Wednesday, May 06, 2009

After Ramlang, it's Syamsul's turn ...who's next?

Syamsul Firdaus Mohamed Supri

  1. First, it was Ramlang Porigi from Masjid Wilayah Persekutuan then the Simpang Empat Imam of Taiping, Perak (under investigation?) and now it is Syamsul Firdaus of Masjid Damansara's turn.
  2. What are they guilty of? Ramlang Porigi was accused of campaigning for PKR in Permatang Pauh when he took the stage to explain his role in Saiful's sumpah laknat on being sodomised by Anwar. Ramlang informed that he was under instruction and he corrected some of the wordings of the sumpah laknat. For that, he was dismissed from his services.
  3. The Simpang Empat, Taiping Imam invited MB Nizar to be the imam of maghrib prayers and supposedly gave some tazkirah during the recent Taiping parliament by-election. Present during the payers were some VVIP from UMNO including Muhyiddin Yassin. Next day, the MSM splashed out news that MB Nizar stole the thunder and grab the microphone. This was later personally denied by the Imam and he admitted that he is the one who invited MB Nizar to lead the congregation. What happen to him now? Maybe under investigation to be sacked by MB Zambry's administration.
  4. Then, come another shocker today. Syamsul Firdaus is dismissed because he called for "a fair government, transparent and correct way" in his Friday sermon last February. For that, he is shown the door with 2 months' compensation, effective from 1st may 2009. That's labour day...if you failed to catch the drift. Prior to his dismissal, he was suspended from his duties for a period of 2 months ie from 1st march 2009 to 30th April 2009. No domestic inquiry was carried out to discuss his case.
  5. In Syamsul's case, the action of dismissing him arose from a complaint made by a BN MP who lived near the masjid and only hundreds of meters away from Anwar's old residence. Not being speculative, the only MP that I knew of staying within the vicinity is 1 female MP. Maybe, others can confirmed and verified whether she is the only BN Muslim MP that meets the description...The news reported that the MP stays in Jalan Setiamurni 8, so go figure it out.
  6. Here comes the crux of the matter. Is it wrong for the Imam (Khatib) to call for "a fair government, transparent and correct way"? The Imam never mentioned the word Malaysia, if the MP is so pissed off. And Syamsul never indicated that the present government is "not fair, not transparent not correct". So, why the fuss?
  7. This is the problem with people who do not take the sermon in its context. They tend to be sensitive to certain words which they feel imply to the present government. And yet, if they use the same media or masjids or forums or TV or MSM to hit out on others, they will say that their brand of Islam is correct and moderate and universal.
  8. The MP may have forgotten or pretend to forget that there is no separation between religion and world affairs in Islam. Islam is not secular, separating religion with worldly affairs, so it is the MP's responsibility to carry out the duties of an elected MP in fair, transparent and correct way.
  9. This particular MP may be hit by a syndrome - Siapa makan lada dia rasa pedas (loosely translated means "who takes (bites) the chilly, he will feel the hotness"). To me, there is nothing wrong in the imam from saying and reminding Muslims to be fair, transparent and do the correct way. It is the Imam's duty to remind us, lest we forget.
  10. It is also a pity that the masjid committee bowed to the MP's complaints and demands. I would have expected the committee members to defend the Imam, but alas, for now money talks, power and influence decides...
  11. To Syamsul, be patient and remember that "Doa orang yang teraniaya akan dimakbulkan tuhan". There is a world waiting for you outside, maybe the One has better plans for you, so go for it...
  12. I pray that this is the last Imam to be wrongly dismissed. 1 Malaysia PM6 should be looking into this matter seriously since he has a new Minister in charge of Islam in his cabinet. And that person is Jamil Jamil, do your job and do what is right or be ready to be "drowned" by the politics of hypocrites...
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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