, Malaysian blogs have not breached the extreme. Have you ever heard of Malaysian blogs calling for mass suicides like those recently in Korea?

11. If blogs need to be registered, why not extend it to register facebooks too? what about emails? Do we have to put all the information into our Mycard chips?

12. I don't know about you guys. I am strongly against registering blogs. Maybe that's my nature...

13. I also wish that Rais will not go through with the proposal of registering blogs. 2MBs', 2 speakers has already made us a laughing stock, registering blogs may put us back to stone age...

14. I state my stand, and you guys can state yours...Rais has been known to "burn" bridges so is he burning another bridge>

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


Fi-sha said...

Dear Mr Nightcaller

For the first time, i have to agree with you.

Lao Tzu says "The more laws and order are made prominent, the more thieves and robbers there will be". Don't you agree sir?


Hamba said...

Have any of the "great" ideas coming from UMNO ministers make sense or even were carefully thought off? Remember Mohamad Rahmat brilliant idea of using Menara KL as the one and only mobile phone antenna in KL? UMNO ministers especially those like Rais are like caveman living in modern time, pretending to fit in but actually they should have died long time ago. This idea of registering bloggers is destined to failed like so many "great" idea coming from UMNO caveman ministers. And to think Najib is surrounded by caveman, governing malaysia! Pretty scary!

nightcaller said...


It is sure hard to live to ur expectation...well, as they say in school..laws are made to be broken...

More thieves and robbers? so where does pirates and highwayman fits in?


As long as Rais is on "the other side", he will be making all unclever statements. Rais has forgotten that he has "burn" the bridge, so it makes me wonder how he ends up on the wrong side of the river...