Friday, May 08, 2009

1 Malaysia 2 Perak : Where are we going to.....?

Perak speaker, Siva, manhandled in Ipoh

  1. By this time, there will be countless reports, comments on what transpired during Perak assembly sitting yesterday. Who is right and who is wrong is no longer important but what is more important is whether we, as Malaysians, feel that what happen yesterday is justifiable or not.
  2. The writings are on the walls. Something is going to snap and the authorities started it by arresting Wong Chin Huat of Bersih. They then follow up with arresting Mat Sabu of PAS, and both arrests were made before 7th May 2009.
  3. In response to Chin Huat's arrest, his friends and NGOs' conducted candlelight vigil in Brickfield where some were arrested by the authorities.
  4. 7th May 2009, as someone termed it 1 Black Malaysia, will now be forever etched as the day Siva was dragged from his seat in Perak assembly. It will also be remembered as the day Raja Nazrin had to wait for almost 6 hours to deliver his opening speech to Perak state assembly.
  5. With over 60 arrests in Ipoh on 7th May 2009, including elected parliamentarians, elected reps, bloggers and public, the authorities over-reacted. Whilst it is correct for the authorities to gain court order barring the public from approaching 500 m from the state assembly building, the authorities should have taken a softer approach by shooing the public and the blackshirts away. With the combined might of uniformed police personnel, SBs', FRUs' and the assurance of PAS leaders in Perak, the arrests can be averted.
  6. Maybe the intelligence had different and alarming reports but by and large, Malaysians are law abiding citizens who will move off if shooed. Presenting the stick to disperse the motley crowd of 200 ~ 400 protestors is not a good strategy. It is a bad choice.
  7. Most important, I expected a better performance by BN (read UMNO) who had governed Malaysia since 1957 i.e. over 50 years. BN (UMNO), it seems are so hell bent in winning at all cost, that they had taken everything for granted. UMNO think that they can sweep everything under the carpet, but not this time. This is a blunder, a big time blunder that may return and haunt BN and UMNO for years.
  8. As I say it, what happened on 7th May 2009 in Ipoh can be averted. Why did I say so? First, the whole issue is raised out of the defection of 3 elected reps who wanted to be BN friendly. And with that, BN gained the advantage to "reclaim" Perak from PR. To do that, BN (and UMNO) should use the state legislative to call for "vote of no confidence" on MB Nizar. And the high court has decided to give its judgement on 11th May 2009. So, why the rush?....
  9. Once the court judgement is out, let's look nto two possible scenarios...1. If the court decides that MB Nizar is still the MB of Perak. What BN (and UMNO) can do is to seek audience with HRH requesting for a special assembly to execute the "vote of no confidence". MB Nizar may be calling for DUN dissolution but,I am in the opinion, HRH may go for "vote of no confidence" to settle the issue. The best trade off that MB Nizar may get is for HRH to orders the 3 state reps "turncoats" to vacate their seats. In this way, BN andf PR will slog for the 3 seats which will determine who governs Perak.
  10. 2nd scenario is when the court's judgement is in favour of MB Zambry then MB Zambry seeks audience with HRH to get the assembly sitting so that BN can remove Siva from his seat, legally.
  11. So, in the end, the Perak crisis is coming to an end soon. But something that still confounds me are these......1. Why Zambry resort to appointing Ganesan as speaker when he can still make use of Hee, the deputy speaker to oust Siva? What Zambry orchastrated yesterday is not out of his compassion to Perak but out of self-inflated ego because Siva has ordered him and his 6 EXCOs' out of the assembly sitting. Is that true?
  12. 2nd - Why are there so many plainclothes policemen inside the assembly hall? And why did they switch off Siva's mic? Is that necessary?
  13. 3rd - Why did Raja Nazrin indicated to MB Nizar to accompany him off after the royal speech? Is there something brewing?
  14. 4th - Where is Zahid hamidi, Anwar Ibrahim and Hadi Awang? Why were they absent in Ipoh? Is 7th May 2009 a setpiece, to something bigger?
  15. 5th - The way MB Nizar (PAS) handles the situation is commendable. He showed his leadership skills when he managed to calm his colleagues to sit and listen to the royal speech. And most of all, what UMNO did in Ipoh on 7th May 2009 indicated that the idea of unity government of PAS-UMNO will never be achieved as long as UMNO behaved and acted the way they did on 7th May 2009.
  16. 6th - Lim KS is in Ipoh but where is the Tiger of Jelutong? Is PR having something up their sleeves?
  17. What transpired on 7th May 2009 is something that I am not proud of. We used to smiled when we see how the Taiwan parliamentarians argue and fight in TV...but I guess, we never expected the same almost happened in Ipoh Mali, Malaysia. It is indeed 1 Malaysia but is it black or is it white? You guys are the experts...go figure it out...and best yet, let's eat popcorns and drink sodas whilst waiting for the 11th may 2009 "grand finale" to be perfomed by the high court judge in his "famous" monotone dialogue, 1 man show.
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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