Friday, February 06, 2009

Ramlang Porigi : Of JAWI, JAKIM, Saiful and ...

On the day when Perak has 2 MB's, Malaysiakini carries 2 small news on Ramlang Porigi, a former Imam who was sacked by JAKIM in January 2009.

Based on his statement, he believed that he was made a 'scapegoat' by people who instructed him to witness the swearing of Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan, the guy who claimed that he was sodomised by Anwar Ibrahim.

Reading through his version, something need to be clarified by JAWI (Jabatan Agama Islam Wilayah Persekutuan) and JAKIM (Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia) on the following :-

1. Why were both JAWI and JAKIM interested in the swearing when it was done on 15th August 2008 ?
2. Was Che Mat Che Ali (JAWI director) physically present in the masjid Wilayah or its compound during the swearing, although he might claimed that he was too far to hear the swearing?
3. Why was JAKIM DG interested to know whether the swearing has completed or not?
4. Why was JAWI and JAKIM both overlappingly interested in the swearing ceremony?
5. Is swearing part of JAWI/JAKIM's job when both entities should be doing more to help the Muslim youths who subscribe to deviant behaviours out there in the society ?

This scribe is not going to dwell on the legitimacy of the swearing or whether it is proper or not as that should be in the realm of the Islamic scholars to decide.

What Ramlang Porigi did to deserve the termination ? For attending the swearing ceremony, on instruction from JAWI? Or for giving his version during the Permatang Pauh by-election? Was he ever reprimanded for his "mistakes" and given stern warnings? Was he given the chance to clarify his "mistakes" ? Is he a victim of circumstances? Shouldn't Saiful step in to help out Ramlang ? Afterall, Saiful do have access to NTR, isn't he? Even if it is claimed by Saiful that Ramlang lied, the act of forgiving is highly pleased by the one God. So what say u, Saiful?

In time of economic crisis and moral decadence, Malaysia is lacking religous scholars and Malaysian religous authorities should refrain from terminating them Instead, compassion should be shown so that religous scholars can help in the bid to save Malaysians especially the Muslims from the abyss of moral decadence.

Sebagai manusia biasa, kita semua tidak terlepas dari kesalahan, samada besar atau kecil, sedar atau lupa. Dan sebagai manusia yang mencari keredaan ilahi, kita dididik untuk mendekati para ulama' dan mereka yang tahu tentang agama...Apakah kerana sifat fahamam politik yang berbedza, manusia harus bercakaran sesama sendiri? Hatta, perhatikanlah...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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