Monday, May 18, 2009

Clamouring for Indian's support : MIC, PPP, IPF, MUIP and

1. First, there is MIC (Malaysian Indian Congress) formed in 1946. Next come PPP (People Progressive Party) formed in 1953 followed by IPF (Indian Progressive Front) then MIUP (Malaysian Indian United Party) and now MMSP (Malaysian Makkal Sakhti Party).

2. Looking at the number of Indian based parties, one may think that Indians make up a sizeable population in Malaysia. However, a quick look into factbook indicated that Indians make up of only 7 % of 25.7 million ie. 1.8 million of the total population.

3. Assuming that 70 % of them are within the voting age bracket, that will be 1.2 millions. Cutting down further and assuming that 70 % (that is a very high figure) are active members to political parties, that will be 840,000.

4. Now, MIC claimed that their membership stands at 630,000. That leaves 210,000 active members shared within the balance 4 Indian based parties.Wooaa! That comes to approximately slightly above 50,000 per party. And yet, IPF claimed that they have 380,000 members.

5. Although PPP claimed that they are a multi-racial party, PPP's core supporters are Indians. That said, unless the Indians are multi-party practitioners, it's getting crowded for Indian based political parties.

6. The latest boy in town, MMSP, whose party got its registration approved last week will have a lot of catching up to do. First, it has to come out of the original Makkal Sakhti movement and made clear that Makkal Sakhti movement of Waymoorthy is not the same as Thanenthiran's MMSP. Second, Thanenthiran should be seen fighting for the Indians and not for his own political survival. For the record, Thanenthiran unsuccessful lobby to be PKR's candidate for Bukit Selambau led him to leave Makkal Salkhti proper to form his own political party.

7. Thanen's statements sounded like a sore loser. Rejected as Bukit Selambau, he is pinning his hopes on "Makkal Sakhti"'s slogan. So far, he has not offered anything different. His indication is that he is unhappy with PR.

8. Whatever it is, it is too crowded in there. The cake is small and the players are one too many. Someone will soon bite the dust. And before doing so, that someone is hoping to score big with BN. Maybe, some cash in line in return for short temporary fame on Penanti's stage?

9. Thanen can do it, Nalla can do better. Both of them combined can shave few millions from BN's rich coffers. Samy cannot do it, Kayveas can only think about it since both of them are already in BN's payroll. IPF? Still in limbo rock....

10. In the end, who will the Indians turn to in Penanti? BN or PR? Maybe Waymoorthyu will show the way....

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


Alvin Lee Chow Hui said...

hi dnight,
I want to clarify something here. As for PPP, our struggle or "perjuangan" is to create One Malaysian Race. We are not to fight for single race championship like the rest of major components parties in BN.
I wish you have read more knowledge of PPP before you comment in blog. For more info, please go to

Alvin Lee
Exco Pemuda PPP Kebangsaan

Anonymous said...

And this is why, the Indians(or most of the Indians) were, are and most likely will be in the sorry state of affairs that we can see today.

- A malaysian who happens to be an ethnic indian

Anonymous said...

Lets talk numbers-

MIC brags about 600,000 members they only got 179,422 of the popular vote last elections.

IPF claimed that they have 380,000 members but their party is split into 3 factions because of internal battles,
Samy Velu has blocked their entry into BN, citing the BN constitution and his rights to veto their entry.
Puan JayaShree Pandithan recently made another appeal, but Samy is bound to block them again.

Wonder what happened to Nallakarupans MIUP (malaysian Indian united party) never heard of them again after permatang pauh by elections.

PPP - 49% of members are reported to be Indian, In the last elections PPP only garnered 16,800 of the popular vote nationwide,
Teresa Kok garnered far more than that in Seputeh constituency alone.This despite PPP membership not restricted to Indians.

Oh ,lets not forget MINDRAF formed by Manuel Lopez, who have declared that they will be an NGO, and with
only 3,000 members they want to tackle problems their bigger brothers could not.

Bukit Selambau was a long story, suffice to say DSAI had to put a candidate who is not identified with race politics,
Bukit Selambau :Lets unite on the issues

As to your comments regarding Waytha, he has made it clear that HINDRAF will remain a pressure group that is apolitical,
if some members have political ambition , it cannot be helped.

Let me put it bluntly, The Indians in Malaysia must learn that the best course of action is to discard racial afilliations and be part of
Anak Bangsa Malaysia, otherwise BN will continue to exploit them, and the Indians , Malays and Chinese who are tired of ethnic politics
far outnumber, Indians who still think they are the Kingmakers.

Should we abolish race based political party's ?

Vijay Kumar Murugavell

nightcaller said...


Point noted. That is why I wrote PPP is a multi racial party with Indians as core supporters.

Anon 3.30 pm

Yes, I agree with you. The parties has to consolidate into singular party that aims for better Indian representation. Singularly, the parties will be weak but combined they will be a force to reckon with.


You hit bulleye, right on.

Bob said...

PPP was a party formed by 2 Indian brothers but were backed by Chinese. It was a multi racial party.

The only chance is for all these minor parties in West Malaysia and East Malaysia to come together under the GERAKAN umbrella. Dont forget GERAKAN was a founding member of BN.


nightcaller said...


I do not see Gerakan as an umbrella to minor parties. Gerakan was formed in 1968 when one of its founder member, Lim Chong Eu left MCA as he could not come to terms with Tan Siew Sin.

Although they successfully govern Penang for many years but its members composition of 80 % Chinese, 15 % Indians is not reflective of the population demographics.

Gerakan may be successful in Penang but it will be difficult to gain foothold in other states when MCA and DAP are already well established in other areas.

Gerakan's recent foray to Sabah where it accepted the former deputy CM of Sabah may backfire as SUPP has established itself in the major towns of Sabah.

For Gerakan to move forward, Tsu Koon need to be more aggresive and prove that Gerakan is a truly multi racial party as PPP is also claiming the same. In fact, PPP at one time, has proposed a merger with Gerakan.